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Cincinnati Trash Outs

Many communities are looking towards the day when they can proudly proclaim they are “zero waste.” That would mean that all the trash collected by the city would end up being recycled or reused. If that sounds too farfetched, it’s actually a feasible plan that many Cincinnati businesses are getting behind. Recently, the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council paid a visit to Cincinnati to “share strategies for reducing waste at companies and nonprofits both large and small.” They picked Cincinnati because of the hard work companies like Fifth Third Bancorp, Luxottica, Miller Coors and Procter & Gamble have made towards the zero waste philosophy.

Case in point: The Miller Coors’ Trenton plant actually cut off shipping waste to landfills more than three years ago. That’s thanks to their impressive sustainability program. Kelly Harris, the plant’s sustainability manager says, “This is the first U.S. mega-brewery to reach the zero waste to landfill milestone.” All of the plant’s waste that can’t be recycled or composted is shipped off to Indianapolis where it is converted into electricity by burning it down.

So, what are you doing with all of your trash? Hopefully, you’re pitching in with your own home recycling efforts but sometimes the trash can be overwhelming. We’re not talking about a stack of unread magazines or leftovers from game night. Instead, consider all the junk you’re hanging onto. If you’re never going to use this stuff again then it has officially become trash. If you can toss it out then you need to call Junk King Cincinnati.

These are the junk removal specialists who have been helping your neighbors clean up their homes and businesses. How are they doing? A quick peek at their Facebook page finds awesome reviews like these:

“The guys were very polite and prompt they called first and were at my home right when they said they would. I would recommend your company to my family and friends.”

“Fast service and crew even swept up after loading truck.”

“Very courteous and timely. They did everything they said they would and left little to clean up.
We have already been telling friends and neighbors about the reasonable cost and being glad we called them to get rid of unsightly items in our back yard. Great job!”

When these happy customers talk about the “guys” they are referring to the Junk King crew that comes along with every removal assignment. These will be the guys who will do all the hard work of getting rid of your stuff. They will also be in charge of taking your stuff to its final resting place. Junk King has a record of diverting close to 60% of everything they collect away from local landfills. That means you’ll really be doing your part to help Cincinnati become a zero waste kind of town!

Dayton Ohio Junk Removal

Who keeps dumping trash on the streets of Dayton? Up to know there has been no way to find out but the Dayton City Commissioners are about to change that. They are on the verge of approving the purchase of 9 security cameras to be placed at strategic spots in downtown Dayton. The hope is to find the illegal dumpers and slap them with a fine. How much? Up to six months in jail and $1,000. That should make anything think twice about randomly dumping trash on a street or alley.

When you think about it, the effort it takes to load up a sofa, drive it across town in the middle of the night and the dump it in a dark alley seems like a bit much. It’s a much smarter choice to let Junk King Cincinnati handle all your junk removal needs. Haven’t heard of Junk King? They are fairly new to the Dayton, Ohio area having just opened for business back in 2011. This is a personal business for owner Pete. When he helped his mom downsize her home he found himself surrounded by a lot of stuff to get rid of but no way to properly disposed of it. A little research had him reaching out to Junk King. Now he’s the proud owner of the franchise that is helping hundreds of local residents with their junk removal needs.

How can Junk King Cincinnati help? Start with providing you with a two-man crew that will be your “muscle.” These are the guys who will lift and load whatever you’re throwing away. They’ll be doing all of that loading onto the back of the Junk King truck. You’re not going to have to lift a finger or rent a truck. You also won’t be driving around looking for somewhere to dump your trash. The Junk King crew knows all the certified landfills, recycle centers or charities that will accept what you’re throwing out.

With all of that help, you can finally get rid of a whole array of junk items like old furniture, appliances, yard waste, car parts, mattresses and anything else that won’t fit in your garbage can. All of this can start with a phone call to Pete. Either he or one of his other JK Cincinnati supervisors will come out to your home to figure out how much space your stuff will take up on the back of their truck. Based on that amount is what you’ll be paying. Will you be filling up the truck or just half full? As soon as you agree to the price, you can schedule the removal. Chances are you can take care of it all in the same day. What a sweet relief that will be to finally get rid of your junk the right way!

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