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Junk King Columbus Receives Super Service Award

For the 3rd year in a row, Junk King Columbus was awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award. This means that in 2012, we are in the top 5% of businesses on Angie’s list in Columbus for customer satisfaction. We hope to do it all over again in 2013…only more of it 🙂

Like any small business, as we grow we always strive to do the best we can and to provide service in a way that is good for our customers and our business. We’d like to thank the Columbus residents whose recognition and patronage help us.

Happy New Year to all our central Ohio family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Thanks for choosing us to be your fastest and greenest junk removal company.

-Junk King Columbus

Columbus Ohio Spring Cleaning

There’s a simple reason why spring has become the traditional time for a major household clean-up: The weather. In the spring we can finally open up our windows and let the warm Ohio air in and the dust out! Although this year it’s not just houses in Columbus Ohio that are getting the spring cleaning treatment. Many dedicated residents are taking to the parks, highways and byways for a major clean-up effort.

Over in the Green Oak Township a group of locals have named themselves the Green Oak Litter Pickers and are making their way through the neighborhood picking up trash in public parks and along roads. Similar groups are sprucing up the Mill Pond in Brighton and the Old Village Cemetery. Sadly, these programs have been annual events due to the amount of trash that is continually dumped by careless people. Hopefully, the word can spread and more and Columbus folks can stop this dirty trend.

If you’re inspired to join those litter pickers for a couple of hours it might just motivate you to turn your attentions back to your own home. Spring cleaning shouldn’t be a solitary event. If you’ve got a family then you’ve got your own private clean-up crew. The goal is to keep them properly motivated. Although you shouldn’t have to “bribe” you family to clean up the house, a little “incentive” goes a long way. Perhaps this could be a promised trip to the Fort Rapids water park or the Columbus zoo. Of course a fresh baked pie is also a perfect reward for a hard day cleaning.

Once you’ve got your crew lined up, it’s time to hand out the assignments. You can ask for preferences, but it might be a better choice to assign zones to each member. Naturally, they will have to start with their own rooms. And don’t leave anything to chance. Be very clear what your definition of clean is. If it includes vacuuming, mopping, and dusting let them know.

As the spring cleaning operation gets under way, you and your family might make some discoveries. This isn’t just about a forgotten PB&J sandwich found under the sofa, but finding some big items that can now be officially classified as junk. This might not really be so much of a startling discovery as it is the realization that it’s time for these items to be hauled away. Things like old mattresses, busted television sets or broken furniture could have been shoved into garages or basements simply because they couldn’t be thrown out.

As you stumble across these items there is no reason why they should slow down your clean-up efforts. Be prepared with a call to Junk King Columbus at 1-888-888-JUNK. These are the professional movers with the muscle and the trucks to take away all those big items. Of course the moment they are taken away, you’re going to have all kinds of open space that will need sweeping and mopping! That’s what spring cleaning is all about!

Columbus Office Junk Removal

Is your Columbus-based business or office filled with useless clutter? There could be storage spaces right on your office floor that are filled to the rafters with garbage that needs to be tossed. Instead of asking your employees to do something that might not be in their job requirements, why not call in a professional Columbus office junk removal company? They’ll be able to quickly assess your situation and arrange to swiftly haul off any amount of designated junk. Then you can get back to work!

We all know where the office junk is. It could be a storage closet at the end of the hallway or a room in the parking garage. The simple fact is, that just like in your personal life, a company can’t exist without collecting a certain amount of junk. This junk can come in the form of outdated computer monitors or PC towers and old files. It could also mean some unused office furniture that will never make it back out onto the floor. Basically, your company is paying for office space to keep junk. Of course it might not be your call to make but why not take initiative? You could impress the bosses by suggesting a Columbus office junk removal company to show up and get rid off all that waste.

Even if you decide to take the bull by the horns and handle the junk removal project, you won’t be doing it alone when you bring in a professional team of haulers.  The professionals would first come to provide you with a free on site estimate based on how much space the office junk fills in their truck. You certainly don’t want any surprises when it comes to presenting a bill to upper management. Once the terms are agreed upon you can then arrange for the actual haul day. This can be done on your terms so as not to disrupt the work day. Whether it is after hours or on the weekend, the Columbus junk removal company should accommodate you and not the other way around.

Another benefit that comes with bringing a qualified Columbus junk removal company is finding one that has gone green. This is extremely important if you have any electronic gear that you’ll be getting rid of. These pieces of office equipment can and should be recycled at the proper facility. When it comes to electronics, there is the potential for hazardous materials being released in their destruction which is why you want them handled properly by an experienced junk removal crew. Once all that office junk is gone, you’ll be able to utilize your space more efficiently. Isn’t that what business should be all about: efficiency? Get on track by getting rid of your junk!

Junk King Columbus provides the fastest and greenest junk removal services in the Ohio area.  Feel free to book your free on site estimate online, or call 1-800-995-JUNK for more information.

Columbus Hauling

Everyone likes a fresh start- whether it’s a new job, a new move or even the start of a new school year. One positive way to have a fresh start is to clear out the clutter of your life. This can mean a major top to bottom cleaning of your home. Although there might be some gripes from “the troops” it’s a perfect weekend project for the whole family. There’s a good chance that during this clean up effort you’re going to find a lot to toss out. That’s when it might be time to call in a professional Columbus hauling services to help get rid of all your unwanted junk.
Hiring a Columbus hauling company means you’ll be taking the stress out of the problem of what to do with all your old junk. Most of this garbage (and admit it, it is garbage!) gathers around your home because you simply don’t have the means to get rid of it. This junk can come in the form of some old kitchen appliances like a busted washer or out of date refrigerator that are just sitting in your garage rusting away. You know you’re never going to use them again so why not have a Columbus hauling company haul them away?
There might be a handyman in your family who likes to tinker with projects. It’s not uncommon to find a backyard scattered with the remains of old cars. At some point you have to take back your yard and get rid of that junk. With a Columbus hauling service you won’t have to hear the excuse “it’s too big to move.” The experienced haulers can show up at the appointed hour, load up all your unwanted junk and haul it away in the blink of an eye.
Keep in mind it’s not just the junk you buy that can be hauled away but also the junk that just lands in your yard. After any major storm there’s a pretty good chance of fallen tree branches turning up. Some of these can be broken down and put in your weekly garbage pickup but for the bigger limbs you should call upon a Columbus hauling company to handle the removal. These experienced workers will come equipped with the necessary tools to take care of any tree damage and provide you with peace of mind knowing it will be removed safely.
The most effort you’ll exert using a Columbus hauling company will be pointing with your finger. When the haulers show up, all you need to do is point to all the junk you want taken away and they’ll do the rest.
What you’ll be left with is something you might not have had for awhile: open space. In the backyard, this new space can inspire you to plant a garden. In the garage you might consider setting up a craft table for the kid’s art and science projects. Or imagine clearing out an entire room of junk and creating your own private sanctuary. That’s what you can get with by hiring a Columbus hauling company.
For the best in Columbus Ohio Hauling, call Junk King Columbus at 1-800-995-JUNK or Book Online.

Columbus Junk Recycling

Did you know that the average American creates over four pounds of garbage each and every single day? If you were to take all that garbage created in one day by everybody in the country you could fill up 63,000 garbage trucks. That’s certainly a lot of garbage that has to be put somewhere. We all know where it might end up: the landfill.

Landfills are a major dumping site for all our junk but there’s a growing movement right here in Columbus, Ohio called “green junk hauling.” That means a professional junk hauling service can come by your home and collect all of your unwanted junk. But instead of dumping it in a landfill, they’ll take it to one of the many Columbus recycling centers.

You might already be involved with a basic household recycling program involving plastic bottles or papers. This is basically the trash you can sort into your own recycling bin. Then on a weekly basis it is picked up by the municipal garbage trucks. Very easy to do. But what about the big junk that’s cluttering up your home, attic, garage or basement? Things like the old mattresses or broken down appliances or even those computers that have crashed beyond repair. Instead of letting them become an eyesore collecting dust, why not call a Columbus Junk Recycling company to get rid of that junk once and for all in an eco-friendly manner.

Green junk hauling means that a company has identified a wide range of recycling centers that can handle various items. The mattress recycling center isn’t going to be the same place to take your old washing machine. Do you really want to spend the time researching the dozens of potential recycling centers you’ll need to properly dispose of all your junk? Of course not. That’s where an experienced and eco friendly Columbus junk hauling company can come in and make your junk removal project completely hassle-free.

We all want to do right by the planet but sometimes doing right is just out of our zone. You know you shouldn’t just dump that broken down air conditioner by the side of the road. But you also don’t have a clue what you should do with it. Think about the amount of junk around your house right now that would fall into that same category. This isn’t about giving up the perfect Ebay item. This is about getting rid of the junk you’re never going to use again in a responsible manner.

Think of all the space you can open up by hiring a junk hauling service like Junk King Columbus. Think of the valuable lesson you’ll be teaching the kids when they learn how important it is to recycle. And most importantly, think about how you won’t have to lift a finger to do anything; except of course calling or booking online to set up a free estimate.

Columbus Ohio Junk Removal

There are two types of people in the world – tossers or hoarders. The tossers are the folks who have no problem tossing out their unwanted garbage that can accumulate over the years. “Garbage in, garbage out,” is their motto. On the other hand, you have the hoarders who can’t seem to throw anything away. If you’re like most people, you are probably somewhere between those two types.

If you live in the Columbus Ohio area and have way too much unwanted clutter around your home or business, you should consider enlisting the help of Junk King Columbus.  With our professional help you’ll be able to finally get rid of all that useless junk you know you shouldn’t be hanging on to.

It’s easy in our hectic lives to put things aside both literally and figuratively. This could mean an unwanted collection of old furniture, kitchen appliances or the remnants of left-over remodeling projects. Unless you have a large, sturdy truck, chances are that you’ve kept all that old junk because you just didn’t have any options to get rid of it all. Now you have the option of calling on a Columbus junk removal company to efficiently move your “collection” out of your home.

Whether this is a long overdue New Years resolution or part of your summer clean up project, bringing in a professional junk removal crew will make all the difference in getting the job done. And it doesn’t just have to be those large items you’ve got stuffed in the corner of your basement or garage. Junk removal means any junk. This is your chance to clear out the clutter without the hassle of dragging it off to landfill. This clutter could mean all those boxes of useless papers and magazines or anything else that is just plain broke beyond repair.

And don’t think junk removal is limited to mere garbage. You can bring in Junk King Columbus to haul away yard waste such as fallen tree limbs or dead shrubs. And if you’re going to take a sledge hammer to your cracked driveway, you’re going to need to get rid of all the broken cement. Let a junk removal company do all the heavy lifting.

If you are concerned about where you junk might end up don’t hesitate to go green with Junk King Columbus. Any good Junk Removal company has built up a relationship with the numerous recycling centers located around the Columbus Ohio area. This means your junk can actually be turned around and sent back into the world as recycled goods.

Junk King Columbus is just a short phone call away at 1-800-995-JUNK, or you’ll be able to get a free estimate by scheduling an online appointment.   Think of it this way: there was a time when you didn’t have that junk. Remember the extra space you had? It’s time to reclaim your kingdom.

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