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One Great Reason to Haul the Junk Out of Your Houston Home

You don’t have to have a home business to need a home office but you do need to clear out some space. A home office could be a dedicated, quiet place where you pay the bills and catch up on personal emails. Depending on your family situation, there could be a lot of benefit from having a room where you can spend a few moments in peace listening to soothing music and just relaxing. Of course, if you are entertaining the notion of working from home then you absolutely need to haul the junk away to open up the space.

In terms of that space, you need to asses just what you might need in your home office. Obviously, a desk is crucial but will you need room for shelves? A fax machine? Copier? If your home office is going to be a kind of graphic art studio will you need natural light? Once you have your critical needs worked out it will then be time to choose the appropriate space in your home. There might be a limitation on available space. If you have a spare room that has been used for storage or for guests that never visit then this could become your new office. There is even an opportunity to convert a garage into a practical office with very little effort.

So, what kind of junk is filling up your “office space?” Unless a room is being actively used by a member of the family it has a tendency to become the dumping ground for all the oversized items you can’t throw out in the trash. This is where the old sofas, chairs, mattresses, baby furniture and televisions end up. At one point, this spare room could have been the kid’s playroom but now with them grown up or locked in their own bedrooms that playroom can be put to better use. When you’re ready to clear out the clutter then Junk King Houston should be the call you make – 1-800-995-5865.

Junk King is the Houston business that helps homeowners reclaim living space by hauling off all the stuff that has been collected over the years. Best of all, the Junk King crew will be doing all the work. When it comes to the picking up of heavy objects, carrying them out of your home and loading it onto the back of a truck, Junk King has your back. Your only effort will be making that call to Junk King Houston; they’ll take it from there!

Houston Moving and Junk Hauling

For most people in Houston, moving day is something to get through and survive rather than a kind of day you might look forward to like Christmas. A lot of pressure can build up for a moving day. However, if you take an organized and systematic approach to the event, you should be able to come out on the other side reasonable unscathed. The big thing to remember is not to wait until the last minute for packing. Once you’ve settled on a date and have booked your movers, there is no reason why you can’t start packing up right away. Filling up a couple of boxes a day is a great way to knock out all the packing. Just think about all those things you’re not going to be using everyday (books, CDs, DVDS, seasonal clothes, etc.) and begin there.
Another thing to keep in mind when packing is that you shouldn’t reuse a box that has been through several other moves. When boxes start to wear out, you run the risk of them bottoming out. There is also no telling where your packed boxes will be stacked. In other words, you don’t want a “weak”  box holding up all the other boxes. Speaking of boxes; be sure to fill up any box you’re packing to capacity. A box that is under filled is more like to collapse when other boxes are put on top.
The best weight for a single box is around 25 to 30 pounds. It’s important to stay consistent with your box weight especially if you’re calling on friends to help out. A box that weights more than a mover expects it to weigh can lead to strains when picking it up.
You’ll also save a lot of time and stress by making sure your boxes are all labeled properly. These should correspond to the room they will eventually be moved to. Labeling your boxes will also help you find things you might need right away such as “work clothes” or “pots and pans.”
If you are wrapping breakables then you should wrap them all individually in packing material like bubble wrap or newspaper. You can even use your kitchen and bathroom towels to wrap items and end up packing two things at the same time!
As you begin to pack, you’re probably going to be discovering a lot of junk that you really don’t need to take with you to your new Houston home. This would be the perfect opportunity to schedule a pick-up appointment with some professional junk haulers before your move day – Junk King Houston. Being able to get rid of the junk you’ve been hanging onto will allow you to start off in your new home with more space. Since you’ll be sorting through this stuff, it will be easy to form a pile of junk for a pickup. Junk King Houston’s professional junk haulers will be able to cart off any objects large or small. If you don’t like your old sofa than get rid of it the right way!

Houston TV Buying & Disposal Guide

If you are in the market for a new television in Houston, then you need to take into account some facts. First of all, forget everything you think you know about things like HDTV. These would be things like needing a special box to convert a signal or having to sit in a special spot to get the best view. While it is true that HD convertors are needed for some satellite systems, most local cable or digital television hook ups are providing HDTV channels for their customers with already built in receivers. In fact, you might just be getting an HD signal right now and not even know it! All you have to do is call up your provider and ask them what the deal is with HD.
HD is high definition. This means you’re going to get the best picture possible. There was a time when HDTVs could cost upwards of several thousand dollars. While those high end sets still exist, you can find many perfectly fine HDTVs for under $600. Not every TV in your home has to be a big screen affair. You can probably replace that TV in your bedroom with a very affordable HDTV that’s around 24 or 30 inches.
Of course, just because you have a brand new HDTV doesn’t mean everything you want is going to be broadcast in high definition. In fact, most of what you might be watching will be broadcast the “old fashioned” way. Does this mean you should skip HD? Perhaps not because it really is the way of the future. More and more local channels are opting for HD programming. Even major sporting events have gone high definition. There are HD channels being added each day. But now that you’re watching on HD don’t be surprised as being able to see all the flaws of the old transmissions.
Buying a new television is also going to provide you with the opportunity to turn your living room into your own home theatre. This can happen if you go wide screen. What exactly does wide screen mean for your viewing? Again, it’s an issue of a sharper picture. You know something is wide screen on your current TV when you see those black borders at the top and bottom of the screen. Wide screen works best for playing back movies but there is definitely a trend in the world of television to go wide screen with programming. Will you be ready? You will if you go wide screen today!
When thinking about wide screen, you should really go as wide as you can afford. It might seem like there is a big difference between the prices but when you get into the numbers you might find that it’s really just a hundred dollars or so separating a 42 inch screen from a 50 inch screen. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time enjoying your new television, why not splurge and get the best screen in your budget?
Once you land on that new television, you’ll need to make room for it by getting rid of the old set. You can do that by hiring Houston’s TV Hauling crew, Junk King Houston, come by your home and cart off that set. If it seems like an extravagance to hire a crew just to take away one TV it probably is. That’s why you should make the most of this opportunity by getting rid of all your junk while JK Houston is stopping by.

Houston Yard Waste Removal

Many kids have fond memories of growing up in Houston and building a tree fort in their backyard. Typically these were hastily assembled structures using whatever scraps of wood could be found in the neighborhood. There might be an old door nailed together on a pallet from the grocery store and slapped together with the tarp over top. It might look shabby but it was the site of endless hours of summer fun. Of course, since we do everything big in Texas is no reason to expect anything less than from our backyard playhouses. Recently an oil company executive in Houston shelled out $50,000 to build a customized playhouse for their two-year-old daughter. This was no ordinary tree fort!
The playhouse was two stories and 170 square feet with vaulted ceilings and shrunken furnishings. There are hardwood floors, a fake fireplace and a kitchen with hot and cold running water. There’s also a freezer always stocked with juice boxes and Popsicles. Upstairs was a 32 inch flat screen TV and DVD player. Naturally this playhouse was air-conditioned. Although some may see this as extreme others like to think if you’ve got it flaunt it!
If you’ve got a backyard and you want to give your kids the experience of having their own tree fort or other kind of playhouse structure you might need to clear out some brush beforehand. If you go to do that then you’ll want to help of a professional crew of yard waste removal specialists like Junk King Houston. Yes were talking junk haulers and just like those junk haulers can take away your old furniture, mattresses or other unwanted items they can certainly load up their truck with sod, fallen tree limbs and other backyard waste.
If a tree fort is not on your redesign list maybe you’re thinking about putting in a new patio to make room for customized outdoor barbecue. This is going to mean tearing up that old patio which is going to mean piles of concrete chunks. Sound like another job for the yard waste removal team. Many Texans have their own pickup truck that can certainly handle a decent hauling job. The issue is how many trips are you going to have to make with all that backyard waste? Its one thing to spend your Saturday off digging up grass, chopping down trees or tearing up cement, but it’s another to have to start making several trips to local landfill. Would you even know where the landfill is that closest to your home? Chances are it could be way outside of town because nobody wants a landfill in their backyard. Now you’re adding several hours of back and forth trips when you could have it all accomplished with just one trip thanks to the junk haulers and their big truck.
As long as you’re hauling away your backyard trash why not haul away all your garage and basement trash why you’re at it? That same truck that’s full of dirt is the perfect spot for all that clutter stuffed in your closets run your bed. Once you backyard is clean then the sky is the limit. Whether its tree forts or patios enjoy your summer!

Houston Junk Hauling – Out with the Old and In with the New

The end of an era will be coming to Houston this summer. That’s when the NASA space shuttle Atlantis launches from the Kennedy Space Center on its final mission. It’s also the final mission for the entire 30 year space shuttle program. The shuttle Endeavour recently completed its last go round in space for a final tally of 25 flights and 299 days in space. When Atlantis completes its mission, there will be plenty of celebrating in Houston and probably quite a few tears. It truly is the end of an era where Houston played a major role.
Life will go on. In fact, the new buzz about space is how private companies will be taking over the industry. With a little competition we might actually see a lot more rockets taking off and could even find passengers heading into orbit for the thrill ride of their lives. This is what happens when private business steps in to fill the gap when government can’t handle the job. In fact, it is the job creation in the private sector that is going to be of the most benefit to our struggling economy. More jobs in that realm means good news for everybody. That’s why every new business ventures should be welcomed. In Houston, one such new venture has rolled into town and it’s all about junk.
Junk King is a national franchise with successful businesses stretched out all across the country. What they do is simple: They haul junk. You might be scratching your head wondering, “Why does there have to be a business for that?”  Well, consider your own situation. Do you have junk in your home? Nothing wrong with that. In fact, if asked most homeowners would admit to having acquire some amount of junk over their lifetime. It’s only natural. Of course, all those items we bring into our home don’t start out as junk, but over time that’s just what a lot of them transform into.
Take your kitchen appliances. Replace a stove or a fridge and that old item could now be classified as junk. You might hate to let it go so you stick it out on the back porch or in the garage. And there it sits rusting away until two things happen: A) you move and leave it behind or B) you hire Junk King Houston to come in and take it away.
The Junk King crews are professional movers who are experiencing in hauling away all kinds of unwanted stuff from furniture to engine parts to yard waste to remodeling project trash. All you need to do is call 1-888-888-JUNK for an appointment and let them know what you need to get gone. No job is too big or too small for the Junk King Houston. In fact, don’t be surprised if you see a Junk King truck roll up to the Kennedy Space Center later this summer. They might just be hauling away some shuttle stuff!
For the best in Houston Junk Hauling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Houston Junk Removal

A person could spend their entire life in Houston and not even know some of the fun facts that make this city such a gem. First of all, according to the U.S. Census Bureau Houston is the fourth most populous city in the country following New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. It’s also the largest city in the south and in Texas; so take that Dallas! As an official city, Houston was founded way back in 1836 and covers around 8,778 square miles. That’s pretty close to the entire state of Massachusetts.
If Houston was its own country, it would come in at number 30 on the list of the world’s largest economies. What’s interesting about folks in Houston is that they dine out more often than any other city in the country. This translates into over 11,000 restaurants, cafes, bistros and b-b-q joints all across the city. Houston also has a 17 block theater district and is home to all kinds of museums and cultural centers. And let’s not forget about the colleges. There are 40 colleges and universities around Houston that offer a wide range of possible higher education options. Let’s face it; Houston has a lot going on.
Naturally, with all of this action and people there is going to be a lot of junk accumulated. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s part of human nature to collect things we end up throwing out. Some might call this being thrifty while others call it being a pack rat. Whatever designation you embrace, you probably aren’t alone when it comes to having piles of stuff that you could do without. When you’re ready to clear out the clutter, there is a new Houston business that will be standing by to help: Junk King Houston.
As you can guess by their title, Junk King is a leader in the junk removal business. They are a national franchise dedicated to helping folks reclaim all those attics, backyards, garages and closets from all the junk they’ve collected over the years. You might not think you have enough junk to hire a team of professional haulers. That only means you’re not thinking hard enough! Start with some old furniture you might want to get rid of. You can’t throw out a ratty sofa into the garbage, right? That needs to be hauled away. Now, add to that all those boxes of papers and magazines that you don’t have to hold onto any more. Go through your garage. Are there spare auto parts, rusted fenders or tires just sitting there collecting dust? What about the backyard? Do you have piles of wood scraps, fallen tree limbs or scrub brush? All of those items can be loaded up onto the Junk King Houston truck and taken away. And just think that long list started with one sofa!
Junk King Houston crews are fully licensed and insured. This means you’ll be inviting a team of professional haulers into your Houston home and you won’t have to worry about anything other than what you’re going to do with all that empty space!

For the best in Houston Junk Removal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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