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Houston Grill Disposal and Recycling

Finally, spring has sprung and the weather is turning warm and breezy. That means it’s time to fire up the backyard grills. If your BBQ has taken a beaten from the weather, it might be time to swap out the old rusty model for a new and improved grill. As with everything in life, “you’ll get what you pay for.” A decent gas grill can run you anywhere from $150 to $300. You can also drop upwards of $10,000 for a primo grill. Most stores where you would go grill shopping can only stock a few models because of their size. That’s why you might be better off shopping online for a bargain. The only drawback is that you might have to assemble the grill yourself.

A grill can be made from cast aluminum, sheet metal, cast iron or stainless steel. The professional chef will tell you that stainless steel for the body and cast iron for the grill is the best ways to go. You want to pay close attention to what the frame is made of. It might look like stainless steel but it could just be a painted steel frame. That type of design can rust and you’ll find yourself replacing the grill sooner than later. Whenever possible, manufacturers will always try to take shortcuts with the metal!

Size matters with a grill especially if you’ll be cooking for a large family. You’ll want a big enough grill space that can accommodate what you’ll be grilling up for a typical meal. Better to have extra space and not need it than to need space and not have it. As for the features, think about how you like to cook. Would a side burner help with sauces or side dishes? Is a smoker box important for what you might cook? What about a rotisserie? Yes, you can go a bit overboard with the “bells and whistles” but why not? Just know that every extra feature is going to mean extra money.

Before you take delivery on your new grill you’ll want to get rid of that old one. That’s where Junk King Houston can become your best bet. These are the professional junk haulers that will have no problem loading up your old grill onto the back of their removal truck. As long as you’re getting rid of that grill, you can also get Junk King Houston to load up any rusty patio furniture or other backyard debris. You’re going to want to put your new grill through its paces so get that yard clean! Junk King Houston will help get you there.

One Great Reason to Haul the Junk Out of Your Houston Home

You don’t have to have a home business to need a home office but you do need to clear out some space. A home office could be a dedicated, quiet place where you pay the bills and catch up on personal emails. Depending on your family situation, there could be a lot of benefit from having a room where you can spend a few moments in peace listening to soothing music and just relaxing. Of course, if you are entertaining the notion of working from home then you absolutely need to haul the junk away to open up the space.

In terms of that space, you need to asses just what you might need in your home office. Obviously, a desk is crucial but will you need room for shelves? A fax machine? Copier? If your home office is going to be a kind of graphic art studio will you need natural light? Once you have your critical needs worked out it will then be time to choose the appropriate space in your home. There might be a limitation on available space. If you have a spare room that has been used for storage or for guests that never visit then this could become your new office. There is even an opportunity to convert a garage into a practical office with very little effort.

So, what kind of junk is filling up your “office space?” Unless a room is being actively used by a member of the family it has a tendency to become the dumping ground for all the oversized items you can’t throw out in the trash. This is where the old sofas, chairs, mattresses, baby furniture and televisions end up. At one point, this spare room could have been the kid’s playroom but now with them grown up or locked in their own bedrooms that playroom can be put to better use. When you’re ready to clear out the clutter then Junk King Houston should be the call you make – 1-800-995-5865.

Junk King is the Houston business that helps homeowners reclaim living space by hauling off all the stuff that has been collected over the years. Best of all, the Junk King crew will be doing all the work. When it comes to the picking up of heavy objects, carrying them out of your home and loading it onto the back of a truck, Junk King has your back. Your only effort will be making that call to Junk King Houston; they’ll take it from there!

Signs That it’s Time to Call A Houston Junk Removal Specialist

When it comes to obsessive hoarding it can become a serious health hazard. The crew of TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive” show paid a visit to a Houston resident to document their out of control hoarding. What they uncovered in all the mounds of junk was the deadly rodent-borne Hantavirus. The result is that this home was placed on immediate quarantine and the occupant and crew were all treated for the virus.

Beyond this single instance there have been 35 cases of Hantavirus reported across Texas this year alone. In the case of the hoarding episode, the neighbors had actually organized a group of 30 people to get involved with the cleanup effort. They were helping out one of their own in need but had no idea it had gotten this out of hand. The home can be salvaged but everything has got to go including the furniture, carpets and drapes.

This certainly puts your own junk piles in perspective, doesn’t it? Hopefully, you haven’t reached the critical mass stage of a full-blown hoarder but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a tendency to hold onto useless objects. We all do. It’s human nature. It’s when those objects begin overrunning out homes that it becomes time to call a junk removal specialist like Junk King Houston.

Junk King has been helping folks in Houston for quite some time now. When you’re ready to let go of junk, they’ll be ready to roll up with their truck with a hard working crew to help you get the job done.

Take a gander around your home. What can you get rid of? Maybe you’ve got some appliances shoved out to the back porch because that was as far as you could take them. Maybe you’ve been hold onto a ratty old sofa because it’s too big for your pickup to haul away. Maybe there is some rusty patio furniture that has seen better days that you can’t toss out with the garbage. Sensing a pattern here? All those oversized items are what the Junk King can help you get rid of.

While they’re at it, they can also properly dispose of all your e-waste. Things like computers, TVs, monitors, keyboards, copiers… none of that can be tossed out either. It all has to go to the right recycling center to get broken down. You won’t have to worry about where to take your stuff. Junk King has your back. They know all the recycling facilities in Houston. So whether you’ve got just a few items or a mountain of debris, Junk King Houston is your best bet for getting rid of it all at once.

Junk Removal For Houston Realtors

As a real estate agent in Houston you might have had the unfortunate experience of taking on a listing from the bank that was once occupied by squatters. In this era of foreclosed properties, the concept of squatters taking over has become more prevalent. Ironically, the cops can’t do a lot when it comes to enforcing the laws. Technically, a squatter is guilty of trespassing but unless the property owner is pressing charges the police can’t arrest them. Since the foreclosed home is owned by a bank, it’s hard to track down a single person who can be legitimately called the owner. Yes, a bank can begin eviction proceedings but during that time, the squatters have no problem staying put. You probably don’t have to imagine the horrors of what could go on in a home turned into a squatter’s den because you’ve seen the aftermath. Now there is help standing by and that would be Junk King Houston.

Junk King is the Houston based junk removal specialist who won’t blink an eye when it comes to stepping into a squatter zone. They might snap a picture for a little “before and after” action. But no matter what has been left behind, they’ll get rid of it in one fell swoop. As the realtor in charge of the listing, you merely have to instruct the Junk King crew what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. It’s conceivable you can let them onto the property in the morning and by lunchtime that place will be a garbage free zone.

Take note that Junk King doesn’t charge by the hour. They charge by the space as in how much space will the removed items will be taking up on their truck. A supervisor will make that call with an onsite visit. That will become your written estimate and it won’t change. So if it takes the crew two hours or six hours to clean up the property you’ll only be paying that estimate. It’s the fairest and most competitive way to do business.

Junk King Houston also won’t be limited to removing trash from the interior. They’ll also be happy to clean up the front and back yards of any type of debris like rusty patio furniture, chunks of concrete or the classic Texas tumbleweeds.

Once the Junk King  professional Houston hauling team has sweep through your new listing, you could even send them over to your own home to clear out your clutter. If your closets are overflowing or you want to make room for a home office then Junk King could be just the ticket. Thing of them as a great new member of your real estate selling empire!

Cool Off By Clearing the Clutter In Your Houston Home

What are you doing from 11 AM to 4 PM? If you’re in Houston when the temperature starts percolating then you better be indoors during those hours. That’s the peak time when the sun blazes the brightest and the heat radiates unrelentingly. There are some unfortunate Houston workers who won’t be able to avoid being out during those peak heat hours. Their best hope is for staying cool with lots of water or light clothing. The occasional Popsicle doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re smart you’ll stay out of that mid-afternoon heat and keep inside where your air conditioner is keeping things cool. Although most folks in Houston keep their air conditioners at 74°, anywhere between 72° and 78° is a good zone to be in. If you know a heat wave is coming Houston’s way then you should get the AC cranking the day before. This way your unit won’t be playing catch-up with all the heat that’s trapped inside the house. If you haven’t changed your filter on your air conditioning this season then you better make the switch. Air conditioning filters should be changed at the beginning of every summer season. In Houston where the ACs runs year-round, those filters should be swapped out every 5 to 6 months and should be fully serviced every two years.

There are some folks that prefer the old method of letting ceiling fans or table fans do the cooling off work. It certainly a more affordable option than keeping the AC running around the clock. Whether you have fans or an air conditioner going it’s essential that the air flow in your home is unblocked. Even when you point a fan directly at your body and blast away you’re still doing a disservice to the rest of the home if that air is not allowed to circulate. One of the best things you could do to help with that air flow is to reduce the amount of clutter in your home. To tackle that assignment it’s best to call Junk King Houston.

Junk King has teams of professional junk haulers standing by to cart away all the clutter that’s taking up space in your home. Because these are experienced movers you don’t have to worry about “overheating” them. They’ll know how to stay cool with frequent breaks.

Now, you might be asking yourself “do I have to pay for those breaks?” Actually you don’t! With Junk King your charge by the amount of space taken up in the truck not by how long it’s going to take to load up that truck.  If you take up less room you pay less. If you take up more room then you only pay what the estimate was. When it comes to clearing out the clutter to stay cool you’re not going to find a better bargain anywhere in Houston!

Houston Scrap Metal Removal

Have you heard the term “brazen thief?” This is a crook that is only focused on making a score and doesn’t care where, when or how he’ll accomplish that task. Case in point: On March 28 at around 5 a.m. a thief stole a large metal bread rack from the loading dock of the Stop and Shop Goodwives Shopping Center. Then on April 4th a second bread rack was stolen from the same place at around the same time. Coincidence or the work of a repeat offender? This comes on top of another robbery involving 400 pounds of copper wire. Clearly, there are some crooks out there targeting anything made of metal in the hopes of cashing in.

Scrap metal thievery is such a problem all across the country that many local governments are instituting special new regulations. Now in many states, anyone who sells scrap metal has to provide a state issued photo I.D. and fill out a form stating where the metal came from. This is meant to deter scrap metal thieves but it’s a huge pain for everyone else who isn’t breaking the law.

If you think that some of the scrap metal you have around your home might be worth some money, think again. To really score the big bucks you need a fairly decent amount of scrap metal. We’re talking a pickup truck full at least. Even with that much, it could cost you more in gas driving out to the closest junkyard. The better alternative is to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Houston to come directly to your home or business and take away that metal without any hassle.

A pile of scrap metal is not something you can cram into the back of your SUV. Not only is it going to be hard to handle but there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to scratch up your car to no end. Junk King’s professional Houston junk hauling team will have a big enough truck to fit all you scrap metal and they don’t care if their truck gets scratched up. For them, every scratch means another job well done!

After filling up that truck with your scrap metal, ask yourself what else you have that can be taken away. This is a golden opportunity to clear your home of all kinds of junk. You can finally toss out that old armchair that nobody wants to sit in. Or that ping-pong table that nobody uses. Or those dumbbells that just got rusty waiting to be picked up. Whatever you consider junk is what can be tossed into the back of that truck. Not only will you be removing the temptation for a scrap metal thief but you’ll also be clearing up some vital space from your home. It’s a good call anyway you look at it!

Houston Spring Junk Removal

Spring is for fresh starts and that’s just what you should be giving your home: a fresh start. This can be accomplished with a serious spring cleaning. There are many professional maid or cleaning services which offer special discounts at this time of the year. Even though they know you might not hire them on a permanent basis, it still might be worth the investment on your part to have a crew of professional cleaners to give your house the once over.

What’s great about using these types of professionals is that they’ll bring their own supplies. All you really have to do is open the door and let them have at it. Come back a couple of hours later and your home will sparkle like it never has before. Of course, there are limitations with hiring a professional cleaning service. They are only going to throw out obvious trash; as in whatever is in a trash can. They don’t know what you consider junk or a treasure. Sure, you might have that broken piano dusted to a fine luster but it’s still broke and nobody plays it. Shouldn’t you get rid of junk like that as part of your spring cleaning? Absolutely and that’s where you’ll need to bring in more professionals: Junk King Houston.

Junk King is a Houston-based business that is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. These folks make clearing out your clutter their business and business has been very good! That’s because once Houstonites discovered that Junk King rode into town, they knew they had a willing partner for their junk removal. Here’s how it works: You call up Junk King Houston and tell them what you want removed. Once you agree on atime, you’ll set an appointment and Junk King will take it from there. Because “professional” is the operative word here, Junk King isn’t going to keep you waiting all day like the phone or cable company. They pride themselves on showing up just when they promise to.

Upon their arrival, all you have to do is show the Junk King crew what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. Now, you could make it easy on the crew and have all your junk piled up on in the driveway. While that’s nice, it’s not necessary. Junk King Houston’s workers have no trouble going into any room you tell them or up and down any flight of stairs. All they care about is filling up their truck. As soon as they’ve taken away everything you want gone, you’ll sign off on the job and that’s that. Junk King will then see to it that your junk is properly disposed of at one of the dumping or recycling centers around Houston. This is the best way to start your spring cleaning. Once the junk is gone, then bring in those professional cleaners and give them a go. The house will look like brand new!

Houston Christmas Tree Disposal

One a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, what kind of procrastinator are you? The answer to that question could be found in how long it takes you to remove the Christmas decorations once Christmas is actually over. Let’s face, every neighborhood has that once house which takes its time removing those decorations. Tradition holds that the official end of the Christmas season falls on January 6. That is when the church declares Christmas is over and when most people take down their decorations. But there are always some hold outs, aren’t there? Are you one of them?
You can also tell a procrastinator by how late they put their Christmas tree out for pick-up. What was a vibrant, fresh tree just a few weeks ago has become brown and brittle. It’s also a huge tinderbox. One flick of a cigarette or match and that curbside tree is going to go up in flames. This is why you don’t want to have that try lingering around longer than it should. To insure it will be picked up and properly disposed of, you should hire a professional team of junk haulers. They can swing by, grab the tree and make sure it will be shredded and turned into mulch. That’s the eco-friendly way of doing things.
If you have already taken down the decorations and properly disposed of the Christmas tree, there is no reason why you still can’t call upon the professional junk haulers to take away all that other stuff you’ve been hanging onto. You might have found that as you went looking for the holiday decorations this year you had to navigate through a kind of “minefield” of other boxes and discarded items that somehow made their way to your storage space throughout the year. Funny how that happens!
There could also be an opportunity to use these eco-friendly junk haulers to take away all those items that were replaced by “Santa” this year. Maybe the family got a new television which means the old one has become e-waste. There could also be a pile of kitchen appliances or pots and pans that have served their purpose. Instead of hanging onto these items, doesn’t it make more sense to get rid of them? Of course it does and that’s why you need the help.
The big reason we hold on to this junk is because we don’t have the means to get rid of it ourselves. This brings us back to the issue of the Christmas tree. Many families make Christmas tree shopping a tradition. It’s fun to pile everyone into the SUV and head over to the tree lot to pick out the best evergreen. That tree is then tied to the roof and off you go. But when it’s time to toss out that tree that Christmas tree lot is long gone. Besides, you really don’t want to load up and old tree into your car anymore than you want to load up old junk. Let the pros handle both jobs!

For the best in Houston Christmas Tree Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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