Renovation Cleanup Happens Fast With Junk King

At the end of any day of your remodeling project you should be able to see progress. That first day will be completely transformative as all the old remnants of the kitchen or bathroom that you are remodeling will be torn down and tossed out. There should be milestones that the crew is reaching at the end of each shift.

This is why it’s important to check the references of the contractor that you intend a hire. There have been some horror stories that have contractors double booking jobs. That means they split work crews and that will only slow things down. Another thing that could slow your remodel crew down is having them clean up the site. That is not to say that the site shouldn’t be kept but if the work crew is doing handling that task then it will mean they load up their own truck with the degree and then have to leave the job early to go to the nearest landfill. A better approach would be to leave the renovation cleanup to Junk King Chico.

Regular Appointments

Most Junk King customers utilize their services at least once every couple of months. It depends on how much they want to get rid of in a single session. On a remodeling job you may want to increase the frequency of setting up your Junk King appointments so that there is never any chance of your property being overwhelmed by construction debris. That first week will certainly have the most trash created. After that, you might find that a weekly pickup can keep your site clean and orderly. You could also simply do one Junk King session on day one and one on the last day. Whatever works best for your schedule is what Junk King will strive to make happen.

The cost to Junk King services will be based upon how much space all that trash takes up on the back of the truck. The Junk King crews are experts with packing up the truck and know exactly how everything will fit on. They will be able to provide you with an estimate before the work begins. It’s a very affordable and competitive price structure.

Renovation cleanup can happen fast when Junk King Chico is on that assignment. Book them today.