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Transform Your Backyard

What are the best words you could use to describe your backyard? Could you use the word “lush greenery?” Or would it be more appropriate to describe it as “barren wasteland?” Perhaps it is somewhere in between. If you’re not happy with your current backyard situation, then this might be the time to consider an extensive transformation. Before you can do any serious landscaping or remodeling in your backyard, you need to first clear out all the debris. That is where a company like Junk King Houston is going to prove to be a huge asset.


While it is true that most of the work conducted by the Junk King Houston crews involves removing things like furniture and appliances from the inside of the home they’ve also been called on to work extensively in backyards. Just as these crews don’t have a problem with lifting something heavy or climbing upstairs they also won’t have a problem getting a little bit dirty doing some yard work. They may not be able to mow your grass or plant your garden but they can certainly clear away piles of rocks, stones, bricks and pavers. That will make your planting go a lot smoother. That same crew can also haul away things like broken tree limbs or dead shrubbery.

Beyond all the “organic” unwanted items Junk King can remove they can also take away all those things that have accumulated over the years. This would be all the stuff you brought into your yard that is now just gathering rust. Things like scattered auto-parts, spare tires, broken lawnmowers, tools and even crusty barbecue grills can all be hauled away in a single appointment with Junk King Houston. Those are exactly the kinds of things that can’t be tossed out into the trash but you certainly don’t have to live with them anymore!

After the crew has completed your yard clearing be sure to put them to work removing the rest of the clutter from the inside of your home. As long as you have two capable movers and a huge truck at your disposal there is no end to what you can get rid of. If you truly want to transform your backyard and your home by removing all the junk, then the next call to make should be to Junk King Houston!

Take Back the Space in Your Home

What would you change in your home if you could? Maybe it is time for new paint for the interior and exterior. Perhaps you’d love to swap out every piece of furniture and start decorating from scratch. It could be that all you want is a quiet corner to read a book in. The longer you stay in your home the more likely it is you’ll want to “mix things up” a bit. It is also likely that you will have accumulated a lot of things you could probably live without. Before you start any makeover projects, you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk King Houston. These are the junk removal experts who can help you take back your space from all that clutter.


It doesn’t matter if your junk list is long or short. You’ll discover that getting rid of all that unwanted stuff will have a huge impact on your living space. Even if you just focused on all your closets and removed the clothes you’re never going to wear again you would be ahead of the game.

One of the biggest storage zones in any home is the garage. This is the area that becomes a virtual dumping ground for all the things you’re not using, are broke or you just need to get out of eyesight. The longer those things stay in the garage, the more likely it is they’ll never be used again. Instead of living with that clutter for one more day, turn it all over to Junk King Houston. They’ll know how to take care of it.

If you know exactly what you want hauled away, then you can set up your Junk King appointment today. You might even be able to score a same-day pickup. Imagine all that clutter gone by dinnertime! If you need more time to sort, you can still lock down an appointment at a day and time that works best for your schedule. All Junk King will need is a two hour window.

When the team arrives at your home, you’ll show them everything you want removed. In exchange, they’ll present you with a final estimate for the job. That estimate will be a flat fee based on volume. It’s a fair deal for this type of work. Is it time to take back the space in your home from junk? Then it’s time to call Junk King Houston.

Clearing Out the Clutter Is No Laughing Matter

There will be a lot of laughs shared on April 1 as pranksters pull off their jokes. Thanks to the Internet, you can share in all the fun when the pictures get posted of the pranks or the wacky stories of alien invasions are passed off for the truth. We should probably have more days when laughing and joke is the main agenda. On the other hand, taking care of things around your home is serious business. The more you let clutter pile up, the great chance it has of becoming a potential hazard. The extreme case is with a hoarder who can’t even navigate around their own home. When unwanted rubbish gets that far out of hand, it’s time to bring in the pros from Junk King Houston. This is the team who makes clearing out the clutter in your home a thing of beauty.


All it takes is for one box to go into one room. Soon, other boxes join in. Then furniture and clothes that are throw into the mix. Before your know it, that spare room has become a storage locker. Your garage is so overrun that you can’t park your car in there anymore. Forget about finding something in your closet. You shouldn’t have to deal with any of that stuff and you don’t have to as long as Junk King Houston working with you.

You can easily set up your junk removal appointment online. You’ll be asked to pick the time and day that works best for you. That is the target appointment that Junk King will strive to meet. As the crews begin their day, they are going to move quickly from house to house. When they’re about twenty-minutes out from your home, they’ll give you a call. This is how Junk King Houston works and you’ll appreciate the courtesy.

When the crew shows up, you’ll point to all the things you want removed. That is pretty much the extent of your work effort. All the actual lifting and loading will be done by the two-man moving crew assigned to your task. Before you know it, those “storage” locker” spaces will be completely cleared. Are you thinking about what you can do with that reclaimed spacing? Clearing the clutter from your home is easy when Junk King Houston is on the job.

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