Houston Junk Removal Services – Back To School 2014

Your high school students faced some changes as they headed back to school this year. Top of the list was their need to pick among various certification plans. These included business, arts and public service. Although choosing one of these education paths doesn’t lock them down for a future career, it can certainly help them focus. At the very least, they might discover something they don’t want to pursue. The Houston high school students will also discover healthier snacks in the vending machines and cafeteria lunch lines. They’ll get their daily dose of fruit one way or another!


With your kids entrenched in their new routines, you also have the opportunity to readjust your schedule. Once you’ve got the car pool duties down, you’ll be able to refocus on getting some of those big household projects accomplished. Maybe you’ll be lining up a kitchen remodel. It will be a lot easier with the kids in school to bring in a work crew. At the very least, you’ll have the opportunity to take stock of what you can keep and what you can toss out around your home. In both of those scenarios, Junk King is going to be a big help.

Junk King is the professional junk removal service who provides a two-man crew and huge truck with every appointment. On the remodeling project, you will be creating a lot of demolition and construction waste. That is something that should be cleaned up ASAP. On the day you begin tearing down cabinets, you can schedule Junk King for a late afternoon pickup. They’ll make sure all the debris is removed so your work crews can return to a clean space.

As for clearing out the clutter, you might need to replace furniture in your kids room. There could also be the need to get rid of all the clothes they’ve outgrown. All of those items can be picked up by Junk King and donated to a local charity. Nothing has to go to waste. Best of all, you’ll have a home that is clear of clutter just in time for the upcoming holidays.

What will Junk King charge for this amazing service? You’ll be given an estimate based on volume not weight. It will be how much space your junk will use on the back of the truck. This is an extremely affordable rate that will be locked down. For quality and fair junk removal, Junk King is the only way to go.