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Declutter Your Home For The Holidays

This is the time of year when a lot of items a put up around the house. Some of these are new decorations while others are special mementos from the past. It can be a lot of fun to decorate every room in the house and create a festive environment. Ironically, no holiday decoration is ever considered to be “clutter.” Of course, anything that is designated as clutter should be removed before the decorations go up. That might be easy with a few little things that can be put away or tossed out.

What about the bigger items that you want to clear out? That would be things like unwanted furniture or electronics that need to be disposed of in a responsible manner. Those are the kinds of things that can be cleared out with one session from Junk King Cincinnati.  These are the junk hauling pros that can help you declutter your home from top to bottom.

Two Movers

To get rid of all your unwanted clutter you will need to help of two movers and a big truck. That is exactly what the team from Junk King is going to provide. These are crews that have been licensed and insured. That is the only type of workers you should invite into your home. The Junk King crews also have a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of heavy objects from all kinds of environments. That includes anything that you have down in your basement or on an upper floor. The Junk King crew will remove it all and do it with a smile!

If you know exactly what you want cleared out, then you might be able to take advantage of the same day pickup appointment. That happens if you call in at the beginning of the day and have a flexible schedule. If not, then you can depend on junk King picking up your stuff at a time that works best for your calendar.

The quickest and most efficient way to get rid of all the clutter from your home is to give that job to Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King Cincinnati Futon Removal Services

Bring In Junk King To Bring Out An Old Futon

There are few items you own that can be as hard to get rid of as a futon. Futons are large and bulky pieces of furniture, making them difficult to transport and store when not in use. Fortunately, Junk King Cincinnati has the manpower to handle your futon removal quickly and effectively, so you won’t have to deal with moving or storing the item yourself! Here’s how Junk King can help you get rid of your futon!

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The Formidable Futon

A futon is a great choice for college students, young professionals and anyone looking for an affordable bed that can also be used as an extra seat or couch. That makes a great for small living space. It’s important, however, to know how best to store and maintain your futon. You might assume you should put it in storage in your basement or attic until you need it again, but that could cause damage and is also expensive to store long-term. Typically, a futon is also something that will be replaced when the living environment changes. Instead of storing it or just letting it sit in your home, taking up space, call Junk King Cincinnati for professional furniture removal services. The junk removal experts at Junk King will gladly remove your futon from your home quickly and safely so you never have to worry about how best to get rid of one again. A cleanout is just a phone call away!

Junk King Cincinnati Futon Removal Furniture Removal

How Can You Get Rid of Your Futon?

If you have a futon, you may be wondering how to get rid of it. You can’t exactly set it on your curb and expect someone else to haul it away, so what do you do? Plus, depending on where you live, you may have to try and figure out how to move your futon down a flight of stairs, which is never safe! The solution is simple: call Junk King Cincinnati. They will always find the best route for this type of removal that will not involve scratching up your walls and floors.

These professional junk haulers will come to your home, pick up your futon, and carry it out in no time. What’s more, they’ll take whatever else you don’t want or need and dispose of it for good. This may include old appliances, an old bed or mattress, a bulky couch, or even boxes of junk that you simply have no room for anymore! If that isn’t great service, we don’t know what is!

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Why Should You Have Junk King Cincinnati Help You Out?

If you don’t know how to get rid of your futon, you’re not alone. Many people in our area don’t know what they can do with their old furniture when it has served its purpose, and many times they end up tossing these items into landfills. To help solve these problems, Junk King is here for your futon removal needs! With decades of experience in appliance removal and furniture removal, we can take care of everything from start to finish. Give us a call today for fast service and professional workmanship.


What Makes Them Different from Other Haulers?

Most junk removal companies won’t remove old mattresses, box springs, or appliances. That’s a shame, because mattresses and box springs often have some residual value even if they are in poor condition. They can be taken to a facility that recycles them into new products or shredded and put into product like carpet padding. A good junk hauler should not just take your mattress and call it a day—they should make sure it is properly recycled for you. The same goes for old appliances. Some facilities will allow you to drop off your old fridge or freezer so that someone else can buy it from them, but if you want it gone (and out of your garage) then talk with Junk King Cincinnati about hiring them for appliance removal services too! They come through and show up on time for your appliance or mattress removal, plus, they recycle the items when they haul them away! That way, far less of the mattress or appliance material winds up in the landfill than with other junk haulers or by disposing of the items yourself!

furniture removal guide

What Else Can Junk King Cincinnati Help Remove?

If you’re ready to have a professional junk removal service, Junk King can help. Our team will take care of moving, lifting, and loading your item onto our truck. That being said, there are other items we can help you with as well. For example, furniture isn’t all we haul—we also handle rugs and mattresses, electronics and appliances (like those hefty side-by-side refrigerators), boxes of junk, books, and so much more. If some of the items that you are getting rid of could still be used, then the Junk King crew will strive to make a drop off at a local charity. That is part of the Junk King removal service.

For more information about what else we can do for you or if you have any questions about your futon or mattress removal in general, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or book online now by filling out our online form.

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Junk King Cincinnati Can Help Cincinnati Realtors

7 Benefits Cincinnati Realtors Get from Pairing with Junk King

As a real estate professional, you know how to sell houses. You understand how to market them, how to negotiate with buyers and sellers, and how to help your buyers get a great deal. All of this takes a lot of time and effort. When you have a property that is full of garbage, you know it’s going to sell faster and for more money if you have it cleaned out.

Normally, this is something you would ask the seller to deal with. However, there are times when that’s not an easy option. The seller may live out of state, or you may have been hired by a lender to sell a foreclosed property. Maybe you even purchased the property yourself to flip or invest in as a rental. No matter what the reason, you don’t have time to deal with the garbage. That’s where Junk King Cincinnati comes in. We can help you take care of all the trash and other junk at a property quickly and affordably. Here are a few of the benefits realtors get when they pair with us.


full service junk removal


You Don’t Have to Do Any of the Work

Perhaps the biggest benefit to working with Junk King is that you don’t have to do any of the work. Just call us up, tell us what you need, and accept our estimate. You can tell us what you need removed over the phone or text some photos to us. If you’re dealing with a major hoarder house or foreclosure, we can meet you at the property and do a walkthrough to give you the most accurate quote possible. We will also likely bring one of our trucks with us so we can get started right then and there if you’re agreeable.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else. We will take notes on what you want us to take or, in the event of a large amount of junk, what few items you want us to leave. You let us know what you need us to do, and we will take care of it. That includes yard debris and other garbage on the outside of the home in addition to the trash inside.

This leaves your team free to work on selling the home and your other tasks. You don’t need to coordinate renting a truck or hiring people to come load it up. We take care of that plus all the necessary dumping fees, recycling fees, and any other extra charges. They’re all built into our very transparent estimate. If you have any questions about any of these fees, please ask.


We’re Professionals

Junk hauling may seem like a fairly straightforward task, but there are a few major differences between us and the average person trying to load up a truck of garbage. Our team understands how to safely move heavy and bulky appliances and furniture. We can get that old sofa or broken refrigerator through the tightest spaces, and we will do so without scratching up the walls or floor. 

We also know the proper method for lifting and carrying items. If you have your employees, the sellers, or a few friends try to move heavy objects, they could hurt themselves. This could come back on you as the business owner or on the sellers as the property owners. No one wants to have to deal with the insurance nightmare that could come from someone being injured like this. We know how to safely lift heavy objects, and we have safety gear such as back braces to assist in preventing injuries.


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We Bring the Right Equipment

To move some large appliances and furniture, you need to have a dolly or lifting straps. You may not have either of these items. We have this equipment and more that helps make the moving process easier and safer. Without the right equipment, you’re more likely to injure yourself or damage the home you’re trying to sell. We always bring all of our equipment to every job, so we have everything on hand.

Our trucks are large enough to handle almost any project. If you were using your own truck, it could take several trips. We can typically take everything in one load. These large vehicles are designed to haul a large amount of heavy items, too, so they’re better equipped than a standard pickup truck.

Empty Houses Sell Better

If you have a foreclosed property or have been hired by a seller to sell a home that is still full of stuff, you’re going to have a hard time getting buyers to be interested. Many of them are going to take one look at all the junk in the home and decide to look elsewhere, even if the house is in a great location and in good shape. All of the clutter, especially if it’s old furniture, broken appliances, and trash, is going to greatly decrease the attractiveness of the home.

We will come in and get rid of all of that junk. Once we’ve cleaned out the property, you can come in with the seller and make minor repairs or other changes. Then you can lead potential buyers through the home knowing that they will be able to better see the house for what it is. Even if the property is being sold as-is, potential flippers will be able to get a better sense of the space once it’s emptied out.

When you remove everything from a room, it’s going to look bigger. This can be very important if you have a small property you’re trying to sell. The larger each room seems, the more likely it is that a potential buyer will be interested in it. If some of this junk is blocking windows, having it hauled off will help bring more natural light into the house, too.


foreclosure cleanup guide


We Haul Away Yard Debris, Too

You may have a property that looks amazing on the inside, but the exterior is full of dead bushes, fallen limbs, and other debris. That brings down the curb appeal of the property, and some potential buyers may decide not to even look inside the home because the outside looks so bad.

Junk King will come in and remove all of this yard waste. Whether it’s clipping, branches, old fencing, lumber, or other types of yard debris, we’ll quickly remove it so your landscaping crew can transform the property. Even if you don’t have landscapers coming, getting rid of this debris will make the space look larger and safer. That can be a major factor in whether or not someone buys a home. Parents, for example, may not want to purchase a house that has a backyard full of downed limbs, unsafe equipment, or broken fence posts.

Buyers See Junk as an Expense

The bottom line is that buyers see junk as another expense that they will have to deal with. Whether it’s removing all the junk inside a house or dealing with debris in the yard, they’re going to either haul it away themselves or pay to have it done. Some buyers may make it their offer contingent on the junk being removed, while others may submit offers lower than the asking cost because the home is full of garbage. While lenders may just want to offload their foreclosed properties and not necessarily expect to make any profit, sellers will want to get every dollar they can. Spending a little to remove the junk can boost the selling price by a good amount.


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We Protect Your Bottom Line

No one wants to spend more money than they have to for anything, including junk hauling. We recognize that your sellers aren’t going to have a lot of money to spend, especially if they have to do costly repairs or updates on the home to get it on the market. That’s why we make our services as affordable as possible.

Our pricing structure is based on how much space your garbage takes up. You won’t pay for an entire garbage truck if all you have is an old refrigerator to haul away. Even if you do have an entire house full of garbage to get rid of, we will carefully measure how much space it takes up so you only pay for what you use. The end result is that you spend less money on junk hauling, giving your sellers more of a profit.


Contact Junk King of Cincinnati Today

Cleaning out a property is one of the first steps in getting it on the market and getting it sold. Whether you have just a few things that the previous owner has left behind or need to clear out an entire home, Junk King of Cincinnati is here for you. As a previous client said, we provide “easy online scheduling and availability with short notice!”

You can text us pictures of what you need removed to 1-737-888-5865 or give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK and describe the garbage you have. You can also make an appointment for an in-person estimate. All of our quotes are free and have no obligations attached.


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