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Keep Your Storeroom Organized

Would you ever let a customer into your storeroom or warehouse? There a plenty of businesses who keep those places restricted and not just for security reasons. A customer might look at a disorganized storage space and wonder if that is part of the rest of your company. Getting your storeroom organized is crucial to a company’s success. Here’s some good things to keep in mind about your store room organization:


Adopt Lean Inventory

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a menu that goes on for pages and pages? It is simply impossible to maintain a high level of quality when they have to stock so much food. The same can be said for your approach to the storeroom. It should be “lean” without excessive amounts of items that aren’t selling. There is nothing wrong with adding product but if it proves to be a dud, then it is time to reevaluate in order to free up space.

Put Safety First

Going vertical makes good use of storage space but only if those shelves are secured and what is being put on them follows the guidelines for weight restrictions. You only have to Google “forklift accidents” to see how stacking high can go wrong very fast.

Customize Labeling

Not every storeroom can follow a standard way of labeling inventory and shelves. You have you customize your space to best fit your needs. Perhaps fast sellers are up front with new product cycling in at the back. Maybe labeling by category and/or color works for certain items. Your workers will be able to provide a lot of guidance for this endeavor.

Keep the Space Clean

Keeping the storage area clean is going to improve efficiency. Cleanup should happen at the end of every day so that the returning shift will start in a safe, clean space. Part of that regular clean up should include reducing clutter. That means getting rid of inventory that is damage or can’t be sold again. It is a loss and is taking up valuable space. Junk King Chico can help with this task. They are experts at clearing out storage space both big and small. One clutter clearing session with Junk King Chico can clear your storeroom space and regular sessions can keep it that way. Put them to work today.