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Monthly Archives:

Chico Dirt Removal and Hauling

There was a time, not too long ago, when it cost a Chico resident $1,500 for a chicken. Actually, that was for a live chicken as in a chicken you would keep in your backyard. A while back, a  couple had two chickens that a neighbor complained about. When it was discovered that they didn’t have permits it was going to cost them a whopping $3,000 to keep their cluckers. They took this issue all the way to the Chico city council which held a raucous town hall meeting. Pro and anti backyard chicken groups were out in full force. Before voting on a measure to strike down the permit fees, one of the council members had to recues himself from casting a vote. Turns out they had backyard chickens without a permit. When the gavel came down, those huge permits fees were discontinued and the chickens were allowed to roam free, albeit free in a backyard. Would you like to raise chickens in your backyards?

Actually, it’s not as complicated as you might think and when you consider all the fresh and free eggs you might be on the receiving end of it a pretty good deal. Naturally, you’ll have to take some precautions. The raise backyard chickens, you should have a chicken coop. Thanks to the growing popularity of backyard farms, these coops are readily available all over the internet. Sure, you can build your own but why not buy a kit like you would for a doghouse? So much easier. To get ready for your henhouse you might have to make way by digging out dirt. The same can be said if you’ve been thinking about planting a backyard garden; you’ve got to make room. Don’t let something like a pile of dirt or mound of sod stand in your way from growing organic goodies. Let Junk King Gold Country worry about your dirt and you focus on the garden.

Junk King is a local Chico company that makes junk removal their number one priority. If “junk” is anything you don’t want anymore that has to be thrown out then “dirt” would apply. Although the Junk King crew takes great pride in their work that doesn’t mean their truck will be in pristine condition. In other words, yes, it will be dirty! But that’s perfect for what you need.

Hauling away dirt is not the only thing the Junk King crew can handle for you. After loading up your excess dirt, they can also toss a lot more onto the truck. Are you ready to get rid of old furniture, appliances, sporting equipment, mattresses or a television? That can all fit on the back of a Junk King truck! Give them a call today and you could be planting or raising chickens by the weekend!

Chico Patio Furniture Disposal

What kind of shape is your patio furniture in? Maybe you have a patio and don’t have any furniture! That would be a shame considering how much relaxation can be had by spending a cool evening outdoors either sipping a nice glass of wine or grilling up some barbecue for dinner. It might be that you avoid your patio because your current set of furniture is less than desirable. If that’s the case then clearly should be thinking about investing in new patio furniture.

As you go shopping you’ll have for main types of furniture to choose from: wood, metal, wicker or resin. Each has their advantages and disadvantages but ultimately comes down to a matter of personal preference. In other words what will look best your patio?

Wood patio furniture is great for that natural vibe. This works best in a backyard that surrounded by lush greenery. The best type of wood patio furniture is made from center cut lumber that offers the most consistent grain. You also need to look for furniture to be built with zinc plated or stainless steel screws. Cedar and pine are light-colored softwoods that age to a type of silvery gray color unless you paint them are sealed that. Both of these types of woods are pressure-treated to last for years outdoors. Of course this is going to make them a bit more expensive.

In the metal category for patio furniture you’ll find a lot of varieties that are not only durable but also comfortable. As with any other type of patio furniture your metal chairs might need cushions for added comfort. Just be leery of buying a cushion of white fabric especially if you’re in an area where dirt could build up. Most metal patio furniture comes in black, white or green. They should also all have a finish which will protect the furniture from rust. Aluminum is part of the metal family and is very lightweight which makes it easy to move around or stack. There is even something referred to as retro metal which are sand back chairs that you might expect to find on the set of “Mad Men” and can give your patio a fun kitschy look.

As for wicker patio furniture this is best used in covered areas as it does not take to direct sunlight or rain very well. There are some types of wicker that are considered all-weather but these might not have that classic look you’re striving for. Finally there are some very nice pieces made from resin which are also extremely light weight and durable. They’re probably also the most inexpensive form of patio furniture.

Once you’ve settled on the type of patio furniture you’ll be getting it will be time to remove the old stuff. That’s where a call to Junk King Gold Country will be a big benefit. A Junk King crew will be able to remove your old furniture along with any other type of junk to get rid of in a single trip. Time it right and you can be out with the old and in with the new in a single day!

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