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Monthly Archives:

Kick Off 2018 With These New Year’s Resolutions

The two most popular resolutions made each year are to get into better shape and to break a bad habit like smoking. Those are noble resolutions but you don’t have to stop there. There are a lot more goals you could set for yourself in the coming year. Here are a few to think about:


Be More Creative

Not everyone is a master painter but that doesn’t mean you can’t be more creative. Have you taken the time to explore all those filters on your Smartphone camera? You’ll be amazed at how you can improve a simple photo. You can also be creative when it comes to cooking or finding ways to inspire your kids to get their chores and homework done. Of course, nothing is wrong with starting that book idea!

Overcome Your Fears

What are you afraid of? Maybe it is heights or spiders. You could also have a fear of getting fired at work or not making enough money. A lot of fears are based on lack of information. By informing yourself you could just end up conquering fears. Not all spiders bite or are poisonous and on it goes. Get those answers to why you’re afraid and conquer that fear.

Start a Journal

Writing a journal is a good way to “vent” without bothering anyone. You can write in confidence knowing no one has to read what you’re writing. If the thought of writing in longhand bothers you, then type out your journal or dictate your thoughts onto a phone voice memo. This time next year, look back on what you’ve wrote. Always interesting.

Get Junk Removed

You’ll feel great about starting the New Year in a home that isn’t full of clutter. Once you’ve had your day off, focus on sorting through all your closets, garage, basement, attic and other storage areas. How much stuff in those places can you live without? Here’s a hint: If you haven’t used any of those items in over a year, then you can probably get rid of them. That’s when you’ll want to bring in Junk King Chattanooga. All you’ll need is one appointment with these junk hauling experts to make all that rubbish disappear. The best New Year’s resolution you can make for your home is to get rid of the junk. Junk King Chattanooga can make it happen.


Best Approach For Senior Proofing Your Home

There might come a time when you’ll be able to return the favor to your parents and let them move in with you. It’s a great way to keep them connected to the grandkids and keep an eye out for them. As they get older, there are some easy precautions you can take to reduce the risk of unnecessary falls in your home. Here is the best approach for senior proofing your home:


Install Railings and Bars

Think of your bathroom as the major slip zone in your home. You might have experience your own tumbles in there as you get in and out of the shower. Installing additional grip handles can help prevent those kinds of slips. You can even go so far as to swap out the traditional tub with a walk-in tub. You’ll also want to put non-slip mats in the tub and outside the tub.

Remove Locks

No, not the locks on the front door but doorknobs inside your home with built-in locking mechanisms. Sometimes you’ll find these on bathroom and bedroom doors. They can also lead to accidently getting locked in a room.

Watch Out For Slippery Surfaces

The same caution you use in the bathroom with no slip mats should be applied to the kitchen and laundry room. Make sure the floors have those mats and they are secured with double-stick tape.

Remove Trip Hazards

Area rugs and footstools are two major culprits when it comes to tripping. Do you really need those? You want to make sure you have clear paths down hallways, across rooms and up and down stairs. If clearing out these trip hazards leaves you with piles of clutter that can’t fit into the trash, then it’s time to call in Junk King Chattanooga. They’ll set up a junk removal session that will be staffed with a pair of capable movers who will be doing all the heavy lifting for you. This is a great opportunity to get rid of heavy pieces of furniture or to clear out rubbish form the garage or closets. Senior proofing your home won’t be complete until Junk King Chattanooga has hauled away the clutter.

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