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Recycling News in Houston

In an effort to inspire its citizens that it represents the Houston City Hall went from using no renewable energy to becoming one of the biggest buyers of green energy in the nation. This was accomplished in just under three years. A hallmark of their energy program was upgrading the motor pool to include 25 Nissan Leafs and 15 hybrids. This combination of electric and fuel-efficient vehicles has lowered the cost of gas allotments for city workers and has reduced the overall carbon footprint of City Hall.

Another program that is being instituted by the Houston city Council is placing bicycles throughout the downtown area that folks can borrow to get around the city. That’s good for the environment and for the peddlers’ health. There’s also going to be wind turbines installed on top of the city’s new permitting center. All of this is being accomplished thanks to an influx of federal stimulus dollars along with the mayor’s push to promote budget savings through better energy efficiency. Even though Houston has long been known as the city of big oil there’s no reason why it can also be the city of big green!

Have you been inspired by any of these programs? You might already be doing your part by recycling items like soda cans, newspapers, magazines and other household trash that can fit in a weekly recycle pickup bin. You don’t have to stop there! Your recycling can also encompass those bigger junk items you want to get rid of especially when you call upon Junk King Houston to provide a little helping hand assistance.

Ever since Junk King rolled into Houston they have been helping the local folks get rid of all their unwanted stuff and reclaim valuable space in their homes. What most folks don’t know is that Junk King is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. Simply put, they’re going to do their darndest to make sure whatever trash they pick up doesn’t make it to a landfill. This is actually easily accomplished especially when you know where all the recycling facilities are located throughout the Houston area. While there are some big centers that specialize in recycling paper and aluminum there are other more specialized facilities that focus on other products. This is where items like your old furniture and kitchen appliances will end up.

Many folks who call upon the Junk King Houston are especially pleased at how professional their crews behave. The junk haulers have been trained to treat your home with the utmost respect. This means they’re going to make sure that your floors aren’t going to be scuffed up or the paint on your walls chipped. Junk King also respects your time and insures that their crew will show up for the scheduled appointment and not make you wait like some other services. The bottom line is that when it comes to recycling you can’t find any better partner than Junk King Houston!

Houston Scrap Metal Removal

Have you heard the term “brazen thief?” This is a crook that is only focused on making a score and doesn’t care where, when or how he’ll accomplish that task. Case in point: On March 28 at around 5 a.m. a thief stole a large metal bread rack from the loading dock of the Stop and Shop Goodwives Shopping Center. Then on April 4th a second bread rack was stolen from the same place at around the same time. Coincidence or the work of a repeat offender? This comes on top of another robbery involving 400 pounds of copper wire. Clearly, there are some crooks out there targeting anything made of metal in the hopes of cashing in.

Scrap metal thievery is such a problem all across the country that many local governments are instituting special new regulations. Now in many states, anyone who sells scrap metal has to provide a state issued photo I.D. and fill out a form stating where the metal came from. This is meant to deter scrap metal thieves but it’s a huge pain for everyone else who isn’t breaking the law.

If you think that some of the scrap metal you have around your home might be worth some money, think again. To really score the big bucks you need a fairly decent amount of scrap metal. We’re talking a pickup truck full at least. Even with that much, it could cost you more in gas driving out to the closest junkyard. The better alternative is to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Houston to come directly to your home or business and take away that metal without any hassle.

A pile of scrap metal is not something you can cram into the back of your SUV. Not only is it going to be hard to handle but there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to scratch up your car to no end. Junk King’s professional Houston junk hauling team will have a big enough truck to fit all you scrap metal and they don’t care if their truck gets scratched up. For them, every scratch means another job well done!

After filling up that truck with your scrap metal, ask yourself what else you have that can be taken away. This is a golden opportunity to clear your home of all kinds of junk. You can finally toss out that old armchair that nobody wants to sit in. Or that ping-pong table that nobody uses. Or those dumbbells that just got rusty waiting to be picked up. Whatever you consider junk is what can be tossed into the back of that truck. Not only will you be removing the temptation for a scrap metal thief but you’ll also be clearing up some vital space from your home. It’s a good call anyway you look at it!

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