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Efficient Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout Starts by Identifying These Hazards

Junk King puts safety at a premium. That’s why our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout services are handled by trained and insured professionals. They want to be sure that no one gets injured while they are hauling away your garage waste just as much as they want everything to be done efficiently.

Our teams take great pride in their work. In fact, they’ve even gone out of their way to make a list of some common safety hazards that can be found in most garages. Over the years they’ve been working for our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout services, these experts have seen these situations crop up again and again.

Bad Wiring
Faulty wiring is one of the most common ways a garage fire starts. The U.S. Fire Administration identifies this as one of the leading causes. They also underline the fact that garage fires are especially dangerous because they quite often go undetected for long periods of time.

Our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout professionals have gone into garages to take away what’s there and found overloaded electrical outlets as well as extension cords that have been improperly used. In fact, if you don’t need to use extension cords it’s best to stay away from them because they can overload your circuits and become frayed over time.

Cluttered Spaces
We’ve gone to some job sites where the garage is so cluttered you can’t even park a car inside. Not only is that inconvenient, it’s also a safety hazard. Keep in mind that junk piled up in the garage can fall over and injure somebody. What’s more, newspapers and cardboard can even fuel any spark and start a fire.

Whenever we see a cluttered garage, we always like to recommend certain storage solutions. Cabinets and storage racks help to keep things off the floor and easily accessible.

Walking Hazards
It’s always a good idea to make sure that you know exactly what’s on the floor of your garage. There are a variety of things that you might not think are hazards like missing chunks of concrete that someone can trip on. If that old car is leaking oil or gasoline, you might have a combustible situation on your hands.

We like to make sure our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout clients understand any potential risks.

Haul Away Junk From Your Houston Home

Are you making room for the Christmas tree? Usually, this will mean shifting some furniture around but that can get to be like a game of Tetris. As you move one chair, the end table has to shift. Pulling that end table out of the way means the sofa gets bumped down several feet. Even if you work it out to fit in the tree you might be left with the conclusion that you’ve got too much stuff. Is it time to “thin out the herd?”

You’ll probably have that same feeling when you go searching for the holiday decorations. Most of us have a section of the garage, basement or attic for the holiday boxes. Sadly, in between Christmases, a lot of other junk can be piled up in front of the holiday boxes. These would be things like old pieces of furniture, boxes of outgrown clothes, papers and sporting equipment that nobody uses. Do you really want to hold onto all of that stuff? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear path to the decorations? You can get there with a little help from Junk King.

If you’ve got junk that needs hauling, then Junk King is the only call you should be making. That’s because with Junk King on the job you’re guaranteed that your junk will be taken away the right way. All the Junk King crews are licensed and insured. That makes them professionals. They’ve also been properly trained in all the right techniques for moving. That matters when you’ve got some heavy objects being carried across your floors and around your walls.

Junk King also knows how valuable your time is. They’ll schedule an appointment that works on your time table. Often Junk King will show up early or can provide same day service. Either way, you’ll be getting status updates from the crew to let you know how far out they are. Once they show up, the crew will be making short work of all the lifting and loading. Most removal appointments last under 30 minutes and even that is too long. That means Junk King will be in and out before you know it. What you will notice is how much cleaner and open your home will look. Some folks have cleared out entire rooms and converted them into a screening room or home office. Maybe you just want a clean space to set up a bed for your holiday guests. Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of junk, stick with Junk King. They’ll show you how easy it is.