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Junk Removal for Chico Realtors

The state of California’s economy is as large as some small county’s entire economy. That’s why when the nation takes a hit, we’re sure to feel the impact even more severely. Of course, the reverse is also true. When there are signs of an economic comeback, California often leads the charge. Take for instance the foreclosure rates. Here in California those numbers were at an all time five year low between July and September. That means that the housing market is coming back in a big way.

“We started out a few years ago with over 400 homes and now we are at the 250K range of homes available for purchase. So that really drives the sale price up,” Real Estate Agent Lisa Bristow said to a local interviewer.

Drilling down into the numbers finds that Chico real estate agents have been seen a positive uptick in their business lately. That’s because they’ve sold about 150 more homes in the Chico area this year, compared with the same time last year. Overall there are fewer homes on the market which is not only driving prices up but also forcing realtors to be even more competitive. This is when they have to use their imagination to see all the possibilities of a potential property.

Realtors already know the benefit of staging a home but before it can even get to that phase, that same home might need a major cleanup. In extreme cases, a home on the market could be in wonderful condition but it’s the home next door that really needs the cleanup. With a small investment, a real estate agent can partner up with Junk King Gold Country to clean up any property and return it to its previous saleable condition.

Junk King is often hired by homeowners for “selective”  junk removal. This means those residents have a few oversized items they are eager to get rid of. That could be anything from old sofas to patio furniture to a hot tub. Usually there are a few other odds and ends tossed onto the Junk King to go along with the big item. However, with a real estate cleanup, Junk King can be given the simple instructions to “take it all away.” That’s a job they are happy to comply with. In many ways it’s a lot easier not to be selective with junk!

Not only can a Junk King Gold country crew clean up the interior of a home but they can also make sure all the debris is removed from the yards. This is where you can offer the help of Junk King for those neighborhood properties that might have some “eyesores” piled up on the lawns. You don’t want anything to distract from your sale and offering to clean up someone’s yard without them lifting a finger might be too good to pass up. Let Junk King be your new partner to take your real estate business to the next level of success!

Chico Air Conditioner Disposal

An air conditioner is a lot like a piano: Once you get it you’re almost always stuck with it. This is because the typical AC is such a bulky and heavy item it’s hard to move around let alone throw away in the garbage. There was a time not too long ago when televisions were heavy objects too but that has all changed thanks to modern design improvements. No such luck with the air conditioner. It’s always going to weight a ton and you’ll always need two people to get it in and out of a window. So, what to do if you want to get rid of your old clunky AC?  Simple: call Junk King Gold Country.

Junk King’s goal is to help you get rid of the stuff you can’t throw out in the weekly garbage pickup. Your old air conditioner would certainly qualify. If you were to do a little research you might find that there are plenty of drop-off centers that can insure that you’re air conditioner will be properly disposed of. That’s important because there are a lot of elements in an AC that could be deemed hazardous if they are left to “leak out.”

The real problem with those drop-off centers is that you have to do all the work. You need to get someone to help remove the AC from your window, carry it out of your home or apartment and then load it into your car. Hopefully, you have a big enough trunk otherwise you’re in real trouble. With Junk King Gold Country you won’t have to worry about any of that. The Junk King crew will do all the heavy lifting. You just have to point to the window and tell them to “Take it out!”

Along with your AC, this could be the perfect opportunity to get rid of some other bulky items you might be holding onto. Maybe you’ve got an old sofa or mattress in need of disposal. Perhaps it’s something even bigger like a stove or fridge. Once again, Junk King can come to the rescue and make sure those pieces are disposed of properly.

There are many recycling centers around Chico and each one serves a different function. Junk King knows who does what. If they need to make drop-offs at several locations that won’t matter to them. It’s all part of the job and part of the price. You’ll only be charged for the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck not how many stops they have to make or hold long they’ll be in traffic. This makes working with Junk King one of the best bargains in Chico. What do you have to get rid of? Call Junk King and say goodbye to your junk today!

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