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Chico, CA Refrigerator Buying & Disposal Guide

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator it probably means that you’re shopping for this type of appliance for the first time in several years. A good refrigerator should be able to last anywhere between 5 to 8 years with proper upkeep. A lot has changed in the refrigerator market since the last time you went shopping for one.

One of the first thing you might notice is that thanks to the Energy Star program refrigerators now have to be at least 20% more energy-efficient than the minimum standards set by the federal government. In some cases that energy efficiency goes even lower which means you’ll start saving money on your electric bill the moment you plug in your new refrigerator.

Shopping for a new refrigerator will have you looking through various types and model designs. The most common are the top freezer refrigerators. The average width of these types of fridges ranges between 30 to 33 inches with a storage capacity of around 22 cubic feet. These models do offer the most storage for this size. Its wide shelves allow for easy reach into the back and they are the most affordable. The bottom freezer refrigerators literally flip this design model. The big plus with this type of refrigerator is that it puts the food that you most often use at eye level. These models also come with a French door configuration and can also have a freezer drawer between the fridge and freezer compartments.

A side-by-side refrigerator splits the unit down a vertical line with the freezer on one side and regular food storage on the other. A big plus with this type of design is that you can get built-in ice and water dispenser. One drawback however is that the freezer side is often a tight squeeze for something like a frozen pizza.

If you are remodeling your kitchen from top to bottom you might consider a built-in refrigerator or cabinet depth refrigerator. These are models that fit snuggly right within your cabinet wall. The size of the refrigerator you’ll purchase will depend on the opening you make for it in your kitchen. In other words, these types of refrigerators are going to fit snug into your cabinet wall with very little space on either side. There are even some new models of kitchens which have refrigerator drawers as opposed to a standup unit but these are very limiting in storage capacity.

As you settle on your new pick for a fridge you need to make arrangements to have your old model disposed of. This can be accomplished when you hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Gold Country, who have the right amount of manpower and truck space to handle this task. These same Gold Country junk hauling pros can also get rid of any other bulky items you might be hanging onto that you’re ready to toss out. You should be able to coordinate the schedule to have your old refrigerator removed hours before the new one arrives. Just make sure you have a cooler handy to keep your food safe during the transition.

Chico Old TV Disposal & Buying Options

Are you in the market for a new TV? If so you’re going to have a lot of options to pick from. It was just a couple of years ago when high end television sets such as plasma or flat screens were too expensive a proposition for most people to enjoy. Those days are gone as the competitive marketplace has driven prices down. Not only can you find a great bargain on a high-end TV but you might just be surprised at all the other bells and whistles that come along with that premium television set.

What you’ll first have to choose is the type of display you want for your new television. Your basic choices are plasma or LCD. The plasma TVs are classified as emissive displays because the panel is actually self lighting. From the technical standpoint the plasma causes the pixels of a television picture to glow which creates the TV image. On the other hand, LCD TVs are referred to as transmissive because the light is created by a separate source or bulb that shines through the display. Both the plasma and an LCD TV will typically be a flat screen meeting they will be as fit as a painting hung on a wall their frame.

While LCD or plasma are your options for display you also have options on which type of signal you’ll receive whether that is standard digital or high definition. Right now all TV signals are delivered digitally. How your TV set interprets that signal will mean the difference between standard or high definition. It all comes down to a matter of how many lines of picture your TV will have. If you could look at your television microscopically you might discover that on a standard television there are 480 horizontal lines while a high definition TV could have as much as 1080 horizontal lines. Obviously the more lines of picture the more detailed picture clarity you’ll have.

Because of these digital signals you also have the opportunity to have picture in picture display which allows you to watch two programs at once on the same screen. Widescreen TVs have a larger aspect ratio then a standard TV which makes watching movies playback on Blu-ray or DVD much closer to an actual theater experience. You’ll also want to be on the lookout for the plug-in capabilities of your new TV. The best option for receiving a signal either through a Blu-Ray player or your digital receiver is through HDMI hookups. This will give you the sharpest picture possible but not every television has those plug-ins.

While you are considering all the possibilities for new television set don’t forget you need to get rid of that old one first. This is not something you’ll be able to chuck out with the rest of the garbage. A television set is considered electronic waste it has to be disposed of properly. This is when you might have to call in a professional hauling team like Junk King Gold Country to take away your old TV set. While they’re at it they can also get rid of a lot more junk that you might have lying around the home that is also too big for the garbage can. As long as you’re getting a new TV you might also want a new sofa! Get rid of all that junk in one trip and make room for the new box!

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