Start 2017 In A Junk Free Home Thanks To Junk King Cincinnati

What is your hope for the New Year? A new job? A new place to live? A new car? Those can all become a reality but it will take some effort on your part to put those plans into action. It might help to start the New Year with small steps. That can begin with a call to Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk removal pros that will be able to transform your cluttered home into a junk free zone in no time at all. That will certainly free you up to focus on all your other goals in a living space that is finally comfortable and inviting.


Junk King Cincinnati understands how valuable your time is. They don’t want to waste one minute of it especially if it’s your day off. When you schedule your junk removal session with Junk King Cincinnati, you get the pick the day that works best for your calendar. That might actually be the same day you call in. Depending upon where the trucks are a same-day pickup can certainly be arranged. Most sessions are completed by the next day because Junk King Cincinnati likes to move very fast.

Moving fast doesn’t mean moving sloppily. The crews working for Junk King Cincinnati have a lot of experience carrying heavy objects out of the house. They will treat your floors like their own. There also licensed and insured which makes them totally professional and trustworthy. There really isn’t any choice when it comes to hiring quality junk or movers!

There is no limit to what you can get rid of in terms of furniture, appliances, e-waste, household goods, clothing, sporting goods, auto-parts and remodeling waste. It all gets loaded onto the back of the truck in a single session. Once the last piece of junk is put onto the truck, the crew will be moving on to their next location and you can get back to your day.

A lot of the work that happens from Junk King Cincinnati occurs long after they’ve left your home. This is where they sort through all the stuff they’ve collected back to the depot. They can be pulling out things that could be recycled or donated. This is just how they do business. The easiest thing to accomplish in 2017 will be a clean house thanks to Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King Cincinnati Kickstart Your Organizing With A Junk Free Home

The traditional time for a floor-to-ceiling cleaning is at the start of spring. However, an argument could be made that a much better time for cleaning is at the beginning of the year. This is literally where you can embrace the concept of “out with the old, in with the new.” Wouldn’t it be nice to look around your house the first week of 2017 and not see any junk? One call to Junk King Cincinnati can make that dream a reality.


When you set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King Cincinnati, you’ll be put in charge of your very own moving crew. Obviously, this is a “one way” moving crew. The only direction your junk will flow is out of your house never to return. Since they’ve set up operation here in Cincinnati, this branch of Junk King has dealt with its fair share of rubbish. They’ve dealt with hoarder houses, foreclosed homes, abandoned buildings and rundown warehouses. That means whatever level of junk you want to get rid of surprise them.

Weight is never an issue for Junk King Cincinnati. That holds true for your fee and for the actual work. The Junk King Cincinnati crew won’t be bothered by moving something is heavy as a piano or pool table. They also won’t charge by the pound. That will make a huge difference to your bottom line price. The fee is based on volume. It all comes down to how much room your junk will take up on the back of the truck. You’ll know it is prices before the work begins. Since the Junk King crews are experts at packing up a lot of junk in a little space your sure to score a terrific price every time.

When the Junk King Cincinnati crew has completed their load in they’ll drive off to the next pickup appointment and you can get back to your busy day. That will free you up to start organizing all the stuff you’re keeping. You might even clear out enough stuff to set up a workbench in the garage or home office down in the basement. Those a much better uses of those areas. The first step towards organizing your home is a call to Junk King Cincinnati. Make that happen today!

Have A Clutter Free Holiday With Help From Junk King Cincinnati

Are you one of those people that thrive during the holidays? There are some people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping for presents, organizing parties and making sure everyone is taking care of. Usually this is someone who is very well organized and can handle multitasking. If there’s one thing about the holidays, it’s all about the multitasking! Of course, there’s always the risk that someone who takes on too much could end up burning themselves out. They usually wake up feeling exhausted on Christmas morning and that certainly no way to spend that day. Just because you have control over the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help. When it comes to removing clutter from your home that help can come from Junk King Cincinnati.



Junk King Cincinnati will be sending over a pair of “elves” to help you with your junk removal chore. This is a wonderful opportunity to finally get rid of all kinds of unwanted rubbish throughout your home. You can start with your closets. Just think about how many outfits you have in there that you probably never wear again. What about all the old tennis rackets, shoes and hats that will never see the light of day? All of that can be taken out in a single session with Junk King Cincinnati. When that happens, it’s almost as if you’re getting a brand-new closet.

You could take that same approach throughout the rest of your home wherever you’ve got clutter stored. The two-man crew from Junk King Cincinnati will help you transform your basement and garage into an open area once again. You can then put those spaces to more practical use such as a family room or arts and craft area. Isn’t it time that you get the most out of the living space in your home?

You’ll be able to get rid of all your clutter and still have plenty of money left over for the holidays. That’s because Junk King Cincinnati pricing policy is very affordable. It’s always based upon volume and not weight. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be expected to pay before the work begins. Make sure your holidays aren’t cluttered with junk by hiring Junk King Cincinnati today.

Junk King Cincinnati Helps Get Your Home Ready For Guests

The holidays are all about catching up with friends and family. Thanks to innovations like Skype and Facetime, you can actually stay in touch a lot more often with relatively no cost. All those great to check in with the video chat nothing beats having a little face-to-face time. If you are opening your home to overnight guests, then you want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. That means setting them up in a room with all the comforts of their own. You certainly don’t want to put them in the spare room that has been turned into a storage locker! One call to Junk King Cincinnati can help clear out all that clutter and make sure is ready for guests.


The most arduous part of getting rid of junk is sorting through your junk. At least that is the case when you hire Junk King Cincinnati. They’re going to do the actual heavy lifting for you and that doesn’t take much time at all. Once their truck is loaded with their stuff they’ll drive off and you get back to your day. You won’t have to go around for a proper place to dispose of all your stuff. As for that sorting, that can take as long as you need. Just keep in mind that this should be completed before the Junk King Cincinnati crew shows up so you won’t keep them waiting.

As you sort through your things, you may decide there are several items that could donated to charities. That will happen automatically when you hire Junk King Cincinnati. In other words, you don’t have to separate your rubbish from your donations. The crews know exactly what the local charities are looking for and they’ll happily make those drop offs even if it means a few extra trips. That’s just how Junk King Cincinnati operates.

The cost for this great cleanup service is surprisingly affordable. You’ll only be charged a flat rate based upon how tightly the crews can pack up your stuff on the truck. The less space they take up, the less you pay! The first step for getting your home ready for guests should always be a call to Junk King Cincinnati. Make that happen today.

Junk King Cincinnati Lands More Rave Reviews

“This is the third time I have used Junk King and every time they have done a great job! It is so easy to make an appointment and they come get everything and done!” – H.A.K., Cleves


Junk King Cincinnati is happy to boast of the many repeat customers they add to their rosters every day. Once you experience for yourself how easy it is to get all your unwanted junk removed with Junk King Cincinnati then you’ll become a loyal customer, too! It won’t be long before your adding rave reviews like the following:

“Great company. Known the owner for years. He is a man of great integrity. They came on time quoted a fair rate and got done quickly will highly recommend.” – J.O.J.C.H., Dayton

You’ll always know what the fee is going to be before the job starts. Although you might be given an estimate over the phone the final fee can only be locked down once the crew is seen all the things you want to get rid of. They’re going to be sizing up the space it will take up on the back of the truck. It’s all about the volume with Junk King Cincinnati and that’s a very fair way to handle this type of service.

“Quick response, I called and they were available to come out the next day. The guys were very respectful of our home and not damaging anything while moving heavy, large, awkward items from our basement. They were very flexible. I requested to only remove a large entertainment center when I originally called to schedule the pickup. Upon arrival, I decided to add several more items. The guys did not appear to be inconvenienced by my change of plans. Instead of one large piece of furniture, I filled the truck up nearly full if not completely full. I feel 1,000 pounds lighter after removing all the unwanted/unused items. Thank You!” – M.H., Cincinnati

Junk King Cincinnati crews are very adaptable. They know that your final list will always change between that first phone call and their arrival. Once you realize your get a crew and a big truck to take care of your junk removal anything goes!

“On time, courteous gentlemen. Quick process.” – D.E.C., Fairfield

That is the perfect way to sum up Junk King Cincinnati’s service. For dependable, fair and fast junk removal, you can always count on Junk King Cincinnati. The reviews don’t lie!

Don’t Scare Your Neighbors With Junk In The Yard. Let Junk King Cincinnati Pick It Up

The simplest way to decorate your home for Halloween is to put out a carved pumpkin or two. That will let the trick-or-treaters know your home is “open for business” on Halloween night. Other folks might go all out and turn their homes into haunted houses. That can be a lot of fun but can also be a lot of work. It would be horrible if your home were actually mistaken for haunted house when all you did was put out the pumpkins. If the junk in your front yard is scaring your neighborhood, then that is time to bring in Junk King Cincinnati.


Junk King Cincinnati is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers. They are determined to clean out as many homes and businesses in the Cincinnati area as possible. They have a fleet of trucks and capable team standing by to provide a rapid response for any junk removal session. It is conceivable that you could call Junk King Cincinnati in the morning and have your junk gone by lunchtime. That’s how fast those crews work.

When the two-man moving crew assigned to your junk removal task shows up you can show them all the things you want taken away. This could include items under a porch, behind the garage or along the side of the house. It’s a great opportunity to finally get rid of all those things that are just rusting away. In addition to all the front yard junk, you can also have Junk King Cincinnati remove all the unwanted clutter from your closets and garage. Again, you’re just going to show the crew what you want taken away. You don’t have to bring anything from downstairs or up from the basement. That Junk King Cincinnati crew is going to do all the work and they mean that quite literally!

In addition to getting rid of all your unwanted junk you’ll also be helping the community. That’s because Junk King Cincinnati makes it a priority to drop collected items off at charities or recycling centers. That keeps a lot of people employed and is great for the environment. You don’t have to scare the neighbors with your junk. Give it all to Junk King Cincinnati instead.

Junk King Cincinnati Helps You Set Up A Clutter Free Homework Zone

Do you remember procrastinating with your homework? It’s natural for some kids to put off until the last minute those assignments. After all, they would much rather be doing just about anything else than trying to remember chemistry formulas or algebra problems. Today’s students are even more challenged with their homework assignments because of the many distractions they have. Those distractions are increased if your kid participates in Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes it’s really hard to tear them away from the Internet!


The best approach to help them get through their homework is to set up a homework zone. This should be a designated area in your home that is as free from distractions as possible. That might also include distractions around the kitchen table. Setting up a nice desk in their bedroom or down in the basement would be a good way to go. When that is your focus then you definitely want to think about bringing in Junk King Cincinnati. These are the decluttering pros that can help you create that homework zone in no time at all.

Just as your child need certain “tools” to get through their homework assignment like calculator, pencils and a notebook you’ll also need tools to get rid of your clutter. That is provided by the two-man moving crew Junk King Cincinnati is going to set up for you. This is a crew who will be rolling up in a truck big enough to hold whatever it is you want to throw out. That can be an old computer, recliner, ping-pong table or box of shoes. It can also be an entire garage full of clutter.

The best part about hiring Junk King Cincinnati is you don’t have to do any of the work. Your moving crew is going to do all the heavy lifting and loading. It doesn’t matter how many stairs they have to climb or how heavy something might be if you want it gone, then consider it gone.

As they load up your truck there also going to be keeping an eye out for anything that might be of a benefit to a charity or recycling center. Junk King is dedicated to disposing of everything they collect in a responsible way that is good for the environment. That’s a great lesson to teach your kids. Getting rid of all the clutter is going to totally transform your home for the better. Let Junk King Cincinnati make that happen today!

Junk King Cincinnati Gets Your Yard Ready For Winter

How big is your leaf battle every year? This would be the amount of time you spend raking up leaves only to have them fall down again. It’s kind of like shoveling snow before the snow has actually finished falling. There are some folks that don’t even bother with the leaf raking until that first snowfalls. Of course, there many other things to do around your home and yard besides raking the leaves in order to get ready for winter. This is the time to put away things like grills and patio furniture. You should also be on the lookout for possible nesting areas. Rodents and other vermin would love to build a winter home in a pile of lumber or wood stacked in your yard. It might be a better choice to have all that stuff removed before the temperature drops. That’s where Junk King Cincinnati can be a huge help.


Junk King Cincinnati provides every junk removal session with a pair of very capable movers. This is the team who has been bonded, licensed and insured. In other words they are completely trustworthy and just the type of workers you want to invite onto your property. Although the Junk King crews might not be able to help with the actual raking of the leaves they can certainly get rid of however many bags you might fill up. They can also take care of removing any fallen tree branches. If you’ve got yard waste, then they can get rid of it.

Your yard waste might also include things that you’re done using like a child’s swing set or above ground swimming pool. The Junk King crews can break that down and have it loaded up onto the truck in no time at all. This will certainly make your backyard a lot safer for winter.

During that same junk removal session, you can also get that crew to help you declutter the inside of your garage and closets. This is another great way to get ready for winter and making your home a much more cozy living space. Are you ready to finally get rid of all the clutter in your home and backyard? Then you’re ready to call in Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King Cincinnati Handles Old Stove Disposal

You’ll know your stove has stopped working when it takes a little bit longer for food to cook through. It might also have you waiting before it heats up completely. Plus, whatever temperature you think you’re cooking at might not be the real temperature. All of these are perfect reasons to replace that stove with a new more energy-efficient model. You might even want to upgrade to a convection oven just like the top chefs use. Before your new stove can come in you have to handle your old stove disposal. More to the point, you should have Junk King Cincinnati handle that job. When it comes to removing appliances, Junk King Cincinnati are the experts.


The first step with removing an old stove is making sure it is properly disconnected from the gas line. Although not many homeowners realize this but should always have your new stove installed by someone from the gas company. They will make sure that everything is working as it should. The other important factor with old stove disposal is to make sure it won’t scratch up your floors or chip away at your walls. It might be easy to slide the stove across your kitchen tiles but once it leaves the kitchen you will have to be very careful. That is where the two-man moving crew from Junk King Cincinnati will be a huge benefit. They will take their time to size up the situation and make sure that stove can be maneuvered through your home without causing any damage.

It might help to schedule your old stove disposal appointment with Junk King Cincinnati on the same day as your new stove arrival. Junk King is great attic, dating schedules. You could set up your time with Junk King in the morning and leave plenty of opportunity to clean the floor in anticipation of your new stove arrival in the afternoon.

On that same trip that the crew from Junk King Cincinnati is taking out your old stove, they can also take away the rest of your clutter. This is really where hiring junk King is going to pay off. Bring in Junk King Cincinnati to handle your old stove disposal and all your junk removal needs.

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