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Bring In Junk King For Your Fence Removal

How long is your list of service professional vendors? Every homeowner has a list that includes one or two reliable plumbers, an electrician, a handyman and painting contractor. Typically, those vendors are brought in for specific job and then the numbers are kept around in case the homeowner needs to “revisit” that type of job. It also helps to have those numbers handy when a friend or neighbor needs a recommendation. It might be that you only use those numbers once but it is still good to have them at the ready. If you need to take care of an old backyard fence removal, then you will need to add to your vendor list. For that job you can call on Junk King Atlanta.

More Than Junk

You might actually already have the number for Junk King Atlanta programmed into your phone. If so, then you probably use them to help get rid of some old furniture or appliances that you were done with. But did you know that Junk King can help you remove more than junk? They can also be a big help when it comes to taking down structures and loading up all the debris parts. That includes a backyard fence. It doesn’t matter if you’re fence was made from chain-link or wood. It doesn’t matter if it is already starting to fall and pieces or is rusty. The focus for Junk King is to remove that fence as swiftly as possible in order to clear the way for you to install your new fence.

Always Affordable

Junk King offers an affordable pricing policy that makes them the best company to hire for this type of work. Their fees are always based on how the crew accepted the truck. When it comes to fencing materials, it could be that all of that debris gets stacked into a space that only uses one third of the truck. That would place your fee at the low end of the price scale. Believe it or not, Junk King will always strive to get your price as low as possible through their packing skills.

For fence removal done the right way, Junk King Atlanta is the vendor that you should hire.

The Complete Guide to Pallet Disposal Using the Junk King

Pallet Removal Atlanta


updated 5/22/22


What is a Wooden Pallet?


What is a pallet? A few years ago the term hit the mainstream after a series of do-it-yourself-ers championed them as being an untapped potential for a variety of household necessities. Some influencers suggested turning them into couches, beds, gardens, fencing, and furniture, or breaking them down and using them for fuel or scrap hardware. As the fad of pallet-things faded away in the last two years, the term has stayed—prompting the need for some new social definitions. 


So what exactly is a pallet? Are there non-wooden pallets? Why are they called pallets? Are pallets good couches? 


A pallet refers to a flat, support transport unit; it goes beneath shipment loads and they are very good at being bottom or top supports. They are usually composed of two flat sides with a space between them that houses support pieces. They are different from skids in that pallets have gaps between their slats, making them efficient at dispersing air and heat. There are non-wooden pallets, they can be made of a variety of materials including steel, plastics, and mixed media. They are called pallets because ‘pallet’ actually refers to a crude bed in linguistics—the pallet is the ‘bed’ on which shipments ‘rest’. Pallets do not make good couches, despite the social media hype around the projects. Pallets often carry toxic materials and can harbor a vast variety of bugs and dirt and soil—only some of which are visible to us. This is why pallets are not suggested for use for anything other than being pallets. 


full service junk removal



How to Identify when You have a Need for Pallet Disposal?


How do I know if I have a need for pallet disposal? Most likely you won’t need pallet disposal options unless you are a small or medium-sized business, however, if you are a resident who needs assistance with your pallet removal options, do not hesitate to give Junk King a call at (706) 247-7513.


If you’re a business owner or property manager and you’re wondering when is the right time for you to consider pallet disposal options, the answer is when one of these things occur:


  • Your business space is taken up by 5% or more of pallets. Keeping more than 5% of any workshop as pallets increase the chance of employee injuries. 
  • You are starting up your business or are considering changing your current pallet disposal option. 
  • Your business is beginning to gain traction and the orders are starting to  outpace your production times. 
  • You are expecting an increase in sales for an event or a season or a promotional period. 
  • You are opening a new location or branch; you’ll need new equipment and materials, and all that gets shipped on pallets!



What are the Challenges for Wooden Pallet Disposal?


Wooden Pallet Removal


There are many ways to find a solution to disposal of wooden pallets; unfortunately, because they are a keystone in how logistics work in the United States, there are far more of them than a lot of business owners or property managers can keep up with. Additionally, because they are so numerous and they are made out of recyclable material, 95% of all wooden pallets are recycled at the end of their life cycle (about 3-4 trips, 5 rarely). 


Recycling options for wooden pallets are numerous, by extension. However, particular recycling options end up becoming challenging for owners to continue long-term. Some weekly removal companies may accept your pallets during the weekly pick-up time, but in Atlanta, it will require a prior phone call and a confirmation of pickup—otherwise, those pallets are staying on the street, and you’ll be getting a fine. 


There are other avenues by which you can have your pallets collected and taken away. For example, some removal companies will offer a fee for them to come out and collect the pallets, then haul them away. These pallets will sometimes be given to the local recycling centers (as in the case of Junk King), while other companies may take them to the local landfill—a quick and easy solution in place of fixing the pallets or taking them to the right people. 



The Best Ways to Use Junk King Atlanta’s Wood Pallet Removal Service for a Hassle-Free Experience


There are two ways you can make the most out of your Junk King removal service; wood pallet removal services can be adjusted to fit the needs of the business owner. The first way you can make the most out of your Junk King service is by using a ‘snowball’ method—in which you store at least a dumpster’s worth (either 12 cubic yards or 6 full regular pickup beds) and then contact the professional removers of Junk King to come to collect them from you. This is an especially good deal as far as junk removal goes because when you choose to move with Junk King, you are only paying for the space you use inside the dumpsters. 


Alternatively, you can also ask about weekly or monthly wood removal services. This version of Junk King services is particularly good at being hassle-free; it operates no different than the residential versions of the weekly trash pickup that neighborhoods and small businesses receive. You can even pick your pickup times, depending on truck availability. 


For additional benefits and amenities that business owners and property owners receive from Junk King, give us a call at (706) 247-7513. From here, you’ll be routed to the commercial options available for your needs. This can include everything from weekly services to payment plans. 



Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!



How do You Dispose of Wooden Pallets using Junk King Atlanta?


Like all junk hauling and trash removal that goes through Junk King, pallets are separated into piles once they reach the Junk King recycling hub. These piles usually consist of good pallets, broken pallets, or soiled pallets. Good pallets can be donated or reused for shipments to nearby recycling centers. Broken pallets are often taken apart and put back together with pieces that are in better condition, this makes the pallet able to be used again. Finally, soiled pallets are usually considered ‘useless’, as they cannot be rebuilt for another shipment and cannot be used for anything else. These pallets are not usually recycled, as the wood is rotten or soiled with chemicals that would pollute the other recycled materials. For that reason, especially soiled pallets are usually sent to landfills or incinerators. Now that you know more about the aftercare process of Junk King, there may be some immediate questions that you have, such as: 


Where are all the Junk King locations? There are over 110 Junk Kings across the entirety of North America. To find the location closest to you, enter your zip code into our database. You’ll receive the address and phone number for your local franchise. 


What is the cost for Junk King? Costs will depend on the services which your situation requires. The average full-service truck, filled to the top will cost close to $600—while the average self-service dumpster, filled to the top will cost closer to $300. Additional assistance may require further costs, which is why it is recommended that all company or business-to-business work is talked about over the phone or in-person with a Junk King representative. 



Why You Should Use Junk King Atlanta for Your Wooden Pallet Disposal Needs


Other than being North America’s best and highest-rated removal service on the market, Junk King is also known for our green initiatives like recycling at least 60% of everything we haul. Additionally, because Junk King’s pricing structure is based on space instead of weight, you’ll come away with the cheapest and most efficient removal possible. 


Contact Junk King today to receive a truck or dumpster as early as tomorrow! When you choose to move with Junk King, junk removals and trash disposal are as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. There are three ways to contact us and four ways to get a quote:


  • Call us at (706) 247-7513 to speak with a customer representative and receive a quote over the phone in minutes. Or, ask to schedule an in-person, no-obligation assessment of your junk (or pallets). We highly recommend that business owners or property managers call our customer service team for additional options for service. 
  • Text us pictures of your junk at (737) 888-5865 and receive a text in return, outlining your estimate. You can also send up multiple objects for multiple quotes. This option is not recommended for a large number of items or business solution purposes. 
  • Or, stay online and explore your options with our custom-made pricing calculator. You can choose either the full-service option or the self-service option, as well as pick a number of basic items to receive a ball-park estimate. This option is most recommended for residential owners to explore their options, as well as for large cleanouts such as estate cleanouts or property cleanouts such as department stores. 



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