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Houston Couch Disposal

get rid of couchesFor most of us, our two favorite spots are on our sofa and in our bed. Supposed you had to give up both of those and live in a dumpster? One college instructor aptly called Professor Dumpster is doing just that. He’s going to move into a dumpster to promote sustainability issues. He first sold everything he had for a $1. That would have been a great deal! He then moved into his campus office as part of the downsizing and took up residence in the dumpster. He’s not contending with no bathroom, no kitchen, no shower and no Wi-Fi.

“The idea here is to ultimately show one can have a pretty good life in a dumpster,” Professor Dumpster told Fast Company Magazine.

Maybe you don’t have to be that drastic to prove a point but is there something in your home that you could give up for a year? Perhaps it’s not something to give up as much as replace. We could be talking about your couch. If you’ve been using the same sofa for several years it might be time to upgrade. Think about how you’ll be spending your holidays. Will you be inviting friends and family over for some celebrations? If so, do you want them all sitting on that same saggy sofa? Not only can you improve your seating arrangements but you could transform your entire living room with a single piece of new furniture.

Before that can’t happen you need to make arrangements to get rid of the old sofa. That can easily be accomplished with a call to Junk King Houston. These are the junk removal pros that will provide you with a strong two-man moving crew and huge truck. In other words, everything you need to properly get rid of your couch. That sure beats trying to drag it down to the curb and hope it will just disappear.

As long as you’re getting rid of that old sofa you might as well let the Junk King crew take away the rest of your unwanted stuff. Use that crew to help you de-clutter your basement, garage and closets. Won’t it be nice to get rid of all the stuff you keep tripping over? How great will it be to take back your garage from debris? Junk King can make that happen. When you call to set up your removal appointment you could be pleasantly surprised by how fast it can all happen. Many customers have experienced same day service with Junk King Houston. No matter how long it took you to collect that stuff, it can all be gone in a flash thanks to Junk King.

Garbage Disposal Houston

Like every other major metropolitan city, Houston has to contend with illegal dumping. This is when careless folks decide to turn an empty lot or piece of roadway into their own private landfill. All it takes is for one person to dump an old sofa or tire to give others “permission” to add their garbage to the pile. Before you know it you’ve got a major health hazard festering away. Now the city council is doing something about this issue by installing surveillance cameras at several undisclosed “hot spots” where they suspect illegal dumping is occurring. The hope is to catch these people in the act and nail them with a fine.

It is understandable why some people feel the need to dispose of their oversize junk items. There just isn’t room around the house. But instead of making it everyone else’s problem, they would have been better served by simply hiring Junk King Houston to take care of the problem. If you’ve got some big pieces of junk you want to get rid of then Junk King is the only call you need to make.

Junk King is the Houston based company that specializes in all kinds of junk removal. They’ve been a big help to businesses that need to make way in their storage areas by tossing out old office equipment and furniture. A Junk King crew has even been known to perform a big cleanup in the back of alleys or on vacant lots next to businesses as a way of improving the environment around that company.

Apartment managers call on Junk King to help them clear out the clutter left behind by previous tenants. The longer an apartment stays “occupied” with junk the longer the owner can’t make any money.

As a homeowner, you can use Junk King for a wide variety of cleanup projects. First, you have to decide which items you want removed for good. This can be anything in your garage or basement that is taking up valuable space. Don’t worry about pulling that junk out to the curb. When the Junk King crew shows up you just tell them what you want thrown out and they’ll do all the work.

Outside of your home, Junk King can also pick up garbage/debris from your yards. This could be any construction materials leftover from a remodeling project or dirt from landscaping. It’s all fair game to go onto the back of the Junk King truck. Give them a call today to find out how they can help you with your garbage disposal needs.

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