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Houston Christmas Tree and Holiday Junk Removal

There’s no telling what the next storm will bring to Houston. There’s also no telling what that storm will leave behind. On Christmas Day, a high wind system swept through Harris County leaving a path of uprooted trees in its wake. This kept the local tree trimmers very busy on the day after Christmas. Just as the recent Hurricane Sandy proved to the East Coast, it’s not just a windstorm which can topple a tree but the months of extreme weather leading up to that storm event. Here in Houston it was the summer drought and not rain soaked soil which weakened the root systems of many trees. As many homeowners learn the hard way, it’s better to cut down a tree before it falls down on its own.

Getting rid of trees is a job best left to the professional junk haulers like Junk King Houston. Not only can they help with fallen tree branch removal but they can also cart off your holiday Christmas tree and wreathes when you’re ready to pack it all up. You won’t have to worry about carrying that tree down to the street. The Junk King crew will carefully remove it from wherever you have it set up in your home. Junk King can also lend a hand with the removal of the rest of your holiday junk like all those boxes, bags and rolls of ripped up wrapping paper.

Then there is the matter of all those things that were replaced this year like televisions, furniture, appliances or computers. All of those are the kinds of things that should be taken out of your home because you’re not going to ever use then again are you? Why keep it in storage in your home only for it to collect dust or mold? How many times have you walked by something in your home and thought you’ve got to get rid of that one of these days? Well, “one of these days” could be today when you hire Junk King Houston.

Once you commit to Junk King your real work is over. On the day of the removal appointment the Junk King crew will be doing all the heavy lifting. They will also be driving the big truck that will certainly fit whatever you want tossed out from ping-pong tables to tractor lawnmowers. Jun King will also make sure all of the stuff that they take away will be disposed of the right way. That includes taking anything to a recycling center which could be repurposed. These are all the great reasons why Junk King should be your only choice when it comes to clearing out your clutter.

One Great Reason to Haul the Junk Out of Your Houston Home

You don’t have to have a home business to need a home office but you do need to clear out some space. A home office could be a dedicated, quiet place where you pay the bills and catch up on personal emails. Depending on your family situation, there could be a lot of benefit from having a room where you can spend a few moments in peace listening to soothing music and just relaxing. Of course, if you are entertaining the notion of working from home then you absolutely need to haul the junk away to open up the space.

In terms of that space, you need to asses just what you might need in your home office. Obviously, a desk is crucial but will you need room for shelves? A fax machine? Copier? If your home office is going to be a kind of graphic art studio will you need natural light? Once you have your critical needs worked out it will then be time to choose the appropriate space in your home. There might be a limitation on available space. If you have a spare room that has been used for storage or for guests that never visit then this could become your new office. There is even an opportunity to convert a garage into a practical office with very little effort.

So, what kind of junk is filling up your “office space?” Unless a room is being actively used by a member of the family it has a tendency to become the dumping ground for all the oversized items you can’t throw out in the trash. This is where the old sofas, chairs, mattresses, baby furniture and televisions end up. At one point, this spare room could have been the kid’s playroom but now with them grown up or locked in their own bedrooms that playroom can be put to better use. When you’re ready to clear out the clutter then Junk King Houston should be the call you make – 1-800-995-5865.

Junk King is the Houston business that helps homeowners reclaim living space by hauling off all the stuff that has been collected over the years. Best of all, the Junk King crew will be doing all the work. When it comes to the picking up of heavy objects, carrying them out of your home and loading it onto the back of a truck, Junk King has your back. Your only effort will be making that call to Junk King Houston; they’ll take it from there!

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