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Monthly Archives:

Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Your home is a reflection of your personality. Every decision you make for furniture, wall color and décor lets visitors know about what you like. Sometimes those décor choices can surprise you. There are choices to make that you might have never considered before. The best thing about decorating is that it is never “set in stone.” You can move, add, take away and create different decorating ideas all the time. Here are some to put into action today:



Trays are a great way to organize items and make things seem less cluttered. A small silver tray is great for storing bathroom items on a vanity. A wooden tray in the living room works for remotes. A wicker tray on the bedroom dresser can hold a cluster of candles. Best of all, you can find all kinds of inexpensive trays at thrift stores and yard sales. You can’t have enough trays.
Repurposed Finds

You don’t have to use everything you find for its intended purpose. A vintage champagne bucket makes a great planter. It can also be used to hold wooden utensils in the kitchen. When it comes to decorating, think outside of the box or the bucket!

Spend Time On Craigslist

You never know what’s on Craigslist unless you look. You might find an antique steamer trunk that would make an awesome table under a window. You can also find some older pieces of furniture and repaint them to make them your own. Although a lot of folks who post on Craigslist are looking to sell (on the cheap), some are just happy if you can pick up the thing and take it away. There are bargains out there.

All the hard work and attention to detail that you put into decorating your home might not matter if you hold onto clutter. Yes, toss out the junk mail and pick up the stray magazines but don’t stop there. Get all those things that are taking up space or creating eyesores removed once and for all. That is easily taken care of with a call to Junk King Atlanta. In no time at all, the team from Junk King can clear out your home of all kinds of unwanted stuff. Every decorating project should start with junk clearing session with Junk King Atlanta.

Storms Disrupt Garbage Pickup

Storms and holidays always disrupt municipal garbage pickup. Following the recent Winter Storm Grayson, many residents were put off by seeing WastePro collect garbage and recycling items into the same truck. A single stream recycling system was supposed to go into effect on January 1. However, the January 3 snowstorm disrupted the towns garbage collection schedule. This is an important matter for everyone who is concerned about recycling. They want to make sure what they’re getting rid of is going to end up at the right disposal site. Government officials think that WastePro will be able to get back onto a normal schedule. There also on notice that this type of failure won’t be tolerated in the future.


From the moment you put garbage out on the street, it is pretty much out of your control. But if you want to make sure that what you’re getting rid of ends up in the right spot, then you need to hire the right company. When it comes to junk removal, the right company is always Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Atlanta as part of a national chain personal junk haulers that have made responsible disposal part of their company philosophy. When a franchise begins operation they are tasked with finding recycling partners and charities to make the bulk of their drop-offs. That has been the case here in Atlanta. Junk King is proud of the fact that they maintain a respectable 60% diversion rate with all that they collect. That translates into tons of rubbish being kept out of landfills. The ultimate goal would be to achieve zero waste. That’s something that Junk King Atlanta will be very happy to support.

As for what you can turn over to Junk King to get recycled, let them make that final determination. You might be surprised to find out the things like old mattresses, sofas, recliners and futons can all be recycled. The same can be said for a lot of yard waste including chunks of concrete and lumber. All of those responsible drop-offs happen automatically. Take care of your rubbish removal the right way by bringing in Junk King Atlanta start.

Eco-Friendly Junk King Hot Tub Removal From Junk King Atlanta North


We are the eco friendly junk removal service in Atlanta that can get rid of your hot tub quickly and easily. It’s important to remember we recycle or reuse 60% of what we take away. It’s good to know that our services are helping our planet.

We pride ourselves on being prompt, efficient and easy to work with. Getting rid of that old hot tub that doesn’t serve any purpose anymore is second nature to us. Everything we do is about making sure we attain our number one priority which is 100% customer satisfaction.

Like a lot of great ideas, our company started out small. Two friends got together and came up with the idea that’s grown into the business you see today.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor hot tub, if you want it gone we can be your one-stop solution. It’s important to us to make sure that your old hot tub doesn’t just get tossed into the dump.

Reusable Materials

The reusable materials are taken to recycling centers because everyone wants to do their part for the planet. That’s just one of the reasons we’ve become number one in the junk business in North America. If you take a look at our customer testimonials, you’ll see how people have used our services and found they exceeded expectations in every case.

We’ll be using power tools to take your old hot tub away quickly and efficiently.  However, we are well trained in the latest safety precautions so there’s nothing for you to be concerned about.

Clear Away Clutter

For example, we will always make sure the work area is well lit as well as clean. That way there’s little chance that anyone in your household can be injured. We also make it a priority to clear away any and all clutter before we start work.

Of course making sure we wear all the proper safety equipment is another priority. Each and every one of our employees is well trained and covered under Workman’s Compensation so there’s no risk to the homeowner.

What’s more, Junk King Atlanta North makes sure all our employees have safety goggles, gloves and the kind of slip resistant shoes that make the job site safer for everyone.

It’s all part of our promise to supply you with service, effort and superior value. When it comes to hot tub removal in Atlanta, we want to be your one and only choice. Being eco friendly is another one of the commitments we make to our clients on every project we take on. Get an online estimate from Junk King Atlanta North today.



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