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Too much junk?

Have you built up too much junk? Is your house full of clutter? Well I have the answer to your problem, Junk King Atlanta can haul away all of your unwanted junk. We will remove ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Not only do we provide a dependable hauling service, but we recycle at least 60% of every full load. We are the FASTEST and GREENEST junk removal service you will find in Atlanta! Call Junk King Atlanta today at 1-888-888-5865 or book online at

Help For Construction Debris Removal

Today Junk King Atlanta did a construction debris removal including wood, drywall, insulation, and shingles. At this particular job, we are working for a contractor where we do job site clean-up on a regular basis. At another job today we hauled away yard waste, furniture, mattresses, box springs, and firewood. The firewood we picked up today will be recycled along with the yard waste at the green landfill to be chipped and reused.  The furniture, mattresses, and box springs were donated to Helping Hands of Cumming, Georgia.

Atlanta Yard Waste Removal

Travel about 60 miles north of Atlanta and you’ll come upon the Barnsley Gardens Resort. For many wedding couples who want a memorable ceremony with a distinct southern flair, this venue is the only choice. Here’s how they describe themselves: “Surrounded by hundreds of acres of flowering gardens and lush green forests, the resort offers luxurious wedding services for bridal parties of all sizes. Special discounted pricing is also available to brides hosting weddings in winter or late summer months. The combination of stunning scenery, numerous venue choices, and Southern charm guarantee that couples will have the fairy tale wedding they’ve always dreamed about.”

While a four star venue like the Barnsley Gardens might be a first pick for some, other couples opt for a more low key affair which can be every bit as memorable; just easier on the budget. For these folks a good old fashioned backyard wedding will do the trick. It doesn’t really take a lot to turn a backyard into a delightful wedding environment. Most of what you will need including tables, chairs and a dance floor can all be rented. A gorgeous white tent can be put up to cover the guests throughout the day and night. Add in some strategically placed floral arrangements and your backyard will be every bit as cozy and inviting as the most prestigious of Atlanta’s botanical gardens. Naturally, if you’re going to pull something like this off, you’re going to need some help. First things first: You need to clear out your yard of waste and that can be accomplished with the help of professional junk haulers like Junk King Atlanta.

For the best junk haulers, dirt counts as junk! The same holds true for fallen branches, chunks of sod, rusty patio furniture or anything else that is piled around your backyard taking up valuable lawn space. It can all be hauled off. Even if you’re not planning a big wedding celebration, chances are if you’ve got a yard you’ll want to be out in on a cool summer night grilling up a storm. Maybe one of the reasons you don’t use your backyard as often as you should is because of all the unsightly waste you have out there. That doesn’t have to be a problem when you can get professional help.

What makes hiring professionals like Junk King for this type of job a good call is that they will do all the heavy lifting. Doesn’t matter if that will be wheelbarrows full of dirt or concrete from your patio; they’ll handle the job. They’ll also have the big truck which can be loaded to the rafters. Most importantly, these professional junk haulers will also know where to dump all your yard waste where it will be safe and secure (not the side of the road!). When you add it all up, hire pros is really the only way to go for getting your yard in shape.