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Monthly Archives:

Consider A Junk Removal Session With Junk King For Father’s Day

Are you thinking ahead to Father’s Day? This is dad’s day were he gets to “call the shots.” For most dads, they would just appreciate spending time with the family without the need to work on the household “to-do” list. It always turns out that even on dad’s day off from work there is still repairs to make around the house. That’s what makes dads so great. You can take that concept of giving dad a “day off” even further with a junk removal session from Junk King Chico. That can take care of a big chore for dad.

Nothing Left Behind

Every house has at least five or six big things that need to be hauled away. What prevents them from getting hauled away is a lack of resources. It would take two strong movers to bring a mattress down from upstairs. It would also require a large truck to haul off that old sectional sofa. And if you’re getting rid of electronics, then that might require a long drive around town to find the right drop off site. When dad has to take care of all of all of that, it no wonder things can be “stuck” in the house. That’s a big job. The simple solution is to hire Junk King who will provide the moving crew, the truck and the time dedicated to the disposal. When Junk King is on the job, no piece of unwanted stuff will be left behind.

Schedule Today

Even though dad might have rubbish removal on the list, it doesn’t have to be around when Junk King does its thing. If you know exactly what needs to be cleared out, then you can call Junk King today and set up a session. They might be able to swing by in a couple of hours to get it all picked up. That means when dad gets home from work, all the rubbish will be gone. Mission accomplished.

Make this Father’s Day truly special by hiring Junk King Chico to help dad with the junk removal chore.

Make Your Chico Staycation Junk Free

When planning a family vacation cost is always a major factor. The summer is the height of vacation travel time and that means prices for hotels, car rentals and airfares will always go up. You could literally spend almost twice as much on a single week of vacation as you would with an entire month of living at home. That is why the idea of a staycation is very appealing. It will let you have the same level of vacation fun that you would buy traveling but without all the huge costs. You just have to be proactive with your staycation choices. Put together a list of all the things you always wanted to do around the Chico area and set your mind to the task of enjoying those local destinations and eateries. If you are staying home, then you should make the place as comfortable as possible. That begins with getting rid of all the excess junk in the house and yards. That’s a job well suited for Junk King Chico.

A Big Help

A major reason for hiring Junk King is that they’re going to provide a big help with getting rid of the things that are challenging for you to move around on your own. Even if you can get help lifting and also for the house that doesn’t mean you have a truck to put it onto. It also doesn’t mean you have the hours you can devote to driving to a disposal facility. All of that lifting and loading and transportation is taken care of by the team from junk. This means any bulky item that you’ve been eager to get rid of can finally be removed from your home.

Keep in mind, that it doesn’t just have to be furniture or appliances. The team from Junk King can also take down a backyard swing set or remove and unused hot tub. That will certainly improve your backyard oasis!

Quick Removal

Along with all the help the Junk King is can provide getting rid of the big stuff from your property they are also going to move fast. The session that you set up will probably take less than an hour to complete. That is something that can also be taken care of the same day that you call in for an appointment. Yes, as you read this post you could literally just be hours away from getting rid of all your junk.

You’ll enjoy your staycation a lot more when your home is clear of junk. Put Junk King Chico on the task today.

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