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Home Downsizing Tips in Monterey Bay

According to a U.S. Census report the average single-family home had 2,469 square feet. That’s up by about 769 square feet from just two decades earlier. In fact, Americans live in much larger homes that most people do in other countries throughout the world. These bigger homes work best with big families but once the kids are grown up and moved on do you really need all that space? Many families who once embraced all that living space are now looking to downsize to make their lives more manageable. This holds true especially for retirees who don’t want to spend their golden years mowing acres of yard or doing all the other things around the home they spent a lifetime doing. This is when you should be relaxing not cleaning out the gutters all worried about replacing your water heater!

If you’re serious about downsizing then clearly you’ll be looking to move into a smaller place. This can actually be a great benefit especially if you find a new home which is chock full of amenities. There are many great communities around Monterey Bay that are like cloistered neighborhoods complete with private pools, tennis courts and community centers. These aren’t necessarily retirement villages but more like plant communities where quality of life is at a premium. The homes of these types of communities run the gambit between one or two bedrooms and open loft spaces. For you to fit your life into one of those new comfortable arrangements you might have to get rid of a lot of junk. Have no fear because Junk King Monterey is standing by to help.

In the short time that Junk King has been in operation in the Monterey Bay they’ve made quite an impression on the locals. That’s because of their dedication to courteous service with regard to junk removal. Junk King is part of a national franchise which means they have their own set of standards they need to live up to. And since their business is built on word of mouth you can bet that they’ll treat every job as if it’s the only job they’ll ever have!

What you’ll have to do is identify those things in your home that you need to toss out. Basically this is everything you won’t be taking with you to your new place. Once those items have been determined give Junk King a call to set up a free consultation. A Junk King supervisor will take a look at what you have to get rid of and make an estimate for the cost. This estimate is based on the amount of truck space you’ll be using not an hourly rate for the workers. Once you get rid of all this junk you’ll have a better sense of just how much space you’ll need. As with most folks who’ve already downsize you’ll soon discover that sometimes smaller is better!

Monterey Old TV Disposal and Buying Guide

Ever since “Jaws” hit the movie theaters back in 1977 summer has become a time when Hollywood releases its big blockbusters. To the diehard aficionado there are some movies that simply must be experienced in a theater. However, thanks to advances in movie playback and television technology it’s easy to convert just about any room in your house into your very own private screening room. This will allow you to bring the blockbusters right into your theater at any time of year. First, you want to make sure you’ve got the very best in television technology. As you go shopping for new television you might want to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Take Good Measurements

There are many TV salespeople who can tell you dozens of stories about consumers buying a television only to return it within hours because it’s the wrong size. Often this is because they are trying swap out an old television for a new television and make it fit the same entertainment center or TV stand. In many cases that just won’t work. Before you head out to the store you need to measure the space where your TV will go and make sure you leave a 2 inch border around the entire set and behind the set that will help with installation and ventilation.

  • Consider the Room

There are optimal viewing distances for your new TV that you should consider with regard to screen size. For instance with a 32 inch LCD TV you should have at least 4 to 5 feet between you and the TV. The wider the screen the more space you need. When you get into the 50 inch so then you should be back by at least 8 to 10 feet. These will give you the best results for watching a widescreen feature.

  • Delivery

The final issue regarding size has to do whether or not you’ll be able to take your TV home in the back of your SUV. While you might be eager to get everything plugged in and fired up you might also discover that your car is too small and you’ll have to wait for home delivery. Just factor that into your shopping experience.

This same issue applies when it comes to get rid of the old TV. You might not have the space in your car for that task either. That’s why you need to bring in some professional help in the form of experienced junk haulers like Junk King Monterey. These are the guys who can take away your TV in a flash and load it up onto their truck for drop off at a proper recycling facility. As long as are coming over for your TV, this same crew could also take away any other junk you’ve got laying around taking up space. Won’t it make watching movies on your new TV a lot better to know your home is completely free of clutter? Of course it will!

Monterey Appliance Disposal

The Monterey City Disposal Service has some helpful hints for anyone who is moving into a new home or apartment. For instance, they recommend that if you know you have a move coming up you should start collecting useful items like empty boxes, bubble wrap or anything else you might use to wrap up your fragile items. The goal would be for you to reuse the kinds of boxes that are thrown out by stores instead of buying them new. They also recommend that when you change your address with the Post Office just file it as a temporary change versus a permanent change. This is because the U.S. Postal Service sells lists of permanent addresses to junk mail marketers but they don’t do so with temporary addresses. Thanks Postal Service!

The city disposal service also has suggestions for what to do with some of the junk you might accumulate as the result of packing up your life. Once the move is complete they suggest that you can give away your moving boxes by posting a notice online at freecycle.org or 831classified.com. While that might seem practical you’re basically giving away your address to total strangers and letting them know you’ve just moved in. That might not be a very wise thing to do.

As for big items like refrigerators or large appliances you will need to make your own arrangements for their removal. The last thing you want to do is drag something like this out to the curb and hope it will be picked up. This could not only create a health hazard in your new neighborhood but also bring down the wrath of the local police as they fine you for what is considered to be illegal dumping. There are several drop-off centers located around the Monterey area which are more than willing to take in your old appliances. The trick is getting those appliances to those centers. Instead of going through all that kind of hassle why not simplify things and call upon a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey to help you accomplish this task?

These pro junk haulers will show up at the appointed hour with the right amount of muscle and empty truck space that they’ll need to take away any bulky item you want to get rid of. This means you’re not limited to just removing that old refrigerator from your house but also all kinds of other unwanted clutter you been dying to get rid of. This especially holds true for someone who has gone through a move and realized that that old furniture simply doesn’t work in the new home! Junk King Monterey’s pro haulers are also dependable contractors that will respect your home. Even if you aren’t involved in a move you can still use the same junk haulers to clear out all the stuff from your own garage, basement or closets. When that happens it will truly be like you’ve moved into a new space!

For the best in Monterey Appliance Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

Monterey Refrigerator Disposal

Over at the official website of the city of Monterey, they provide some helpful information about getting rid of bulky items. Basically, you’re told that to get rid of something that won’t fit into your weekly garbage can pick up you can call for an appointment with the city. You need to tell them 24 hours in advance of your regular pickup. Then, and here is the catch, you’ve got to drag that item out to your curb and hope for the best. “Hope” is indeed involved with this process because as it clearly states on the website “For numerous items Athens Services might require more than one pick-up day for removal.” To demonstrate this point, the website features a photograph of a hideous pink sofa someone has dragged out to their curb waiting for a pick-up. By the looks of this sofa, it wouldn’t be surprising even if the garbage collectors drive on past.

Now put yourself in the place of that pink sofa. First of all, if you had a really bulky item like an old refrigerator would you even be able to drag it out to the curb? Probably not without a couple of strong backs and the right moving equipment. Then what happens if they don’t have room on their truck. Well, they say they’ll provide you with “further instructions.” Sounds rather ominous. What this means is that you’ll have to wait until the following week when they can bring a bigger truck to haul off your fridge. Congratulations. Now you have an old refrigerator sitting in front of your house attracting all kinds of unwelcomed “guests.” You better have the door taken off the fridge or wrap it in chains and a padlock. That’s the state law for abandoned refrigerators on your property. Without those precautions you could be slapped with a severe fine. There has to be a better way.

Actually, there is a better way and it puts you in complete charge. You can hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey to remove your old refrigerator or any other bulky item. The big difference is that these movers will be working on your schedule, not the other way around. If you want to get rid of something on a Monday then that’s when you schedule the appointment. If it has to wait until the weekend or after dinner, so be it! Also, you won’t have to move this item one inch. Not to the curb. Not to your front door. Junk King will be handling that task. The only lifting you’ll do is with your finger to point to the item you want taken away.

Because you’re hiring these professionals at Junk King Monterey, they are working for you which means if you have more junk to load up on this removal day then all the better! Take this opportunity to finely get rid of all those useless items that have been taking up space in your life. Don’t wait for the city to do your clean up… do it yourself with the help of Junk King Monterey.

Monterey Yard Waste Removal

As proclaimed by the Monterey County Herald, garden shows are in full bloom. Changing the clocks over for daylight savings time is a perfect reminder that spring is just around the corner and garden shows are great way to catch spring fever. This year the 27th annual San Francisco Flower and Garden show will be featuring vibrant exhibitions from many gardeners who called Monterey their home. What makes these types of garden shows unique is their ability to display the many wide varieties of drought tolerant plants. As the song goes “it never rains in California.” That means our gardens have to be adaptable to prolonged dry spells. That’s not a problem for these gardeners as they will be showing off literally thousands of varieties of plants and shrubs all grown to picture perfect perfection.

Obviously the gardeners who are displaying their wares at a gardens have a lot of time to dedicate to their craft. You might just fancy yourself a weekend gardener but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own lush backyard landscapes. Spending the afternoon at a garden show is a great way to find inspiration for your own landscaping. You might see varieties of flowers you never imagined could be grown in California. What’s great is you also have an opportunity to talk with the actual gardeners themselves and pick up some terrific gardening tips. Outside of the big San Francisco show there are also upcoming events in Monterey like the Monterey Bay Area Cactus and Succulent Society and the Monterey County Spring Home Show.

After viewing all of these blooming garden displays you might return to your home and stare out at your own backyard wondering, “Now what?” Just as a painter needs a blank canvas to begin their next masterpiece you need to clear your yard of any debris so that you can start planting fresh. This is not a task that you have to take on by yourself. You have the opportunity to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey to help you remove all your yard waste. It might seem odd to think about junk haulers as yard waste removal specialists but as far as they’re concerned dirt, tree branches or junk is all the same thing. In many cases they’ll also end up in the same place!

What’s great about hiring some professional to help out is that they’ll do all the bending and lifting. You won’t have to strain your back carrying wheelbarrows full of sod or chunks of broken concrete. If you really want to clear out your backyard you can also get rid of any old patio furniture that has rusted or fallen apart. You might even have an old grill that has seen better days. All of that waste will be loaded up onto the truck and taken away. Once that has been accomplished you’ll have your proverbial clean slate to begin planting. Who knows? With a little effort you just might make it to the big garden shows with your own flowers!

Monterey Mattress Disposal

While it might be true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether or not that day will turn out to be any good could come down to whether or not you had a good night’s sleep. Most doctors recommend at least 7 to 8 hours of rest per night. While that is certainly a noble goal to strive for, it is often out of the reach for many folks. However, there are some helpful steps you could take to increase your chances of getting that good night’s rest.

One of the most important things you can do is to train your body to get ready for bedtime. This means setting a regular time for you to go to bed every night. Obviously there will be exceptions to this bedtime rule but you should pick the time when you feel normally tired. It’s important that you stick to the schedule especially during the weekend when you might be tempted to stay up late. This rule also applies when it comes to waking up in the morning. You should try to be consistent with your alarm clock setting every day. A perfect way to judge whether or not you’re getting the right amount arrest is if your body will naturally wake itself up without the need for the snooze button.

If there is an occasion where you might have your sleep hours cut back it’s better to grab a quick power nap to recharge your batteries then to sleep in late. This goes back to the above mentioned theory of setting regular times for going to bed and waking up. You just have to make sure you don’t turn a nap into slumber. This often happens after a heavy meal when you feel drowsiness come over you. The challenge is to stay awake until your normal bedtime our as opposed to drifting off during “Jeopardy.”

Often people will use their television as a kind of night light to help them drift off to sleep. Actually this has the opposite effect because the light coming from the television can actually decrease your body’s ability to produce melatonin which is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. If you like to read before going to sleep try to avoid bright lights and instead screw in a low wattage bulb. Essentially you want to create that darkened cave-like atmosphere for your bedroom when you’re ready to drift off.

Although these tips are certainly helpful nothing can beat a decent mattress to help with a good night sleep. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s at least five years old or older it’s time for a new model. A great way to shop for a mattress is to go to a showroom and try one on for size then head back to the Internet to find bargain prices. As soon as you arrange for delivery you should also schedule a pickup for the old mattress. You can get help with this task by hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey who make it their business to help you get rid of bulky items. When that new mattress has arrived and you set your sleep schedule sweet dreams await!

Monterey Hot Tub Disposal

If there is one thing that Monterey residents enjoy it is spending time outside. Fortunately there are many community organizations that are happy to create fun activities throughout the year. These activities cover all the bases from intense physical exertion to mellow Zen like relaxation. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with engaging in both ends of that spectrum!

On the physical exertion side, you could sign up for the reservoir triathlon which begins with a 1.5 km swim followed by a 40 km rolling bike course and then a flat-out 10 km running race. This is a serious competition that you’ll need to do some serious training for. A more mellow time that is perfect for the whole family is a walk through history at the Maritime Museum of Monterey. Here local historian and storyteller Captain Randy offers guided walk-throughs of all the museums artifacts. For a more cerebral event you might sign up for the full Moon vision quest held at the Henry Coe State Park. The goal with this activity is to find inner peace by marveling at the beauty of a Monterey night.

Even with a long list of great outdoor activities to be found around Monterey, nothing can really beat the simple pleasures of relaxing in your own backyard. That relaxation can be enhanced by slipping into the soothing waters of an outdoor hot tub. The hot tub experience is a lot like eating a delicious piece of chocolate; you can’t have just one. Most folks who have a hot tub fall into a routine of taking a quick soak after a hard day’s work or just before bedtime. Either way they are guaranteed to be immersed with a total sensation of bliss.

As you look out across your own backyard there might be an old hot tub that has been there for years left over from the previous owner. Or it could be a hot tub that you installed that has now simply worn out. If that’s the case, then clearly you need to get rid of that old hot tub and make way for a new one. Disposing of a hot tub shouldn’t be a complicated process especially when you can call upon the services of some professional junk haulers who are well versed in this type of procedure.

If you were trying to do this type of job by yourself you might find that you’ve gotten in over your head. That’s because there are many bulky parts to a hot tub that have to be properly dismantled and disposed of. Even if you could break down all those parts do you have a car or SUV big enough to haul them away? Suppose you do; would you know where to take all that junk?

None of this has to be a hassle when you bring in a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Monterey. They’ll be able to break down a hot tub in no time and they know exactly where to cart the pieces off to. What you’ll be left with is a clean space for your new hot tub. Make the switch today and you could be relaxing in no time!

Monterey and Santa Cruz Furniture Disposal & Buying Guide

Whether you call it a swap meet, a flea market or yard sale there are plenty bargains to be had outside of the traditional brick and mortar type of retail stores. There have been many stories in the press about treasures found at a yard sale that turn out to be priceless objects of art or pieces of history. Most of us are just looking for good deal. Spending the weekend touring through the idyllic Monterey and Santa Cruz neighborhoods could have you overwhelmed with the opportunities of all the flea markets available to bargain hunt. One of the most popular in the Santa Cruz area is the Skyview flea market. No matter where you end up you should keep these helpful hints in mind especially if you’re shopping for a big item like furniture.
Don’t be afraid to haggle. Just because someone has a price tag on an object like a dining room table or sofa doesn’t mean that’s the price they’ll accept. Part of the fun shopping at yard sale is negotiating for a price. You might also find that the later in the day the better bargain you’ll have. That’s because these vendors don’t want to go home without cash in the pocket. And if they have a piece of furniture or other items they are selling on their front yard then they probably don’t want to drag them back into the house.
This brings up the issue of transportation. Many of these flea markets are a kind of cash and carry type of business. When you buy something you’re expected to take it away. However, you might also be able to bargain with the vendor to have them deliver the large item you just bought. Obviously they brought that piece in a truck and since you can’t take it home in your SUV you need to make other arrangements otherwise you can find that. Walking away from the sale gives you a lot of power!
Although you might be able to get a flea market vendor to drop off a big item chances are they’re not going to take away your old furniture. That’s why you need to have a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Monterey standing by. While it’s true that you don’t know what you’re going to find when you go out on a flea market tour that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive when it comes to setting up the removal of your old junk. Of course, you could always flip that idea as well. For instance, you could make an appointment with Junk King’s professional team of junk haulers to come by your home on a Saturday and take away all your unwanted furniture. They can also haul off any other kind of junk you might want to get rid of in the same trip. That could free up plenty of space for you to fill up the next day during your flea markets scavenger hunt!

For the best in Monterey Furniture Disposal, or any other type of Junk Removal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Santa Cruz Junk Recycling – Do it Right

Do you know where your garbage ends up? Sadly for a lot of people in Santa Cruz they just don’t care. The result has been the creation of infamous floating garbage patch that is making its way around the North Pacific. Fortunately, there is a Santa Cruz nonprofit group called Clean Oceans Project that is determined to do something about that. They are working with a Japanese manufacturer to develop a plastic-to-fuel technology that can be put to work in the Monterey Bay. If all goes according to plan a specially designed solar powered catamaran will cruise the waters gobbling up fishing nets, plastic bags and Styrofoam. It will then funnel that garbage into a high temperature cooker to convert that litter into fuel. That fuel will then allow that boat to travel further and collect even more garbage until the Monterey Bay is completely clean. It’s an ambitious project that is getting a lot of attention and should be something that is on the radar of everyone living in Santa Cruz.
In fact, there are many recycling programs in Santa Cruz that are taking this plastic-to-fuel technology to heart. The idea is to melt down all these plastics and use their basic elements to power up generators. This is different than melting down the plastic to reuse for other purposes which is the primary goal of recycling. Either way it’s going to be a benefit when all of those tons of garbage can be diverted away from the area landfills. This spins right back to the question do you know where your garbage ends up?
If you’re doing your part then you’re also an active recycler. This means you are recycling all of your household plastics and paper into their proper recycling bins for the weekly pickup. Depending upon where you live you might also have a backyard garden that could benefit of creating your own compost pile of food garbage. The big issue is what to do with the big items. These should be all those bulky things you want to throw out that can’t be shoved into a garbage can or recycling bin. That would be an old sofa, a worn-out mattress, laptops, computers, television sets or major kitchen appliances. The good news is the bulk of those items can also be recycled you just have to make sure you’re working with an eco-friendly recycling team.
Getting rid of those big items requires help in the form of professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey, a local business that is certified and insured when it comes to moving and hauling. Professional is the key word here because you’ll be able to achieve a certain level of guarantee in terms of where your junk will end up. Someone who drives by in a pickup and offers a throw out your junk could be throwing that garbage right into the side of the road. The professional junk haulers will know all the great recycling facilities around Santa Cruz and will make those the final destination for all of your junk.
For the best in Santa Cruz Junk Recycling or Monterey Hauling, simply call 1-800-9595 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Monterey Junk Removal – Professional Hauling Today

There is an early Christmas present that’s been unwrapped by many Monterey businesses. That’s the simple fact that the hotel occupancy rates in Monterey County have jumped up an impressive 64% since this past October. That’s the highest percent is jump of the 14 top travel destinations in California according to a travel research company. If that trend keeps up it stands to reason that this could be a very good holiday season with many visitors coming into town to share good times with friends and family and enjoy everything that Monterey has the offer. While some of these travelers will be booking hotel rooms it’s a safe bet that a lot of them will find guestrooms made up for them at the homes of their loved ones. This puts the pressure on those “loved ones” to make sure the house is ready. Fortunately for the citizens of Monterey they have a new ally in the form of the Junk King Monterey.
Junk King Monterey is part of a national franchise of independently owned junk removal businesses. As you might guess from the title, Junk King is in the business of dealing with junk; not so much selling it as getting rid of it for homeowners and businesses. These are professional crews who show up at a scheduled appointment to take away a homeowner’s junk. That might seem like an extravagant thing; after all if it’s your junk why can’t you get rid of it? Actually, there’s a very simple answer to that question and it all comes down to a matter of practicality.
Most Monterey residents only have the opportunity to fill up their garbage can for weekly pickup. This means whatever can’t fit in that garbage can is not to be gotten rid of. Sure you can smash down boxes and crush plastic containers but no matter how hard you try you just couldn’t fit an old sofa into that garbage can! That’s where the Junk King crews come into play.
The other benefit of hiring the Monterey Junk Removal crew is that they have them needed manpower to accomplish the task of hauling away junk. You won’t have to depend upon reaching out to a friend to help you move a large bulky item out of your home. Even if you did have a friend who’s got some muscle, what happens once you have that big piece of junk outside? Can you load it into your SUV or Prius? Probably not. That means you’ll have to rent a truck or borrow a truck and then spend your day off driving to the nearest landfill. Yes, there is a landfill that services the Monterey County area but it’s far removed from where folks live! That’s really not how you want to spend your Saturday or Sunday afternoon especially if you’ve got company coming over!
Working with the Junk King Monterey crew means you also be working with a crew that is licensed and bonded. That can make a big difference in terms of your own levels of security with regard to inviting workers into your home. These are crews you can trust to get the job done right!
For the best in Monterey and Santa Cruz Junk Removal services, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.