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Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome

Anyone who is in business should always check out the competition. A restaurant owner should go and have dinner at another restaurant to see what they’re doing right or wrong. That same principle can apply to having holiday guests come into your home. To make them feel welcome, you should spend a day trying to pretend you are a stranger in your own home. You may be surprised some of the things you discover.


Have you ever spend the night in your own guest room? You might think that the bed you have in there is comfortable but if it is a hand-me-down mattress that has seen better days, then it might be time to replace it. The only way you know that is if you actually try and take a nap or sleep in that bed. You might also discover that the pillows you have in there are as flat as pancakes and the blankets aren’t keeping you warm.

There are a lot of other little things in the guest room that you might need to think about like a lamp on the nightstand versus an overhead lamp. Is there an outlet close by for someone to charge their phone? What if you had to unpack a suitcase? Would there be room in a dresser or closet to hang stuff? Those all important details that you want to take care of before your visitor arrives.

You can also make them feel welcome by providing them with the things you keep in storage like clean towels, extra blankets and even bottles of water. The ultimate goal is to have everything ready so that they don’t even have to ask for something.

As you look around that guest room, you also have to think about any clutter items you put in there for storage. It’s not uncommon to use that guest room as a place for an old TV or piece of furniture that you want to get rid of. Now is the time to get rid of it and that can easily happen with one call to Junk King Houston. The send over a crew that can lift and load any piece of furniture, box of clothing, television or other junk items you want to finally get rid of.

A single junk removal session with Junk King Houston is all it will take to make your guestroom ready for holiday guests.

You Can Have A Happy Holiday Without The Stress

How excited are you for the holidays? Usually, the level of excitement correlates to your age. Kids are fired up. Mom and dads are thinking about all the things they’ve got to get done before Christmas. Everywhere you go there will be more people, more traffic. Hopefully, all those people will be in good moods. In order to fortify your moods, you should put this stress avoiding action plan into operation.


Don’t Complain

Yes, there is a lot to do and yes, there will be lines and all kinds of craziness. Instead of complaining about all of that, embrace it. The more you complain about something the more things get “crazy.” And your complaining will make everyone else feel the stress, too. This is when you need to crank up the Christmas music and sing out loud in your car. Things will get done. They always do.

Keep Your Good Health In Mind

You’ve spent all year eating right and exercising. That’s a great thing to share but it doesn’t mean you have to blow it all up in the coming weeks. Yes, there will be plenty of fun parties to attend with amazing food and cocktails. Enjoy but don’t overdo it. You only need a taste to get the benefits.

Pace Yourself

The holidays are a lot like running a marathon. Between all the prep work and all the gatherings, you’re going to use up a lot of energy. That means you need to pace yourself. If you can squeeze in a power nap, then try to. Even 30 or 45 minutes of just resting is a great way to recharge your “batteries.” Whenever you step out of your house for any event or task, you’ll want to factor in additional time. Adding half an hour to your plans is a good start. They might mean you’re going to be early for everything but that’s not a bad thing!

Give Experiences Instead of Gifts

Do you have people on your holiday shopping list that are a challenge to shop for? Instead of looking for the perfect gift, why not give them a wonderful experience. Treat that person to a wonderful dinner or a night out. You remember a great dinner a lot more than you remember a sweater.

Declutter Your Home

It is easy to get overrun with clutter for the holidays. That’s why you need to stay on top of picking up the little things. As for the big things, you can hire Junk King Houston. These are the junk hauling pros who can quietly remove any unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics or other household items that you’re done with. That kind of clean up can transform your home. Reduce your holiday stress by reducing your junk thanks to Junk King Houston.

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