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Getting Ready For Your Chico Guests – Clear the Clutter

Are you opening up your home for guests this holiday season? If so, then it’s time to clear the clutter. That is the number one way you’ll make your guests feel welcomed. Most guest rooms become a kind of dumping ground throughout the year. This is where all the old toys, clothes, books and other discarded stuff ends up. Before you know it, you can’t even see the bed under all that stuff! Hiring Junk King to help clear the clutter will get that guest room whipped into shape in no time.


As soon as all that junk is gone, you can set up the room like a little hotel suite. There are plenty of sample size shampoos, soaps and other bathroom items you can pick up and place in the guest bathroom. Fresh flowers and scented candles are also nice touches to add to the guest room. Of course, you might not get the guest to leave!

Beyond clearing the clutter from the guest room, you’ll also want to get help from Junk King in the rest of your house. Sooner or later, that guest is going to want a tour of your place. Do you really want to keep some rooms “off limits” because they are crowded with junk? Junk King can help get rid of all that unwanted stuff in a single junk removal appointment.

Before the Junk King teams shows up, go through your stuff and decide what you want to keep and what you want to toss out. That list can change between the initial call and the arrival of the team. It always does! Your final estimate for the fee won’t happen until the crew is able to size up all the stuff in person. That is the only way for them to decide how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. When you agree to that price, the work can begin. In a matter of minutes, all your junk will be loaded up and hauled away.

As the Junk King truck pulls away, you’ll be able to get back to your holiday planning but the Junk King crew is hardly done for the day. They still have some sorting to do to decide which of your items can be recycled or donated. Helping you clear the clutter and protecting the environment is all part of the total Junk King package.

The Junk Removal Glossary: Free On Site Estimate in Chico

Free On Site Estimatenoun – an approximate calculation of the junk removal fee delivered after an in person assessment for no additional charge.

There are many volunteers dedicated to cleaning up California neighborhoods and beaches. These groups meet throughout the year, usually on a Saturday morning and freely donate their time to beautify these areas. The hope is that someday these cleanup efforts won’t be needed because everyone is being responsible with their garbage. As noble as these efforts are, they aren’t much help when it comes to clearing out your own clutter. Yes, it would be nice to have volunteers to do the job. However, the next best thing would be to hire a team of professional junk haulers from Junk King. Once they provide you with your free on site estimate, you’ll see how affordable it is to get rid of all your junk in a single appointment.


It is very difficult for Junk King to provide you with an estimate fee before visiting your property. Supposed you hire Junk King to haul away an old air conditioner. That is surely something you can’t toss out with the trash. It’s also an item that needs at least two people to carry. You call up and make the appointment. However, between the time of that call and the actual appointment, you could consider what else you can get rid of. After all, if you have two capable movers and a big truck at your disposal, you can clear away a lot of rubbish. By the time the crew shows up, that single item pickup has grown to several dozen items. Would it be fair to still pay an estimate for a single item pickup? It also wouldn’t be fair if the crew shows up and changes the price on you. That is why the free on site estimate is so important.

Junk King is going to base that estimate on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume. Once they present you with that estimate and you agree to the fee, it will be locked down. There won’t be any surprise charges at the end of the job like extra labor costs or dumping fees. You’re going to be very happy with Junk King’s free on site estimate for your junk removal chore.

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