Computer Recycling Marin County

Old Computer Recycling Marin CountyEveryone wants the latest and greatest technology, but this often means we leave our old computers around collecting dust. When your business needs to upgrade hardware or your home needs to clear out old electronics, you have eco-friendly options to recycle computers and other e-waste.

Want to Know the Right Way for Computer Recycling Marin County?

Whether you simply want to call Junk King to come to you and take your items away, or you want to personally dispose of your unwanted electronics, you can find ways to safely and responsibly recycle computers.

Here are some options for doing the greenest thing when disposing of old or broken computers:

Donate to a Charity or Neighbor

Sometimes your favorite local school, religious organization, or charity will hold events to recycle computers and other electronics. If you can hold onto your items until the next donation drive or swap meet, you may be able to support your local community by donating.

Your computer may seem slow or outdated to you, but kids just need basic computers for homework. Ask around the neighborhood and someone might just want to take it off your hands.

Find a Specialty Recycler and Drop Off Your Items

You can try asking electronics stores if they will accept your computer. Some stores and repair shops schedule specific dates throughout the year when they will recycle computers. Just be sure to confirm a time before driving out somewhere to drop off your computer. If you can’t make it work with their scheduling, you can always have Junk King come to you to pick up your computers and electronics for recycling.

Junk King Will Pick Up and Recycle Computers

You can always say goodbye to your old computer by calling Junk King to haul it away. As junk removal experts, we understand the importance of responsibly recycling and disposing of all electronic waste. Some of the materials inside computers create a toxic mess at the landfill, and we make sure to recycle every single part possible.

For computer recycling Marin County… here’s how it works:

  • Schedule a time for pick-up
  • We show up, you point out the electronics to be recycled
  • We find charities to take computers in good condition
  • If the computer isn’t functioning, we find an eco-friendly recycling option

Safety Tip: Wipe Your Hard Drive Before Recycling Computers

Before donating an old computer, make sure to delete all personal information from the computer. Simply deteling files isn’t enough—you need to really wipe the computer clean. Even if you’re giving the computer to a friend, you can’t control what will happen with it years later. Look up ways to clear your hard drive or securely erase all data from the computer before sending it away.

Junk King works with recycling facilities and charitable organizations around Marin County to find new homes for old and broken computers. No e-waste needs to wind up in a landfill, and you don’t need to let old computers and peripherals take up space in your home or office.

If you have old desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, or other computer accessories sitting around, call us today to learn about our environmentally safe methods to recycle computers.