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Make Your Home Improvement A Smart Investment

The moment you buy a car, you’ll be pouring money into that ride. Along with the gas and insurance, there is all the regular maintenance you need to pay for to keep it running. If something breaks down, then you’re looking at additional expenses. The same things happen when you buy a home. You’re going to plunk down a huge down payment but the money doesn’t stop there. On any given week there are always minor repairs to make. What about home improvement projects? Those are another kind of investment you make in your home. The hope is that the projects will increase your home’s value and make your living environment more comfortable. You can accomplish both if you make smart choices. Here’s what to think about:


Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen is really the center of the home. This where the family’s days are planned out and where all the meals come from. The more people in the house, the greater the need for a bigger kitchen. What would you like in your dream kitchen? Stone countertops, center island, professional cooktop are all features that can make that space a fun place to work in. They are also the kind of renovations that add the most value.

Bathroom Remodel

Next to kitchen makeovers, a bathroom remodel are at the top of the list of decent return on home improvement investment. Unlike a kitchen where you could knock down a wall, you might be limited with the amount of space you have in the bathroom. A smart option might be to remove the tub all together and install a nice walk-in shower. Just think about how many baths you take vs. showers? Replacing a sink and fixtures is also a good upgrade. You get into budget trouble when you decide to move plumbing around. As long as you keep the pipes where they are, you’ll be in good shape financially.


One of the things that is constantly evolving at a home is the landscaping. The investment you make in a yard makeover can reap positive returns especially if you extend the living space of your home onto a deck or patio. Once you’ve created new walkways and garden, it is just a matter of upkeep to have them well maintained.

Your next home improvement project should always begin with decluttering. Before you do any demolition, you should get rid of all the things that are taking up valuable storage space. This is where a call to Junk King Chico can make a big difference. They’ll dispatch a team of movers and truck that can handle just about any type of clutter removal you through at them. Hiring Junk King Chico to remove all the rubbish from your home is a smart investment.

Take The Hassle Out Of Clearing Junk

It is very easy to get stuff into your home. You can click away at all kinds of online shopping sites and within days have just about anything delivered right to your doorstep. That includes furniture, mattresses, televisions and even a pool table. The challenge occurs when you want to get those big items taken out of your house. That’s when the weekly garbage collectors turn a blind eye. Yes, they might allow a once a year bulky item pick up but that requires you to bring whatever you want to get rid of down to the curb. Sometimes that isn’t practically. Is there a way of clearing junk without a hassle? There is when you give that job to Junk King Chico.


The first thing Junk King is going to provide to you is a team of movers. Right out of the gate, things just got easier. These movers are experts at carrying bulky items down stairs, through hallways and out front doors. If the thing won’t fit, then they’ll take it apart. All of this means that just about anything short of hazardous material can be carried out by the Junk King crew.

Junk King also provides you with easy scheduling. Most appointments are completed the day after you make that first call. Often Junk King will move even faster by providing a same-day pickup. That depends on when you call, where the crews are and if you’re ready.

All the garbage that is collected by the city ends up in a landfill. That is the “path of least resistance” for the city. With Junk King on the job, the “path of least resistance” is to avoid the landfill. They would much rather drop what they collect off at a charitable organization or a recycling center. When Junk King promotes itself as a green company, they mean it.

Think of how much better things will be around the house once you get rid of your unwanted furniture, appliances and electronics. You’ll open up a lot more storage and might even be able to convert an entire room into a new purpose. Clearing junk is simple and hassle-free when Junk King Chico is on the job.

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