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Chattanooga Swing Set Removal

There was time when all you needed for a backyard swing set was a piece of rope, an old tire and a really strong tree. Today, prefabricated swing sets are all the rage. As with any type of contraption you have to build, there is a booklet of safety recommendations that you’ll have to follow to make sure your swing set is completely safe. Even after all of your prep work, there is no guarantee that your kid won’t go flying off that swing at some point. It’s just what kids are meant to do. As much fun as you’ll have on that swing set, there will come a sad day when your children have officially outgrown the swings. At that point, you have a choice: keep the swings as a tribute to days gone by or set up a proper swing set removal appointment with Junk King. One takes up valuable backyard space, the other lets you put in a hot tub. Which will you choose?


If you pick swing set removal, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to makeover your backyard. Although you might have built that set, there is no reason why you would have to take it apart to get rid of it. That’s what you hire Junk King for. Every Junk King crew shows up with the right tools to handle any disassemble project. These crews have been called on to take about hot tubs, stoves, pool tables and exercise equipment. Taking apart a swing set will be a snap!

As you consider your swing set removal, you might also think ahead to some other objects that the Junk King crew can clear out of your yard. Now is your chance to toss out that old lawnmower, rusty BBQ grill and worn out patio furniture. If you’ve recently completed some landscaping, Junk King can help with the removal of dirt, rocks, paving stones and other yard waste. Everything ends up on the same truck and that’s good news for your yard cleanup. It’s also good news for cleaning up the rest of your home. You can use this swing set removal appointment to have Junk King take away the clutter in your garage, basement or attic. Whether you want to turn your garage into a workshop or your basement into a home theater, you need to get rid of the junk first. Swing set removal and a total junk clear out is easy when you’ve got Junk King on the job.

Celebrate Earth Day In Chattanooga With Green Junk Removal

All around Chattanooga, folks are getting into the Earth Day celebration. Over at Thunder Creak Harley Davidson, you can get credit for new clothing when you recycled your old boots, denim or leather goods. These items will be donated to local charities and yes, that counts for recycling! Crabtree Farms is throwing a potluck dinner along with the screening of the film: “Dirt: The Movie.” This documentary is all about soil and the importance of preservation. At Home Depot centers across Chattanooga, there will be ongoing workshops on eco-friendly gardening practices, tips for buying energy efficient appliances and “how to” steps for building a kid-friendly Earth Day planter basket. Finally, you can hire Junk King to complete your spring-cleaning project and make sure your junk is recycled.

Going green is what Junk King is all about. The majority of their junk removal appointments are turned into recycling projects. This happens when the Junk King crew pulls out those pieces that can be dropped off at a recycling center. It’s easy to see how your old cardboard boxes, newspapers and magazines can be recycled. Junk King takes recycling to the next level by having things like furniture, yard waste, appliances and e-waste all repurposed. It’s not a stretch for Junk King to make several drop offs with every full truck. That’s because there are different recycling centers for different materials. If you wanted to recycle your sofa, stove and driveway concrete then you would be making three separate drop offs. That’s a lot of time and energy on your part. Doesn’t it make sense to have Junk King handle that with an eco-friendly junk removal appointment?

Not everything that Junk King collects will be ground up and turned into pulp. The Junk King crew will drop off any collected junk that can be put to use by local charities. You don’t have to ask for this green service. Junk King provides it automatically. As for pricing, Junk King is very friendly in that regard, too! You’ll be charged a flat fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the truck. All that recycling drop off is included in that single price. Shop around and you’ll find that Junk King offers the most competitive junk removal prices in Chattanooga. Make this year’s Earth Day count with a junk removal appointment from Junk King. The planet will thank you!

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