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Chattanooga Scrap Metal Recyclers

A small scrap metal recycler is having a hard time setting up a business in Alton Park. That’s mainly because their competition is firing up the locals to make sure they can keep the market all to themselves. One of the big selling points for the existing company is that they’ve already invested over a million dollars in eco-friendly equipment. The small company is crying foul saying they can be just as eco-friendly and the city council should let the people decide by voting with their wallets. Who knew that setting up a scrap metal recycling business could be so full of drama? If you have some scrap metal you want to get rid of you don’t have to step into this heated battle. Instead, you can just hire Junk King Chattanooga to take it away and they’ll know just where to dump it off!

Junk King of Chattanooga is the leading junk removal specialist in the area. They can take care of tossing out all types of oversized or hard to handle items. That would be scrap metal. Whether you want to get rid of some rusty auto parts, a chain link fence or leftovers from a construction project, Junk King can lend a helping hand. One of the big issues with getting rid of this kind of material is the need for a truck to haul it away.

Junk King Chattanooga provides that truck as part of their complete removal service. Once your scrap metal is loaded up they’ll drive it off to the nearest and qualified recycling center. You could try selling your own scrap metal but that’s a very labor intensive and time consuming proposition that might not be worth the return on your investment. When you get the point of having tons of scrap metal to recycle then you can make some money but for a few pieces it’s better to let Junk King handle the job.

While they’re at it, Junk King Chattanooga can also haul off anything else you want to throw away like old furniture, appliances or yard waste. Can you fill up a truck with junk found around your home? You don’t have to be a hoarder to have the need to hire Junk King. Take note that along with scrap metal recycling, Junk King can also insure that your e-waste is properly disposed of. This means finally getting rid of things like outdated computers, monitors, copiers and television sets. When you’re ready to put Junk King to work, they’ll be ready for you. Call them today and watch how fast you can get rid of your junk.

Chattanooga Trash Outs

Could you live in a house made of trash? No, we’re not talking about a house filled with trash but one that is made from completely recycled materials. One Chattanooga entrepreneur is doing just that by taking old roofing shingles and repurposing than as the building materials for affordable houses with an eco-friendly focus.

“Chattanooga is like every other city it has two building codes, green and the one everybody uses. What we’re trying to do is combine the two so that people can afford to build green,” says David White, CEO of RamRock Building Supplies.

According to White, millions of pounds of shingles end up in landfills every year. He would much rather have those shingles “donated” to his cause where he can give them a second lease on life with his state of the art machine that cranks out the out the shingle building blocks.

White says, “All we need to be is cost competitive with conventional, because we think we’re providing a vastly superior product. We have energy efficiency with strength and durability with this intense hydraulic compression. Chattanooga has the most to gain from this. We start here, we grow here. Get the word out, the political leaders, business community, environmental community, education community, get those leaders of those out there saying let’s do this,” says White.

Of course, there is some trash that will always be trash. If you’re getting ready to sell your home you might find that you’re surrounded by garbage as a result of all your packing and cleaning up. You certainly don’t want to take that trash with you to your new home. That’s why you should call Junk King Chattanooga. They’ll be able to haul away that trash in a snap and make sure you’re leaving your home as clean as when you first moved in.

On the other side, you might be going into a new location where the previous tenant wasn’t as courteous with their cleanup responsibilities. When that happens, Junk King can fly in and do the clean up. This is probably the easiest type of job for Junk King because you’re just telling them to take everything away!

Just like the shingle recycler, Junk King Chattanooga will make sure your trash gets a fair shake when it comes to recycling. They’ll sort out the stuff that could be donated to a charity and fixed up. Anything else that can be ground up like concrete, wood or metal will end up at the right recycling center. It’s all part of the complete Junk King service package. Are you ready to recycle all your trash? Let Junk King show you the way.

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