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Monthly Archives:

Chico Appliance Disposal

The Better Business Bureau has been tasked with the mission to make sure that every licensed business in the country adheres to a certain level of standards when it comes to dealing with customers. This agency takes in a lot of customer complaints about businesses both large and small and helps consumers get satisfaction when warranted. As an offshoot to this idea there are other government agencies that offer recommendations for all kinds of services including places where you can dispose of your appliances.

In the Chico, CA area there are just two certified appliance recycling facilities approved by the government. These are no doubt very reputable businesses that do a fine job with appliance disposal and recycling. The catch is that you need to work with their schedule as opposed to the other way around. It’s this lack of convenience that might have stopped you from getting rid of your big appliances in the first place.

Usually a big item like an old refrigerator or stove that you’re getting rid of ends up being shoved out to the back porch or into the garage because that’s as far as you can take it. It’s hard to imagine seeing a refrigerator shoved into the back of the family SUV and hauled off to one of those government approved dump sites. Instead you find some corner on your property for that appliance spend out the rest of its days. What happens next is easy to guess: it’s just going to get covered in rust. That in turn could lead to potential hazardous situation.

Bottom line is that you have to get rid of this appliance. This goes back to the idea of those recycling centers. Just because they’re operating doesn’t mean it any easier for you to get those appliances over there. Your best bet is to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Gold Country to handle the task for you.

These professional junk haulers are just like the same type of delivery men who brought that appliance into your home when it was brand-new. In other words, they know how to lift heavy objects. You can also take full advantage of these junk haulers to clear way all sorts of other clutter that’s taking up space in your living environment. Maybe there’s an old car fender next to the refrigerator that should be tossed out. Perhaps there is a warped dining room table next to the rusty stove that is meant for the trash heap. Basically this is a golden opportunity to finally clear all of that junk out of your life once and for all.

Hiring a Junk King Gold Country’s professional team of junk haulers means they’ll be working on your schedule. If the only time you’re available would be on the weekend or in the evening then that’s exactly when the junk haulers can come by. It’s a pretty safe bet that your old appliances will end up at those government approved facilities. The only difference is you won’t have to do any of the work!

Chico, California Foreclosure Clean Out

There is a proverbial “green shoot” with regards to financial news in the state of California. That would be in the fact that foreclosures have continued to drop throughout the region. In the Chico area foreclosures decreased during the month of December by around 2%. This makes the Chico foreclosure rates lower than the national average. That’s certainly good news for many residents who have found a way to stay in their homes even in these troubled economic times. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is out of the woods. There are still plenty of foreclosed properties waiting to be scooped up by savvy real estate investors.

There is a type of real estate investor that will swoop into community and buy properties almost at random. They don’t really care about the neighborhood as much as they care about getting a hold of properties much like you would in playing a game of Monopoly. They would then either flip those homes or use them as rental properties. Often these types of investors are buying up several properties at once. This can be accomplished with deep pockets at a foreclosure auction.

When a bank forecloses on a property they will do everything within their power to get rid of that asset as quickly as possible because it’s a drag on their own financial well-being. If that foreclosed home isn’t sold quickly it will be put up for auction along with many other properties. There’s a certain amount of skill involved in being successful at an auction. If you’re thinking about buying a foreclosed property you might be in a better position to research that property outside of the auction experience so that you can gain a better perspective of just what you’re buying into.

While it is true that first impressions matter they can also be deceiving. This might be the case when you are stepping inside a potential foreclosed home. As far as the bank is concerned you’re going to be buying this home for the price they state and in whatever condition it happens to be in at that moment. They don’t really care who buys it as long as it gets sold. When you open the door that foreclosed home for your first tour you could become overwhelmed at all the garbage and junk that has been left behind by the previous occupant. It could be that the occupant had to vacate the premises in a hurry and didn’t have a chance take everything with them. It’s a more likely scenario that the stuff left behind are those things they don’t even care about. In other words it’s all garbage.

As with any type of garbage that junk can be easily removed. When you need bulk items taken away from a foreclosed property then you should be hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King Gold Country who are well versed in this type of project. There are some people who would get turned off by junk left behind and think that the home is really a trash heap. They would be missing out on big opportunity especially when you consider how easy it is to clean out a foreclosed home with professional junk haulers!

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