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Monthly Archives:

Help Make Chattanooga ‘The Best Town Ever’ by Picking up Your Trash!

Outside Magazine recently conducted a Facebook poll to find the “Best Town Ever.” Hands down, Chattanooga broke from the pack and took a major lead in the polling. “The winner won’t be announced until the October issue of Outside magazine hits the newsstands,” Jada Williams, the magazine’s publicist, said. Beyond the prize of bragging rights, the winning city will be prominently featured on the cover of Outside Magazine and have a dedicated segment on Outside Television. According to contest rules: “The winning town will be determined through a combination of total votes, overall support as a result of content such as photos and testimonials submitted, and creativity.”
It’s clear from these results that the folks living in Chattanooga have great pride in their city. Along with that pride comes a certain level of hard work. You can’t just sit back and take pride in your city; you need to work to make it great. That is why so many Chattanooga residents like to spend time sprucing up their yards and maintaining their lawns. This has proven to be a challenge with the recent wave of storms and flooding that has battered the region. As those waters receded, Chattanoogans rolled up their sleeves and started the clean-up.
There is no telling what a storm will dump in your yard. Often this refuse is too big to handle. That’s when you should be calling upon the services of a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to take away your large trash piles. By professional, we mean a business who is dedicated to keeping Chattanooga clean.
Here’s how this works: You’ve got piles of trash that can’t fit into your garbage can. What are your options? You would spend hours breaking up your one big pile into a bunch of little piles and then patiently wait to have them carted off week after week after week by your friendly city garbage collectors. While that happens, you’re still staring at the garbage. You could load up all that garbage into the back of your SUV, truck or family minivan and then drive around in search of a dump. That’s not anybody’s idea of a fun weekend. Not to mention what kind of damage you could inflict on your car.
Hiring Junk King’s professional moving crew  in Chattanooga means they will have the big truck and the muscle to pick up and take away your trash. Naturally, you don’t have to just concern yourself with what might have been dumped in your yard from the storms. You could call on these junk haulers to help you clear out your garage or basement of all the unwanted stuff you’ve collected over the years. This is the perfect project to make room in your home for guests. After all, once the word gets out about Chattanooga being the “Best Town Ever” you’re going to get a lot of calls from friends and family who want to see for themselves!

Sleep Longer and Live Longer by Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress!

We’ve all been told for most of our lives how important it is for a good night’s rest. In fact, there have been many studies conducted in the area of sleep research to understand just what happens when we drift off and why it is so important. The following is list of the top benefits we get from a decent sleep:
–  Improve Your Memory: If you think of your brain as a constantly working computer then you can appreciate the need for that computer to shut down for rest. Even your actually computer has a “sleep mode.” While we sleep, our brain is able to defrag all the items we took in during the day. By sorting these memories, the brain is able to store them in the right places which allow you to recall them when needed.
– Live Longer: This is where the issue of proper balance comes into play. Too much sleep or not enough sleep can have a direct impact on our lifespan. A recent found that women who ranged in age between 50 to 79 had more death occur when they slept less than five hours a night. The recommended daily dose of sleep is a good 7 to 8 hours.
– Reduce Your Inflammation: Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and premature aging: What do these conditions all have in common? Inflammation. Studies have found that people who sleep six hours or less a night have higher blood levels of proteins which cause inflammation. Connect the dots: less sleep equals more inflammation equals more health risk.
– Get Inspired: If you’re planning a bout of creativity you might want to get some sleep the night before. Just as your brain is sorting through those memories during sleep it is also restructuring them. This is the very root of creativity whether you are writing, painting or even giving a presentation where you need to “adjust to the room.” With sleep, your brain will be fresh and open to letting those creative juices flow.
– Help Your Focus: The simple fact that a lack of proper sleep leads to lousy grades and lack of focus has been proven many time through sleep studies. In fact, a lack of sleep can trigger symptoms that are normally associated with a person who is suffering from attention deficit disorder.
If all of this makes you concerned about the quality of your sleep it should! A lot of the problems people have with sleep can actually be attributed to what they are sleeping on. In other words, how old is your mattress? If you’ve been sleeping on the same cushioning for the past five years it’s probably time for an upgrade.
It might seem like a hassle to get rid of an old mattress but actually all it takes is one phone call to a Chattanooga mattress disposal company like Junk King. Professional junk haulers like Junk King can show up at the scheduled hour and get rid of your old lumpy mattress and make room for your new sleep oasis. Don’t waste another night!

Chattanooga Recycling – Beat the Heat by Going Green

It looks like it’s going to be another scorching summer in Chattanooga. In fact, those in the know are predicting record breaking heat to arrive any time now. This is such an important issue for local residents that the Chattanooga City council put out new guidelines for all city employees who work outdoors to follow. Public works employees are being asked to take more breaks and drink more water while on the job. Nobody seems to be complaining about that directive.
There are other changes in store for municipal employees especially on the Chattanooga police force: They’ve been given new uniforms. Chattanooga Police Sergeant Charlie Brown recently told a local news station, “In 19 years this is the most comfortable I’ve ever been.” That’s probably because for the first time in the city’s history, police officers have the option to wear shorts if they prefer. There are also a line-up of new shoes and shirts made from what they are calling “breathable material” that goes a long way to beat the heat.
“It breathes better than the polyester,” said Brown, “you’re a whole lot more comfortable and it moves a whole lot easier.”
Obviously when the heat goes up, the air conditioners come on. The strain on Chattanooga’s energy grid could spark brown outs across the city unless folks do their part to conserve. Beyond switching to fans or sleeping out in the backyard, one proactive step you can take to conserve energy is not to waste it and that can be accomplished by recycling. When you recycle you are actually reducing the amount of natural resources that we all use. Lessen the need for those resources means they will be available when we need them such as when the heat rises. In other words, you could make an argument that sorting your recyclables can let you keep the AC on a bit longer.
Of course you don’t have to just stop at all your household plastics or paper. You can go bigger. How much bigger? What about sofa big? Or mattress big? Or washing machine big? Any one of those items can actually be hauled away to a proper recycling facility and broken down. Here’s the best part about this: You don’t have to lift a finger except to call a professional junk hauling crew like Junk King Chattanooga. Let these movers take away all your bulky recyclable materials because they’ll know just where to take them.
There could be several facilities around Chattanooga to handle all those repurposing needs. This means one center for metals, one for wood and another for material and cloth. Would you know where to find these places? Sure you can Google them but don’t be surprised if they are spread out all over the outskirts of the city. When the professional junk haulers show up, just let them know you want your materials recycled. In fact, you might not even ask. They’ll probably already be recycling because they know what’s good for their business is good for Chattanooga.
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