Hoarder Cleanup Help In Cincinnati

Famous artist Andy Warhol once proclaimed that everyone will have 15 minutes of fame. What he didn’t specify is just what they would be famous for. Recently, a Cincinnati resident got her chance at being a TV star but for all the wrong reasons. She was featured on TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive” reality series. To make the show, the homeowner allowed the film crew into her home which was four-feet-deep in all kind of clutter including clothes, books, boxes, bags, baskets, stuffed animals, traffic signs, boxed and canned food. All of that prevented her from using her bedroom or kitchen. When notified to the mess, city health inspectors swooped in and ordered the clean-up. It took six days to fill eight extra large dumpsters full to the brim to make her home livable once again.

Clearly, that’s an extreme case and hopefully you haven’t crossed over into the hoarding zone like that person. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not holding onto some junk for no good reason. Actually, that reason could be simple as not having a way to get rid of that stuff. The very fact that you want to toss it out is enough to keep you from being officially diagnosed as a hoarder. So, how can you get rid of it all? That’s easy: call Junk King Cincinnati. These are the professional junk haulers who will make your junk disappear.

The Junk King Cincinnati team has never seen a mess they couldn’t clean-up. You might think your garage is a scary place or nobody should go down into the basement because of all the junk but that’s no big deal to the JK crew. All you need to do is tell them where your junk is and they’ll take it from there. Literally and figuratively. If the world of Junk King anything goes. That means if you want to toss out old furniture, kitchen appliances, TV sets, computers, sports equipment, backyard grills or even a hot tub the Junk King crew will load it up on their truck and whisk it away.

The other important thing to keep in mind about Junk King Cincinnati is that when they take away your stuff they make sure it finds a good final “resting place.” In many cases this means donating the furniture to a charity which refurbishes those kinds of items. Other junk can go to a recycling facility where it will be repurposed into raw material for reuse. You don’t even have to ask Junk King to do this because it’s all part of the excellent service that provide. Don’t let anyone call you a hoarder! Let Junk King help clear out your clutter.