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Efficient Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout Starts by Identifying These Hazards

Junk King puts safety at a premium. That’s why our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout services are handled by trained and insured professionals. They want to be sure that no one gets injured while they are hauling away your garage waste just as much as they want everything to be done efficiently.

Our teams take great pride in their work. In fact, they’ve even gone out of their way to make a list of some common safety hazards that can be found in most garages. Over the years they’ve been working for our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout services, these experts have seen these situations crop up again and again.

Bad Wiring
Faulty wiring is one of the most common ways a garage fire starts. The U.S. Fire Administration identifies this as one of the leading causes. They also underline the fact that garage fires are especially dangerous because they quite often go undetected for long periods of time.

Our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout professionals have gone into garages to take away what’s there and found overloaded electrical outlets as well as extension cords that have been improperly used. In fact, if you don’t need to use extension cords it’s best to stay away from them because they can overload your circuits and become frayed over time.

Cluttered Spaces
We’ve gone to some job sites where the garage is so cluttered you can’t even park a car inside. Not only is that inconvenient, it’s also a safety hazard. Keep in mind that junk piled up in the garage can fall over and injure somebody. What’s more, newspapers and cardboard can even fuel any spark and start a fire.

Whenever we see a cluttered garage, we always like to recommend certain storage solutions. Cabinets and storage racks help to keep things off the floor and easily accessible.

Walking Hazards
It’s always a good idea to make sure that you know exactly what’s on the floor of your garage. There are a variety of things that you might not think are hazards like missing chunks of concrete that someone can trip on. If that old car is leaking oil or gasoline, you might have a combustible situation on your hands.

We like to make sure our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout clients understand any potential risks.

Houston Large Trash Pickup

Not only are the holidays a great time for friends and family to gather together but it’s also a time when Houston municipal workers get a couple of days off. These are the hard-working folks that deliver our mail, keep our roads paved, make sure our streetlights are working and pick up our trash. It’s that last item that really adds to our standard of living. Trash pickup is also such a simple task to accomplish. The deal is we fill up our trash cans then put them on the curb and the municipal garbage collectors pick it up once a week. Although with the holiday schedule that weekly pickup is shaken up. Usually this will mean waiting an extra day for the garbage to be collected. However, there may be another byproduct of the holidays that those Houston municipal workers can’t really help with and that would be with all the large trash items.
The classification of large trash is really anything that can’t fit into your garbage can. Christmas is also a time for lots of boxes and wrapping to be tossed out. Often those items can be crushed down with some forceful foot stomping and fit into the garbage can. But what about all the items that came in those boxes? That would be the new televisions, bicycles and computers. Obviously they’re going to have a place in your home but the items that they are replacing will need to be thrown out at some point. It can be pretty hard to stick a bicycle into a trashcan! That’s why you might need to consider calling upon the services of a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Houston to handle all your large trash pickup items.
Even if you don’t have “holiday trash” to get rid of you probably do have some junk lying around your house that you have been wanting to toss out but never had the means to do so. This is why garages are overflowing with junk instead of being able to have a car parked in there. This is why closets release a flood of junk every time you open the door. This is why there’s no room in the basement for anything else except for junk. One piece of junk has a way of quickly multiplying into a pile of junk. Again, it all comes back to the issue of whether or not you can fit these items into a garbage can because if you could you probably would’ve thrown them out already.
Junk King Houston’s professional junk haulers will arrive at the scheduled appointment you make with them along with a big enough truck to cart away anything you can throw at them. Nothing is too big for them to haul away. This includes any kind of furniture (even a piano!), car parts, and construction waste or other yard debris. Even an old hot tub can be taken apart and loaded onto that junk truck and taken away. The moment all of that junk is taken out of your life you can get back to the normal weekly garbage pickup. Hopefully, those cans won’t be overflowing anytime soon!

Houston Moving and Junk Hauling

For most people in Houston, moving day is something to get through and survive rather than a kind of day you might look forward to like Christmas. A lot of pressure can build up for a moving day. However, if you take an organized and systematic approach to the event, you should be able to come out on the other side reasonable unscathed. The big thing to remember is not to wait until the last minute for packing. Once you’ve settled on a date and have booked your movers, there is no reason why you can’t start packing up right away. Filling up a couple of boxes a day is a great way to knock out all the packing. Just think about all those things you’re not going to be using everyday (books, CDs, DVDS, seasonal clothes, etc.) and begin there.
Another thing to keep in mind when packing is that you shouldn’t reuse a box that has been through several other moves. When boxes start to wear out, you run the risk of them bottoming out. There is also no telling where your packed boxes will be stacked. In other words, you don’t want a “weak”  box holding up all the other boxes. Speaking of boxes; be sure to fill up any box you’re packing to capacity. A box that is under filled is more like to collapse when other boxes are put on top.
The best weight for a single box is around 25 to 30 pounds. It’s important to stay consistent with your box weight especially if you’re calling on friends to help out. A box that weights more than a mover expects it to weigh can lead to strains when picking it up.
You’ll also save a lot of time and stress by making sure your boxes are all labeled properly. These should correspond to the room they will eventually be moved to. Labeling your boxes will also help you find things you might need right away such as “work clothes” or “pots and pans.”
If you are wrapping breakables then you should wrap them all individually in packing material like bubble wrap or newspaper. You can even use your kitchen and bathroom towels to wrap items and end up packing two things at the same time!
As you begin to pack, you’re probably going to be discovering a lot of junk that you really don’t need to take with you to your new Houston home. This would be the perfect opportunity to schedule a pick-up appointment with some professional junk haulers before your move day – Junk King Houston. Being able to get rid of the junk you’ve been hanging onto will allow you to start off in your new home with more space. Since you’ll be sorting through this stuff, it will be easy to form a pile of junk for a pickup. Junk King Houston’s professional junk haulers will be able to cart off any objects large or small. If you don’t like your old sofa than get rid of it the right way!

Hire the Pros for Junk Removal in Houston

If you had to rate yourself on the scale of one to 10 with one being “you throw everything away” and 10 being “you’ve never throw anything away” where would you fall on that scale? Most people hover somewhere around the middle. They throw away those things that clutter up the house but still manage to stuff closets full of junk. On the opposite end of that spectrum you have the hoarders who hang onto everything. In extreme cases, like the ones they showcase on reality television, these hoarders can actually cause harm to themselves and their neighborhood. Maybe you’re on the verge of becoming a hoarder through no real fault of your own; you just don’t have the means to get rid of your junk. That no longer has to be the case in Houston when you can hire professional Houston junk haulers like Junk King Houston.
Most often our junk takes the form of all those items we have replaced. For instance if you buy a new dishwasher or stove those old appliances instantly become junk. They can’t really be resold or put to practical use. The best destination for them would be the recycling pile. But it’s not that easy to load up an old stove in the back of your pickup and then drive around finding a recycling center. The same holds true for an old sofa that’s been replaced by a newer model. Actually the list is endless: mattresses, television sets, carpeting, and even baby furniture could be destined for the trash heap if you had the means to get there. Instead these items end up being placed in the garage, basement or attic of our home. And that’s where they live until some day somebody in the house says “we have got to get rid of that junk!”
As that rallying cry echoes throughout the household the best course of action is to reach for the phone and call upon the services of a professional junk hauling crew. This is a team of experienced movers who not only know how to lift heavy objects but they have the truck big enough to take away any load. They will also know exactly where to dump all this junk whether that’s a landfill or one of the many recycling centers in and around Houston. If you were to take this task upon yourself it would require lots of man-hours, and lots to help from friends who might not remain friends when the job is done!
The other benefit of hiring a professional team like Junk King Houston is that these workers who are coming into your home are going to be licensed and insured. That should give you an added level of comfort especially when it comes to moving big objects out of your house. You might need to only call upon professional junk haulers once in your life but it will be a call that’s well worth it!