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Concrete Removal Services At Your Finger Tips

Doing major renovations around the home or are you in the construction business? If so then chances are you may have lots of debris and concrete lying around. Debris or concrete removal services will help you get rid of unwanted materials. This can be an unattractive sight and sometimes become a nuisance taking up unnecessary space on sites or around homes.

If you are in such a pickle then you are advised to retain the services of a professional waste removal company.  You’ll be amazed at how thee services help you keep your surrounding tidy and hazard free.

Concrete Removal The Masters in Concrete Removal

Junk King Sonoma’s professional concrete removal service is a cheaper alternative when compared to other concrete removal and landfill removalists. Even though most people are accustomed to having unwanted concrete removed there is another option that has proven to be quite profitable when utilized. This alternative refers to the recycling of concrete.

This is a relatively simple process that involves breaking, removing and crushing concrete from an existing structure or area into particles of a specified size which is then reused in several ways.Most of the time recycled concrete is used as an aggregate in a sub-base layer but regardless of how it is used recycling concrete can result in considerable savings.

Transporting concrete to a landfill can cost as much as $0.25 per ton/mile and up to $100 per ton to dispose. Considering these figures in tough economical times like these recycling concrete does make economical sense. More advanced techniques and equipment has allowed recycling concrete to be managed more efficiently and these include:

  • Improvement and development of equipment for breaking concrete pavements.
  • Development of methods to remove steel that minimizes hand labor.
  • Use and application of crushing equipment that can accommodate steel reinforcement.

It has never been easier or more profitable to remove or recycle unwanted concrete when necessary and using the services of a professional waste removal service can help people to save time, energy and money compared to individual mining and transport services not to mention landfill costs.

Since there are no restrictions on the different forms of concrete that can be removed, this service can facilitate the removal of concrete from almost anywhere not only construction sites or residences. So if you have unwanted concrete and don’t know how to handle it call in the professionals and have it removed hassle free or better yet recycle it and use it for another project.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Construction Waste Removalists

The illegal and improper disposal of waste and junk has become a growing concern in many major cities across the country posing serious threat to health and the environment. Improper waste removal has become a focal issue for government which have led them to plead with each and every individual to play their part by disposing of waste in the safe and appropriate manner.

Steps To Ensure Proper Waste RemovalWaste Removal

Furthermore to ensure that safe disposal practices are carried out throughout the country institutions such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency have been instituted by government to enforce and regulate the safe and legal disposal of trash.

If you are in the construction business for instance a general contractor and you are responsible for managing large construction projects your job will obviously entail clearing out construction sites and more times than not there will be large amounts of waste to be removed and disposed of.

Most of the waste that is extracted from construction sites include building material, soil, broken glass, concrete blocks, broken bricks, stone chips, etc. Most of these items require substantial time and effort in order for them to be removed in a safe and efficient manner.

Hazardous materials that can cause harm to health or serious injury may also be present in construction waste hence why it is strictly recommended that persons obtain professional help in this regard.

Having said that retaining the services of a waste removal company is the best course to take as it relates to getting waste removed from construction sites. No task is too big or too small as they possess all the necessary equipment and trained personnel to manage and dispose construction waste safely and efficiently.

Waste removal services not only function to collect waste but also the transport of these materials after collection to a specific location where it is processed and discarded. Essentially this is done to encourage recycling and safe disposal of garbage as well as to avoid contamination, pollution or any major health issues.

In addition to the safe removal and disposal of waste site operators can expect a clean, clear construction site that is ready for use. Most of these waste removal companies tend to operate on a contract basis which ensures that tasks are completed in the stipulated time without any hassle to contractors.

So if you have a specific set of waste whether it be construction, residential, E-wasteor just general trash the services offered by professional waste removal companies facilitate safe, professional waste removal. These services play a crucial role in our lives as they aim to keep the environment clean and the general population safe. Contact us for more information.

Foreclosure Cleanup: Save Time WIth Junk King

Foreclosure cleanup is a tedious task we can help you with. If your home is about to be foreclosed or if your company is going out of business, you will be tasked with getting rid of all those sundries that you no longer want or need. From old tables to aged furniture, broken electronics and other random odds and ends, there’s all sorts of stuff that has to go. Do not try to transport all of these items out of your home or business on your own. Doing so is an arduous task that will punish your body and waste your time. Do yourself an enormous favor by leaning on the professional foreclosure cleanup experts at Junk King to do a thorough job in a fraction of the time it would take you to remove everything on your own.

Foreclosure Junk Removal by the Experts


A home or commercial foreclosure is an emotional event. The process will be much easier if you spend as little time as necessary on-site, cleaning and removing items. Lean on Junk King to remove everything from your foreclosed property and you will find that you do not feel emotionally drained.

Establish an appointment with our junk removal specialists by dialing 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK) and we’ll call you between 15 and 30 minutes before our arrival. Our team will be in and out quicker than you would have ever imagined. We will haul away just about anything aside from hazardous materials. This way, you won’t have to lift or drag each and every item to your vehicle and haul it to a landfill or other site.

You have been through enough with your foreclosure. Do not torture yourself by trying to haul all of the property’s remaining junk. Let Junk King’s junk removal experts do the work so you can make a clean break from the property and never look back.

Items We Will Take Away From Your Foreclosed Property

There is a good chance that your foreclosed home or commercial operation has bulky items that require a couple of strong men to haul. Do not worry about whether Junk King’s personnel is capable of handling such a strenuous haul. Our junk removal specialists can remove nearly anything from your home or business. Whether it is old furniture, antiquated appliances, a broken CRT TV/monitor, yard waste, mattresses, box springs or other items, we will take it away without causing a mess. As long as the federal government allows us to dispose of the item, we will haul it from your foreclosed property. The only things we don’t take are those that have the potential to cause a fire or create an environmental hazard.

Junk King’s Green Removal Service

We all can benefit from a green removal service. Junk King is unlike any other junk removal company on the planet. We go to great lengths to dispose of your undesired items in a manner that does not harm the environment or any living creature. While our competitors often truck old items and trash right on over to the closest landfill, we actually invest the time and effort that is necessary to analyze each item for utility.

Lean on our team of junk removal specialists to haul away your unwanted items to a recycling hub. We will figure out if anything can be salvaged either through recycling or donating. Each of our junk hauls goes through this intricate sorting and analysis process to separate household goods from textiles, metals e-waste and so on. No other junk haulers bother to perform such an extensive recycling process. Contact us today as we provide low-cost junk removal that benefit our surroundings as well as future generations of humanity.

Debris Removal From Rooftops and High Rise Buildings – A Cost-Effective-Alternative-to-Dumpster

If you’re doing construction or maintenance on a rooftop or a high-rise, you’ll create a lot of waste: broken glass, shingles, metal, wood and other materials. To keep things tidy and keep your workers safe, you need to safely dispose of all that waste. If you’re wondering how best to do so, read on.

Insufficient Debris Removal Solutions

Many of the most common debris removal solutions are completely inadequate. Throwing it off the roof into a dumpster below may be possible for small buildings, but it’s unsafe and risks leaving a mess. It’s also an unfeasible debris removal technique for multi-story buildings.

You may be able to haul the debris down from the roof, but it’s time-consuming and messy to bring it down many flights of stairs. Many construction sites use chutes for their debris removal, but all that dusty debris moving through the air can pose a serious health risk. Moreover, most construction materials are abrasive, and can damage fabric chutes.

Debris Removal From Rooftops and High Rise Buildings - A Cost-Effective-Alternative-to-Dumpster-Junk -King-Sanoma-CAFlexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

In times like these, a flexible intermediate bulk container, better known as an FIBC, may be exactly what you need. FIBCs are made of flexible but strong fabric, and their sturdy woven fabric makes them ideal for carrying the dusty debris that accumulates at construction sites.

Once they’re opened and set up, their designed for easy load  up, without their walls sagging. FIBCs are renowned for their extremely light and efficient design. For instance, an FIBC that can carry up to a metric ton of material may only weigh five pounds when empty! They come in varying dimensions, so your job site will always have the FIBCs it needs.,

Ideal Debris Removal Containers

One of the most exciting aspects of FIBCs is that they’re designed to be stacked. They have loops so they can be lifted easily, and they fit neatly onto a pallet or a forklift. Once you’re done with an FIBC, just let us know and we at Junk King will remove it from the site for you.

If you put something into an FIBC that doesn’t belong, never fear. They can be easily cut open, and many of them also come with discharge spouts for easy emptying. And nature-lovers can rest assured that most modern FIBC designs are easily recyclable.

With debris removal, there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. But if you’re working on a roof or several storeys off the ground, an FIBC may be just what you need to handle your junk.

Junk King offers several varieties of FIBCs. We’ll haul away their contents so you can focus less on debris removal, and more on your construction or renovations. Contact us today for more information.


3 Common Hazards Of Debris Hauling

When it comes to hauling debris, a haphazard removal process is not encouraged. It is imperative that the junk haulers take stock of exactly what must be removed and devise a strategy to dispose of it in the safest and most efficient manner. Performing this work certainly takes time and effort, yet it is absolutely worth it. 

Some types of trash, junk and debris are hazardous to human beings, animals and even the environment. It is actually illegal to place certain items in dumpsters. Those who are caught dumping hazardous items will be slapped with stiff fines. The logic behind such rules is that these items will end up in landfills where they will eventually seep right back into the ground and impact the water beneath the surface. Contaminated water is a threat to the planet and the well-being of humans as well as animals. Let's take a look at a couple tips to guarantee the safe removal of undesired items.

1) Removal of Chemical Waste

If you have any sort of chemical waste in your garage, shed, basement or anywhere else in the home, it is important to dispose of it as safely as possible. Every homeowner and business owner should be aware that landfills will not accept the vast majority of chemical wastes. Examples of such waste include automobile oil engine fluid, transmission fluid, lead based household cleaners and pesticides. While many of these items are not harmful in small quantities, they can cause significant damage when they interact with other chemicals.

Consider what would happen if everyone was allowed to dispose of such chemical waste in dumpsters that are transported to landfills. Irreversible harm would be inflicted on our environment as those nasty chemicals seep into the ground. Such contamination would kill innumerable wild animals. So be sure to check out which types of chemicals you can legally dispose of in dumpsters before actually eliminating those items from your home. Ideally, you will not dump any chemical waste at all. Instead, reach out to our junk removal experts for our unique analysis and specialized junk removal services.

2) Paint Removal

Just about every homeowner and business owner has a couple buckets of extra paint in the basement, closet, garage, attic or other storage area. While it is quite tempting to dump these aged paint cans right into the dumpster, doing so is terrible for the environment, modern day human beings and those who will inhabit the planet across posterity. There are all sorts of harmful chemicals and oils in paint that will poison our planet's water if they are haphazardly tossed into dumpsters or poured down water drains.

3) Removal of Electronics

Computers, computer accessories (printers, hard drives etc.) and appliances should never be tossed in a dumpster. These electronics contain the same dangerous chemicals that are used in batteries. Such chemicals can cause irrevocable damage to our planet. All in all, 17 states have made it illegal to eliminate electronics by placing them in dumpsters / landfills. Dumpster companies can actually be fined for dumping electronics in landfills. Lean on our green junk removal service to recycle as many parts of your electronics as possible and dispose of the remaining components in an environmentally safe manner.

We Are the Easiest Solution for Construction Debris Removal

Whether you're doing a minor home renovation, erecting a brand new building or tearing something down, when you do a construction job, wood particles, rocks, plaster chips and countless other types of debris will build up fast. You need to get rid of this construction debris fast. To that end, your Junk King is the easiest solution for construction debris removal. Let's explore why you should go to Junk King for construction debris removal, and nobody else.

Why should I be in such a rush to get rid of my construction debris in the first place?

Fast construction debris removal is an absolute must for several reasons, including the following:

Construction debris will get in your way

As you complete your construction tasks, the junk won't just get out of your way. It will pile up all around you to the point that is constantly in your way. You need to get your construction debris out of the way before it ever causes a problem like this.

Construction debris crates serous safety hazards

You don't want anyone tripping over anything cut or crushed while your construction project is underway. Wood particles, glass and other types of construction debris are hard and sharp, so if you've got all kinds of garbage all over the place, an injury is exactly what will happen. 

Construction debris can get you into trouble

The law doesn't like trash. If you've got a whole bunch of construction debris scattered all over the place, the local government could take notice — and decide to give you a nice hefty fine. When this happens, you've gotta pay extra money in addition to speeding up the construction debris removal process to prevent any more trouble coming your way.

Junk King has your back

Now that you know why you've gotta get rid of your construction debris fast, let's take a look at why your Junk King is the best place around for construction debris removal.

You can instantly book us online or by phone

We make every part of the construction debris process easy for you. All you need to do is visit the Junk King website or give us a call to book your pickup.

You decide when we come and pick your junk up

We don't try to force a pickup date on you that is inconvenient. Instead, YOU get to choose when you want us to stop by. This way, we don't mess up your day or get in the way of your construction job.

It doesn't matter how big your construction debris is

We take everything from small particles to construction debris larger than a piece of furniture, so you can guarantee a hassle-free construction debris removal experience with us!

We give you instant construction debris removal service

Nine times out of ten, the Junk King team will be able to complete a total construction debris removal as soon as we arrive. All you need to do is sign off on the pickup and we're good to go!

We don't give you sticker shock

All Junk King construction debris removal pricing is upfront. This way, you completely avoid being surprised by an unexpectedly high price for the junk removal process. We don't include any hidden fees, labor charges or even taxes!

We've got the fairest junk removal prices in town!

Speaking of the cost of Junk Removal, nobody offers more reasonable prices than us.

Dump your construction debris the easy way

All you need to do is reach out to our team at Junk King. We're more than ready to help you when you need us.

Resurfacing vs. Concrete Removal – Why Resurfacing Is The New Way

If your home driveway, business parking lot or other surface shows signs of aging, do not automatically assume that concrete removal is your only option. Resurfacing is quickly spilling into the mainstream for good reason. There is no sense in paying for an entirely new driveway or parking lot when you can resurface it for a fraction of the cost.

What is Resurfacing?

Consider the impact of thousands of pounds of steel and metal moving across your driveway. Then consider the repetitive freeze-thaw cycles that compromise the surface’s integrity. The damage typically manifests in the form of cracks along the surface and/or the appearance of divots. Instead of paying through the nose for a contractor to totally redo your driveway with concrete removal or constantly patching the surface, opt for the happy medium in the form of resurfacing.

Resurfacing involves removing the top layer of the surface and replacing it with a thin cement overlay that is combined with special bonding agents. This mixture is poured on top of the existing concrete and sticks to it for a gorgeous, smooth new surface. As long as there is not an underlying issue with the foundation, those pesky pits and cracks won’t appear for a long while. Let’s take a look at why resurfacing is the new and improved way to remedy an aging surface without concrete removal.

The Benefits of Resurfacing: No Concrete Removal and an Affordable Fix

Homeowners and business owners opt to resurface rather than remove or patch the surface for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst them is the low cost. The average residential driveway can be resurfaced for a couple thousand dollars or less. This cost pales in comparison to the cost of a comprehensive concrete removal. The work can be done across several different days if necessary.You can even add colors or patterns if you so desire.

Extended Longevity

Resurfacing a driveway will extend its lifespan. Adding an overlay above the existing concrete makes it incredibly durable so it can withstand its usual daily pounding from vehicles, foot traffic and harsh weather. When the job is done properly, the new surface will last quite long, especially if it is cared for across posterity.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Others opt to resurface because it benefits the environment. It takes very few resources to resurface a driveway compared to total concrete removal.

Resurfacing Requires Minimal Time, Effort and Resources

Why bother with the tiring and time consuming process of breaking up the old surface, massive concrete removal and pouring in new concrete when resurfacing is possible? This is an especially relevant question for those who have old concrete surfaces of considerable size. Removing all of that old concrete is an extraordinary hassle that is often unnecessary. Those who make the decision to resurface enjoy a lovely new-looking driveway, parking lot or other surface that really is resistant to wear and tear in the years ahead.


While it is possible to repair broken concrete with patching and other methods, doing so takes a lot of time and costs more than most would expect. As long as the driveway or parking lot is moderately damaged, there is no sense in breaking up the old concrete and re-pouring. Resurfacing provides a beautiful new finish without all of the time, effort and money required for a total replacement.

What to Do With Old Computers

Lots of people ask what to do with old computers because they’re hard to get rid of. Other than the fact that nobody seems to want an old computer, figuring out what to do with old computers is more complicated because of all the harmful chemicals a computer has in it. When you want to get rid of an old PC or laptop, you’ve got to be careful who you trust.

Computers Get Old Quickly

One of the major reasons why what to do with old computers is such a big deal is because computers get old at a ridiculously fast pace. No matter how much you paid for your computer, it seems like by the time you get it to your car it’s an 8-track tape player with the greatest hits of 1975 stuck inside. If you’ve never heard of Moore’s Law, it basically says that computer speed and storage capacity will double every 5 years or less. This has been the case for about 80 years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing. Most people don’t even use half their hard drive before enough other things on their computer fail that keeping it around isn’t worth the hardship. Thus, what to do with old computers isn’t something to think about years from now, like you can with a house or a car. Your computer may fail only a year or two after you buy it new.

What to Do With Old Computers

Fix or Replace? Replace!

If computers were like most things, you could keep them for years and just work on them yourself or have “a guy” who fixes them every so often. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. By the time you even find a repair shop, you’ve already lost precious time you could spend being productive — or watching cat videos, it’s all you. What to do with old computers isn’t an academic question after about a year — when you can pay someone a bunch of money to keep your computer running for awhile or just toss it and get a new one, asking what to do with old computers becomes a “no duh” kind of answer. You get rid of them, but there are issues with just putting them out at the curb.

Hurting the Environment Isn’t Cool

Some folks think you can just drop your computer in the trash can and call it a day. But just like everything technology-related, what to do with old computers has a more complicated answer than that. When you think about what to do with old computers, you have to remember that your parents were right — what’s inside really does count. Only, instead of being full of love, computers have things like lead, mercury and other nasty things that’ll hurt the environment. Unless you want hourly visits from a crying little bunny over ruining his habitat, you have to decide what to do with old computers using a little more sense than, “Just toss it.” Namely, you need to enlist the help of someone who disposes of computers in an environmentally friendly manner.

Not Being Green Can Even Be Illegal

Believe it or not, polluting is actually illegal most places. If you get caught, which eventually happens when you have to decide what to do with old computers on a regular basis, you could face some stiff fines. Beyond that, you may be forced to stop doing business if the government isn’t interested in your trashy ways. So when you consider what to do with old computers, contract with a service that will follow the laws and make the environment a little bit cleaner.

Storage Container Rental or Junk Removal?

Storage Container Rental or Junk Removal? Junk-King SonomaFor as much of a boon as junk removal is for homeowners with yard waste or a mountain of unused bikes in the garage, a storage container rental is a huge leg-up for business owners who need regular removal.

Benefits of Storage Container Rental 

Storage container rentals cost approximately a quarter less compared with similarly sized dumpsters. This means that you can fit in the same amount of trash and pay much less every week. A storage container rental can be done on your terms without any long-term contracts or restrictive weight limits.

Reliable Pick-up Service 

In addition to paying less for a storage container than a dumpster, a storage container can be locked up at the end of every business day, thus preventing anyone else from dumping on your property. There are few things more annoying than footing the bill and having a third party swoop in and take advantage of that.

Also, to alleviate some of the anxiety that business owners might already feel building at the mere possibility of filling out another form or permit, most storage containers don’t actually require business owners to fill out a permit to get all the benefits.

Storage containers usually also have no weight limits and, therefore, no overcharging or extra processing fees to worry about.

Versatile and Space Saving 

We also get that business owners often struggle with finding enough space to accommodate build out for new construction and waste disposal while simultaneously juggling the demands of being an independent project manager.

Here too a storage container rental makes sense in that storage containers can squeeze into tighter crevices than many dumpsters. Although dumpsters definitely, well, have their place, a storage container rental will probably be easier on your facilities and its driveways than a metal dumpster.

Customizable for Your Needs 

Competitively priced and true workhouses, a storage container rental is an equally great option for expanding businesses dealing with build outs as it is for established ones looking for a reliable waste removal service.

A storage container rental, in short, saves you a ton of money, provides a reliable trash source and looks great all the while.

Storage containers can also be customized to fit your business’ needs in that you can pick the size of each container to fit the location and its needs. As you might imagine a university or strip mall is going to have slightly different needs from a healthcare facility or electronics store with heaps of hazardous waste.

Storage Container Rental Vs. Junk Removal 

With all of the benefits of renting PODS™ or other storage containers, they might not necessarily be the best option for every homeowner.

Getting a dumpster or renting out a storage container is usually a week-to-week or month-by-month affair that homeowners needing their yard refuse or basement junk hauled away rarely, if ever, really need.

Dumpsters, moreover, usually require the homeowner to physically remove the junk himself without outside help from a junk removal service. Following a move or when you have a basement, attic or garage overflowing with junk dating back to the Reagan Administration it’s probably best to commission a junk removal service.

Junk removal is pretty close to an ideal option for worn-out homeowners right before, or directly after, a big move. You can have everything that you deem disposable (old mattresses, etc.) taken off your hands without having to lift a finger. Junk removal, in other words, is a solid option for homeowners needing a one-off fix and who don’t want, or need, any long-term rental contracts.

If you’re a homeowner looking to quickly get rid of furniture, yard waste or even electronic waste, contact the junk removal experts at Junk King Marin today.

Curb Appeal: Let Us Help With Yard Waste Removal

Curb Appeal: Let Us Help With Yard Waste Removal Junk-King SonomaWhether you are upgrading your house with a few home improvements, cleaning out your basement or finishing up with a yard sale, you’re going to end up with a whole lot of yard waste. You need to get rid of this junk ASAP — letting it sit around ain’t a good idea. If you have any junk on your yard, you should be planning yard waste removal right now.

Why should yard waste removal be such a priority for me?

Although you know that you’ve got to eventually dump your yard waste, it might not be on the top of your to do list. Here is why you should prioritize it:

You don’t want your front yard looking like a landfill

Yard waste is ugly. Period. The longer it sits, the uglier your yard gets, as it starts to resemble a landfill. This is an especially big problem if you have your junk sitting on top of grass or garden plants, because sitting yard waste will quickly turn a lush green pasture into a grimy patch of bugs, crumbling plants and dirt.

Too much yard waste can lead to run-ins with the law

Most cities and towns have ordinances against having too much junk on your yard. If you leave it sitting around too long, then a nice government employee may be stuffing an expensive citation in your mailbox sooner or later.

Yard waste is actually dangerous

This is the most important reason that you need to start planning your yard waste removal ASAP. Junk on your yard can cause safety issues in two ways:

It’s in the way

Too much junk will turn your yard into an obstacle course. It becomes very easy for people — especially children — tor trip over, crash into or fall under your junk. Also, severe storms can cause it to go flying all over the place.

It invites the eyes of curious thieves

If a thief sees all of the glorious treasures strewn about your yard, then they may start to wonder what amazing wealth lies behind it within your home. It’s best to eliminate the possibility of this type of perception with quick yard waste removal.

Getting rid of all of that junk ain’t easy

Although yard waste removal should be done ASAP, you shouldn’t go about it on your own. This is for two reason:

DIY yard waste removal can have surprise hurdles

Getting rid of the junk sitting on your yard isn’t as easy as pushing it to the curb next to your neighbor’s waste bin. You’ve got to figure out where it can legally be taken, and then arrange transport to get there. If you take it to the wrong place accidentally, then you’ll have to start all over.

DIY yard waste removal is dangerous

If you’ve got junk on your yard, then it is probably big and heavy. Moving it even a little bit puts you at risk for pulled muscles and all sorts of other injuries.

Luckily, help with yard waste removal is easily accessible

Just because you shouldn’t do yard waste removal yourself doesn’t mean that you will have to stand there scratching your head, as you wonder what to do next. All you need to do is call a junk removal expert (yes, there are people who specialize in this task). They will quickly haul away your junk, with no hassle on your part.

Don’t let your junk cause you any more trouble

Regardless of how the junk strewn about your yard got there, it has to go. Call the Junk King team to get yours removed ASAP.