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Category Archives: Atlanta Appliance Disposal

Who To Call For Appliance Removal In Atlanta

Everything that you buy to improve the quality of your life is eventually going to break down. Nowhere is that truer than in your own kitchen. The stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and dryer all will eventually need to be replaced. If you provide proper care and use them as intended, then they could last for several years but sooner or later you’ll be faced with the decision to “fix it or replace it.” Replacing appliances will mean making arrangements to get the old appliance removed. Who can you count on to handle that job quickly and affordably? That would be Junk King Atlanta.


Although those big kitchen appliances are bulky and heavy, when you’ve got experience removing those things, then it isn’t a challenge. The crews from Junk King have literally hauled away tons of kitchen appliances from all kinds of homes. They can just as easily carry a fridge out of a front door as they can down several flights of stairs. The good news is that you won’t have to put your back at risk or rent any special equipment to get the job done. The crews from Junk King will take care of all of that.

Junk King will also take care of a proper disposal of those appliances. That could mean two important options: Recycling or donating. On the recycling side, Junk King has identified the certified recycling centers in the area which accept these items. On the donating side, there are several charities that hire local residents to repair appliances and make them ready for families in need. You can let Junk King know what kind of working order the appliance is in but they’ll make the final determination of where it can go.

The added benefit of hiring Junk King to haul away your old appliances is all the other things you can put on the truck. This is a golden opportunity to get rid of all kinds of clutter. Imagine how much more space you can have in your home when all the junk is gone. Appliance removal isn’t complicated when you put Junk King Atlanta on the job.



Is Your Fridge Running?

Is it time to throw out the old Fridge? Junk King Atlanta would be happy to come remove your old refrigerator or freezer! Expect a good price, excellent service, and we will recycle it for you. But first, let’s make sure the old fridge really is broken. Follow these five simple steps:

1. Check the plug and circuit box to make sure your fridge is getting power.

2. Check the thermostat to make sure you didn’t accidentally bump it into the off position.

3. Make sure the vents in the back of the fridge or freezer aren’t blocked.

4. Ensure your condenser coils—at the back of, or underneath your fridge—are clean. You can use a coil brush or a vacuum to clean the coils.

5. Ensure that the condenser fan spins freely. If your condenser coils are on the back of your fridge, you won’t have a fan.

If the fan doesn’t turn, unplug fridge try to clean the fan blades. Then plug in the fridge and watch to make sure that the fan spins when the compressor turns on. If the fan doesn’t spin, you need to replace it. The parts run from $7 to $30 for most models.

If the fridge is dead, you’ll need a new one. Some stores provide free delivery and haul away—score! If the store tells you the haul-away fee is greater than $89, then you owe it to yourself to call Junk King Atlanta for a free estimate. Call Junk King Atlanta at 1-888-JUNK(5865) or book online at www.junk-king.com

Atlanta Grill Disposal and Recycling

get rid of old grillReady for some cold weather grilling? Just because the temperature is dropping is no reason why you should drop your love for a fresh grill steak or piece of BBQ chicken. If you’re new to cold weather grilling there are some tips you should keep in mind before firing up the old BBQ. First of all, you definitely want to dress for the weather. Just because you’ll be standing by a warm grill doesn’t mean you need to rough it. This is especially true if you’ll be flipping burgers in the snow.

It’s also important to keep your propane tanks full. Propane gas doesn’t work the way natural gas does in the cold so you might be using more of the stuff. You want to make sure you give your grill a little extra time to heat up. Remember you’re going from cold to hot and it’s going to take a while to get there. Grilling in cold weather is best for simple recipes. You want the kind of food you can flip and forget. Something that needs constant attention and basting might be better off cooked indoors. Above all else, have fun. Nothing beats grilled food in the cold of winter.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a lot of good meals out of your current BBQ grill. If it is time to replace that grill you’ll want to find a way to make room for the new model. Junk King Atlanta is the way to go for this task. One call to these professional junk haulers and you’ll have that old grill loaded up on a truck to be whisked away. You don’t have to worry about taking it apart. The Junk King crew will either break it down or load it up as is. You also don’t have to deal with dragging that piece out to the curb where it could potentially sit around as a neighborly eyesore. Wherever your junk is residing is where the JK Atlanta crew will go. That holds true for your backyard, your basement and your attic. Even if it takes a dozen trips up and down steps to get at everything the Junk King crew will be happy to oblige.

After your stuff is loaded up, the Junk King crew will have two possible final resting places. Your stuff will either be dropped off at a recycling center or at a certified landfill. For the majority of all the stuff they collect, it will end up being recycled. That’s good news for a green Atlanta!

When you’re ready to toss out your old grill and anything else you want to get rid of Junk King Atlanta  will be standing by.

Atlanta Old Washing Machine And Dryer Disposal – Save Time and Energy

get rid of washing machineYou’ve probably been doing your laundry for many years but have you been doing it right? Sure your clothes are coming out clean (most of the time!) but in terms of energy savings there are some steps you could be taking to lower the cost of your bills. That means extra cash in your pocket and who wouldn’t want that?

One of the major culprits for high-energy use is heating your water for a load of laundry. In fact, according to Energy Star, up to 90% of the energy utilized by your washing machine is directed towards heating the water. The solution? Use cold water. The facts are that cold water washing keeps your colors bright, cuts back on the wrinkles and doesn’t allow stains to set. Make the switch for a year and you could save enough money run your entire household for several weeks. Look for cold-water detergents to help in this cause.

In terms of energy use, your power meters don’t care if you’re running a full load or a small load. You’re going to be charged the same. That’s why you should always strive to run full loads of wash. The less amount of cycles the cheaper the washing bill. If you do have a smaller load then make sure to adjust the water levels. Another way to cut back on energy use is to opt for “high spin” cycles which will cut back on time in the dryer. You might also want to dial back your water heater from 140 to 120. You’ll barely notice the difference.

All of these tips will work a lot better in a new energy efficient model of washing machine. By now nearly every new machine available is Energy Star rated. This means it has been design with as many energy saving features as can fit into a single machine. Getting rid of that old machine doesn’t have to be a big chore especially when you hire Junk King Atlanta to do the job.

These are the Atlanta based professional junk haulers who make it their business to see that your home is free of clutter. That includes an old washer and dryer combination. Don’t push them out onto the back porch or out in the garage when you can have Junk King haul them away. The Junk King crew will do the hard work. They can also load up any other oversized item you want to finally get rid of. Everything will go in the back of the Junk King Atlanta truck with zero hassle. If you’re getting new machines delivered, Junk King will be happy to coordinate the pickup of the old ones. Give them a call today to find out how that can help you get rid of the junk.

Atlanta Old TV Disposal

When was the last time you picked up your TV remote and said, “I really want a new TV?” If the answer is “last night” then it’s clearly time to start shopping! If it has been a while since you bought a television you’re going to be very pleased with all the great innovations. Even if you’re making an upgrade from a TV you bought just a few years ago, you’re still going to be amazed at how far television technology has come and how affordable a great TV can be.

The very first plasma TVs hit the market about 10 years ago and cost around $10,000. Today, you can get a much better TV for a fraction of the cost. What you’ll want to look at is HDTV and if the set you’ve got your eye on is genuine HDTV. Read the specs: The minimum requirement for a television to be classified as HDTV is with 1280 x 720 pixels. Pixels are the points of light which carry the image. The more points of light, the sharper the picture. If you come across something calls “enhanced definition TV you’re getting a poser.

As for connections, here you also want the latest and greatest. That would be with a HDMI plug in. This type of plug in should not only be on your TV but also your cable box and Blu Ray player. It’s going to give you the highest quality picture and sound.

Next up is the slimness factor. Today, slim is the norm as in a television that is more the size of a painting than a TV. You can still go with a rear projection model which would be easier on the wallet but you might need a squad of movers to get that set into the house. Because of the hours you’ll be spending watching your new TV, forking over a few extra bucks now will be worth it down the line.

Once you have an HDTV you’ll want to upgrade to an HDTV signal. Every delivery system now offers a HDTV channel package. You’ll notice the difference right away. Keep in mind that when you power up your set for the first time, you might need to do a little fine tuning to get the best picture. Of course, will that great new TV should also come a great surround sound system. Those are also extremely affordable.

Before you can welcome the new addition to your living room, you’re going to have to say good-bye to that old set. If it’s truly old, it’s going to be an “all hands on deck” kind of operation. Here is where you would be best served by hiring a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Atlanta to cart off the old TV. While they are at it, they can also drag out anything else you want to get rid of. This is the perfect excuse to get rid of junk in an old room and turn that into your home movie theatre! Just remember to keep an eye on that remote!

Atlanta Appliance Disposal

Just outside of Atlanta is the wonderful little community of Johns Creek. In an effort to provide ongoing services for its residents, Johns Creek is sponsoring a bulky recycling day. On this single day at the Medlock Bridge shopping center from 9 AM to 2 PM residents are encouraged to “get rid of clutter and help a good cause at the same time by bringing their used furniture, appliances and other large household items.” They will also provide a commercial document shredder to help get rid of any kind of sensitive files.

While this sounds like a good idea on paper there are many caveats to this recycling day. Top of the list is that the items you can drop off have to be in good shape only. That’s because they intend to donate everything to the Atlanta Furniture Bank. While that certainly is nice it really doesn’t address the issue of getting rid of your junk. After all, if you have something in good shape why would you want to get rid of it?

Then there is the practical matter of how you can load up something like an old refrigerator, washer or dryer into the back of your car for the drop off. Even removing the smallest of those items is going to be a two-man operation. That operation will also require renting a cargo van or moving truck. Then there is the limiting timeframe to concern yourself with. When was the last Saturday morning when you had free time on your hands? To sum up: you need to be getting rid of something that still in good shape, have a moving crew plus a big enough truck and live in Johns Creek. For the rest of Atlanta’s residents a smarter alternative for disposing of appliances would be to hire Junk King Atlanta’s professional junk haulers to accomplish the task.

These pro junk haulers will show up at your home on your schedule. Maybe that means after work on Tuesday. Maybe that means late Saturday afternoon. Maybe that means first thing Monday morning. The bottom line is that it’s on your schedule. The same professional junk haulers will also be arriving with a big enough truck to take away anything you want to get rid of. There’ll be no question about whether or not it will fit. And of course they’ll have the right amount of manpower to accomplish the task. While you might know to “lift with the legs and not your back” you really won’t have to worry about that because they’ll be doing all the lifting.

Just because you’re getting rid of some old appliances doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this appointment to get rid of any of your other junk. In fact this is a perfect time to clear out the clutter from your garage, attic or basement. And this idea works for everyone in Atlanta!

For the best in Atlanta Appliance Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book an appointment online today.

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