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How Junk King Makes Rubbish Removal Easy

What is standing in the way of you having a completely junk free home? It might be that you have a few objects that simply can’t be tossed out into the trash. Even one old sofa or futon can be a real eyesore once you determine you’d like to get rid of it. Thankfully, there is an easy way to take care of this kind of rubbish. That would be turning the job over to the team from Junk King Chico. These are the professional junk haulers who will make any kind of rubbish removal from your home look easy. That is because for Junk King it is easy!

Choose Your Rubbish

Before you set up your session with Junk King, you should go through the home and choose the rubbish that you want cleared out. A rubbish item doesn’t have to be something that is completely dilapidated. It can be a sofa that you want to replace, or some clothing from the closet that has been outgrown. It can also be any type of pot, pan or dishes that you no longer need. Once you determine something is needed in your it does become a kind of rubbish at least to you. With Junk King on the job, those items might be able to find their way to being used again. That is because Junk King will happily make drop-offs at local charities of all those items that can be reused. This is work that happens automatically. You don’t even have to set those items aside. The Junk King crews will know exactly what to sort.

Junk King also makes scheduling easy. All you need to do is pick a two-hour window and a day that works best for your time. The Junk King crew will text you throughout the day to let you know their progress. Chances are they will show up early!

Getting rid of your old rubbish has never been easier. Just turn the job over to the team from Junk King Chico today.

The Smart Way To Get Rid Of An Old Microwave

A microwave is one of those inventions that occurred by accident. While working in a lab with radar waves, a scientist had a chocolate bar in his pocket melted. This inspired him to find ways to direct that energy in a contained space. That is how the microwave was invented. Today microwaves can be found in nearly every kitchen country. As convenient as these appliances are they won’t last forever. When the day comes that your microwave breaks or becomes damaged, it makes much sense to replace it rather than repair it. It also makes more sense to call in the team from Junk King Chico to handle the disposal of that old microwave.

Two On the Crew

The standard Junk King a crew consists of two professional movers. This is a team that has been licensed and insured. That might seem like a bit much just to remove an old microwave but it is standard for Junk King. The reason for that is that clients often add to their removal list. Your primary goal might be to have the old microwave disposed of in a responsible manner. However, you might also have a few more items that you would like to get rid of from your home. The Junk King team won’t have a problem carrying out old furniture, clothing, books, and other household goods. They will be room on the Junk King truck for everything!

How everything gets packed on the back of the truck lost determine what your final price will be. Junk King always has a flat rate based on volume and not weight. You would never be charge by the pound by Junk King. That makes this a very fair and competitive approach for this type of helpful service.

The smart way to get rid of an old microwave and the rest of your unwanted stuff is to give it all to Junk King Chico. Book your removal session today.

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