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    Let us know what you need disposed or recycled. We take just about everything!

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Don’t Let Junk Pile Up On Your Porch

Things have a way of piling up around the house. That holds true for mail, magazines, laundry and dirty dishes. It is also the same for junk. All kinds of things that are broken or have been replaced end up getting piled up in the garage, basement and even the porch. It’s easy to take care of those small piles but when it comes to the junk stuff, you might need to bring some outside help. You can find that help from Junk King Houston today.


Junk piles that you don’t see every day are easy to forget about. If you’ve given up on parking your car in your garage, then the only time you go in there is if you’re looking for something. That’s when the junk piles can be very annoying. Out on your porch, it’s hard to relax with a cool drink when you’re surrounded by old appliances and other rubbish. Of course, all of this stuff would probably already be gone if you could only put it in the trash. This is where Junk King Houston comes into play. They’re going to send over a team of junk haulers who will be able to clear those junk piles off your porch in less time than it takes to have a glass of sweet ice tea. When they’re done clearing the porch, the Junk King team can move through the rest of the house picking up all the other items you want removed. But they’re not done yet.

What about the junk piles in your backyard or by the side of the garage? Those can also be cleared by Junk King. It doesn’t matter how rusty or dirty something is. All that matters is that you want it gone.

Setting up your appointment isn’t complicated. One phone call gets it done. It helps to have your calendar handy so you can pick the best time and day for your session. In most cases, your junk piles can be cleared off by tomorrow. Yes, Junk King moves that fast. Don’t waste another day surrounded by junk piles on your porch and in your home. Give it all to Junk King Houston.

Put Junk King’s Pricing Estimator To The Test

It wasn’t that long ago, that when you needed to add up numbers, you did it the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper. Along came calculators and changed the way kids learn math. Now a calculator is a feature of every phone and smart watch. When was the last time you did math without a calculator? That ability for computer programs to do the math helps with online shopping. Now you can apply those same principles to junk removal. With Junk King Houston’s pricing estimator, you can easily generate an estimate for all your junk removal needs.


With a few clicks, the pricing estimator lets you build a list of all the items you might want to get rid of. You have options to click on items from every room in your house. There is also a long list of things from the garage and backyard that you can add to the list. As you build out your removal list, the estimate will be adding up the figures but it’s not by the pound. Junk King’s pricing policy is all about volume. Will your stuff fill up half the truck, one-third or the whole truck? That will determined your final fee.

Your estimate will be compared to the actual inspection of your items by the crew. They might be able to look over things that seem to take up a whole truck and realize they can put it into half the truck. This is not something they’ll keep secret from you! Once the estimate is adjusted to reflect the actual situation, the work can begin. In no time at all, your stuff will be loaded up. It is just that simple.

Knowing you have a moving crew at your disposal can influence what you want to get rid of in a positive way. Remember, the crew is going to be doing all the lifting and loading and you should never feel guilty about having them lift something that is very heavy. For your next junk removal task, put Junk King Houston’s pricing estimator to the test and you’ll see what a great deal Junk King is.

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