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Monthly Archives:

Chico Christmas Tree and Holiday Junk Removal

A local Chico business got into the Christmas spirit by helping a group of Trappist Monks restore their beloved abbey and its all thanks to beer. The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company of Chico helped raise millions of dollars for the rebuilding effort. All of this goes back to the 1930s when William Randolph Hearst transported a former Trappist monastery all the way from Spain, brick by brick. He was going to build himself a fancy swimming pool but that plan got scrapped and Hearst donated the stones to the city of San Francisco. Those stones sat in Golden Gate Park for over 60 years until a local chapter of the same Trappist order decided to take on the project. Sierra Brewing stepped up and the monks we able to complete the first building of the reconstruction in time for the holidays. It just shows you want a local business can do to help out.

Another local business that is helping out with the holidays is Junk King Gold Country. Of course, Junk King is really helping with all the post-holidays work as in cleaning up after Christmas. This is where the Junk King crews are making their way around Chico to help local residents with all kinds of cleanup efforts from Christmas tree removal to carting off all the bags of holiday wrappings and boxes. There’s also a long list of items Junk King has picked up that have been replaced thanks to Santa and his elves dropping off new versions of things. Items like old bikes, furniture, appliances and e-waste are all perfect examples of what has been swapped out during the holidays. Instead of hanging onto the old items why not get rid of them? If you define “junk” as something that is no longer used then Junk King should be hauling it away.

The way Junk King Gold Country works is simple: You call them for a estimate. Depending on the nature of the job, a supervisor will pay you a visit to assess the volume of what you’ll be getting rid of. This is important because it’s how you’ll be charged: the amount of space your junk will take up on the truck will determine the fee. Once you agree upon the fee you’ll schedule the actual removal appointment. On that day, the Junk King crew will arrive at your home (on time!) and carry out the assignment. They’ll also be carrying out all of your junk! You won’t have to lift anything. If you’ve got piles of holiday debris or any other type of oversized item to get rid of that Junk King Gold country is really the only way to go!

Furniture Donations Pickup in Chico

Do you know where your garbage ends up? Usually by the time some piece of trash is tossed out in a garbage can or dumpster you’ve stopped thinking about it. If you did give it a second thought you might think that it merely ends up in a landfill or recycling center. Hopefully, with the landfill option it will be a place that is certified for dumping and carefully monitored.

Throwing out trash brings up the axiom “Out of sight and out of mind.” There really is no reason why you should think about your trash again. But what about bigger items like furniture? What happens to those kinds of things when they are tossed out? The answer to that question might just depend on who is doing the tossing. With Junk King it might just turn out that your old furniture is given a second life. That’s because Junk King of Gold Country works with local charities to accept donations from their pickups.

Once you’ve deemed something as junk all you should focus on is finding the easiest method for getting rid of that thing. Junk King takes the hassle out of this type of project by providing you with a strong two-man crew and big empty truck to fill up. If an item is still in decent condition, Junk King Gold Country will make sure it is dropped off at a charity reclamation center. Here workers can spend a little time to refurbish that item and get it ready for use. It can then be sold at a fraction of the cost with proceeds going back to that charity or simply donated to organizations who give out furniture to those in need. Isn’t that better than your old sofa rotting away in a dump? It is certainly better than having that sofa rot away in your garage!

Remember that you don’t just have to call on Junk King to get rid of furniture. They can handle all types of junk removal. If it’s something that is heavy, the Junk King crew can pick it up. Things like kitchen appliances, bedroom sets, auto parts, or old lawn mowers are all the kinds of things you want to get rid of but just don’t have the means to do so. That can all change with Junk King on your side. Not only will you be getting rid of your unwanted stuff but you’ll find out that the Junk King pricing structure is extremely competitive and affordable. That’s because Junk King Gold Country charges you by the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck. There won’t be any other types of charges. When you’ve got furniture or any other kind of oversized item, Junk King should be you’re only call.

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