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Home Downsizing Tips in Cincinnati

How much space do you really need? A lot of Cincinnati residents are asking themselves that very question when it comes to figuring out where they should live. If you’ve been wondering about downsizing your life then you’re not alone. Keep in mind that downsizing doesn’t always mean moving into a smaller place. It could mean making the most of the space your living in now and that requires getting rid of junk.

Take for instance the story of the treadmill. There was a time when getting in shape was a priority but there just didn’t seem to be enough time in your busy day. The solution? Buy a treadmill and tuck it into a corner of the bedroom on in that room nobody is using. Now you can exercise at home whenever it is convenient, right? What happened next often happens to plenty of folks with a home gym: nothing. That treadmill gets more workout as a clothes hanger. The problem is it’s taking up some valuable space. That’s space enough for a desk that can be used for a home office. Or space for a bookshelf or space for storage. Getting rid of that treadmill means you’re downsizing and that’s going to be a big plus.

Is there anything else in your home you could downsize out of your life? What about all the stuff in the basement like old furniture? If you get rid of that you could reclaim your basement and turn it into a guest room. That is a room that could be used for visiting family members or better yet renting out to a boarder. If you are not going to be using your basement why not make some money off of it?

That is probably the biggest plus with downsizing: saving money. A move to a smaller home or apartment means less money in rent, less money in heating and less money in energy bills. That will be more money in your pocket to pay off bills or plan for retirement. All of a sudden this idea of downsizing is sounding pretty good!

The best approach to take with downsizing is teaming up with a partner like Junk King Cincinnati. This is the Cincinnati company who makes junk removal their business. In fact, it is their only business. Junk King can help you get rid of all that unwanted stuff that is taking up space by providing the muscle and the empty truck space. There is no need for you to drive to the landfill or lift any heavy object when Junk King is working for you. Call them today and find out how competitive their rates are and how easy it is to put them to work. Your new downsized life waits!

Cincinnati Apartment Junk Hauling

According to a recent survey rents for apartments in the Cincinnati area are expected to rise in the coming months. Already for 2012 apartment renters are seeing an increase of 2.8% in their monthly rent fees over the same time from last year. The good news is that there are more multifamily homes being constructed in the area which should add about 1,000 new apartments the city. However, there is still a premium for decent apartments. This is due in no small part to the fact that many folks are putting off buying a home in this volatile real estate market and instead are staying put in their own apartments. If you’re a current apartment owner who feels a bit frustrated with the confines of your space it might be time to clear out some of the clutter and make the most of your living environment.

We all have a tendency to become “pack rats” when it comes to saving stuff. Whether you live in a big mansion or two bedroom apartment it’s not hard to imagine that those spaces will become overrun with clutter just through the normal routines of life. Usually this doesn’t become an issue until somebody comes by for a visit. In a whirlwind to get the apartment clean most folks will gather up any sort of clutter and shove it into a closet. This is the “out of sight out of mind” method of cleaning. Unfortunately once something lands in a closet it often remains there becoming buried under layers of other junk. Every time you reach for a coat there’s a moment of frustration with how hard it is to find anything in the closet. Clearly, cleaning out that storage space should be the number one priority for any apartment dweller.

Too often the reason why renters don’t clean out the clutter is because they have nowhere to dispose of it. Their allotted garbage bin probably won’t hold all the stuff they want to get rid of. If you find yourself in this type of situation then you should definitely be reaching for the phone to call Junk King Cincinnati at 1-888-888-JUNK. Although it is true that much of Junk King’s business comes from homeowners who are getting rid of the stuff they have crammed into their basements and garages, many apartment renters have discovered the benefits of scheduling a Junk King pickup day.

The approach you can take working with Junk King to clear out the clutter of your apartment is to simply make note of which items around your apartment you want to be hauled off. That’s what Junk King will be removing. What’s great about how Junk King works is that they will charge by the amount of space you take up in their truck not by how long it takes to remove that junk. This is a huge benefit for apartment renters especially those who live several flights up. Even if it takes several hours for the Junk King crew to climb up and down those stairs it’s only going to cost you the price of  how much space you’re junk takes up. That’s a bargain in anyone’s book!

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