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Mattress Recycling Brings a Greener Tomorrow

Mattress Recycling Brings a Greener Tomorrow Junk King Sonoma CountyLiving a green lifestyle often means repairing old items and holding onto them for as long as you possibly can. One big exception: your mattress. For your health and comfort, you really need to replace your mattress about every five years or whenever it starts to wear out. Mattress recycling lets you say goodbye to the old mattress without worrying about environmental harm.

Junk King offers mattress recycling as part of our eco-friendly commitment that applies to all our junk hauling services. Mattress construction includes many different kinds of materials, which means recycling is not really an option for the average consumer. We make sure your old mattress gets broken down and separated into recyclable parts and non-recyclable components get disposed of responsibly.

  • Fabrics and fiber fill: Whether cotton, polypropylene or other materials, fabrics can be stripped away and recycled into new textiles as part of the mattress recycling process.
  • Metal springs: Most mattresses have steel springs, which can be melted down and repurposed.
  • Foam: Mattress foam can be plant-based or synthetic. Either way, the right mattress recycling facility can process and recycle these materials.
  • Wood: Frame materials get scrapped or chipped and recycled into other products to prevent unnecessary deforestation.

The mattress recycling process requires special machinery to tear apart the pieces and sort the different materials. Some mattress recyclers can repurpose as much as 90% of the materials.

Mattress Recycling: An Earth-Friendly Solution

Mattresses should never go to landfills because they take up so much space — the springs and foam prevent the mattress from compacting like other trash. The materials can be especially hazardous to the earth, too. Metals and petroleum-based fabrics leach toxins into the soil and water, so these items should be recycled rather than thrown away.

When you choose mattress recycling, the entire mattress gets taken apart. The recyclable materials get recycled, and the non-recyclable parts can be disposed of with minimal impact on the environment.

With Junk King, you get an easy, hands-free solution for mattress recycling. You don’t have to burn fuel driving your mattress to a special location. Our team will simply pick it up — on your schedule — anywhere around the Sonoma and Marin area. We’ll drop it off at a San Francisco area mattress recycling facility, and you can start shopping for a new eco-friendly mattress!

Stop waking up to a sore back and get rid of your old mattress — make an appointment with Junk King for pick-up and mattress recycling.

Sonoma Bulk Trash Pickup

How much is your junk worth. Depending on the item, you might be able to barter it away at the Petaluma Trading Post. The good thing about this trading post is that it is a virtual exchange. Everything happens across a Facebook page. That works if you’re trading a big item you want to get rid of. Most of the posts end with a “WTF?” Here that stands for “will trade for?” In other words, you could put up a microwave and trade it for a Blu-Ray player. It’s not just stuff that people are bartering but also services like baking, photography and landscaping. This is a kind of “back-to-basics” commerce sight. There is never any money exchanged and you have to arrange to make the trade. That’s when it can get a little dicey.

You can't sell your junk.

You can’t sell your junk.

Suppose you wanted to finally get rid of that sofa you’ve been keeping in storage? You can put it up to barter for a bike or kayak. But now you have to make sure the person who is trading with you will be able to literally pick up the couch and cart it off. This kind of complication can bring the best barter to a screeching halt. What happens then is that you’re still stuck with your junk. It’s like having a yard sale where you don’t end up selling everything. It all has to be hauled back into the garage. If you want to barter like this, it might be best to stick with the small stuff. For some serious bulk trash pickup, Junk King Sonoma is the only way to go.

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