Junk King Makes Washing Machine Disposal Easy

Around 40 years ago most washers used up to 40 gallons of water per long recycle. Thanks to improvements in design and efficiency today’s machines use an average of 13 gallons or less for every 8 pound load of laundry. Do you know how much water your machine uses? If it is been several years since you bought your washing machine then chances are the models available today are even more efficient. You could start showing less water usage with your new washing machine. That would make replacing your old washer a smart investment. What you have to consider with regard to replacing that old washing machine is how to dispose of it. That is a task that is easily handled by Junk King Houston.

A Good Deal

You should be able to score a good deal on a washing machine in the coming weeks. It might not be a very popular Christmas gift but most stores are eager to move out the models from 2019 and replace them with 2020 models. You might also find it is affordable to replace the dryer at the same time. It always makes sense to be proactive with these types of decisions so that you aren’t spending a lot of money on repairs and service calls.

When the Junk King team shows up, they will swiftly assess the situation to determine the best route for removing your washer from the home. They want to do this without causing any damage to floors and walls. Even if stairs are involved, the Junk King crew will be able to apply their extensive experience to the removal job to make sure it is done safely and efficiently.

You’ll also get a good deal from junk in terms of pricing. Junk King’s fees are based on how the crew will pack up the truck. If you are just getting rid of the old washer, then it obviously won’t take up a lot of space. But you can add to that truck load with all the other unwanted items you would like to get rid of. You will know what the final fee would be before the work begins. That is a very fair approach for this type of work.

Junk King Houston makes old washing machine disposal easy. Call today to find out just how easy.