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Chattanooga Used Furniture Pickup

Are you considering getting rid of some old furniture? Well, if you’re Dolly Parton then the best course of action with something like that is to put up for auction. That’s exactly what Dolly is doing with all the pieces in her bedroom suite from her Dollywood apartment. It’s all going up with eBay to benefit the Doctor Robert F. Thompson foundation.
“I first offered up my bed and lots of folks kept asking ‘Got anything else?’,” Parton said in a news release. “Since it’s for such a good cause, the Dr. Thomas Foundation, that’s so near and dear to my heart, I started digging through and thought, “Why not just the whole bedroom suite?”
For this auction you can bid on Dolly’s King-sized white painted cast iron bed, each piece features six brass vertical insets, her mattress & box spring, two autographed pillowcases in a king-sized set of white, lace-trimmed sheets, custom-made light pink bedspread, matching wooden side table, two cast iron bedside tables, two lamps and a bonus surprise framed wall hanging. This was actually the bedroom Dolly slept in since Dollywood opened in 1986. It was part of her personal apartment that was upstairs at the Apple Jack’s restaurant. Now that apartment space has been converted into an office for Dolly so it only makes sense for her to auction off the bedroom furniture.
Of course, if we were faced the situation we might not garner the same level of attention for getting rid of our used furniture. If eBay’s not going to take it then you might as well consider hiring a professional group of junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to show up at the appointed hour and take away all your furniture. You might not like to think of your furniture as junk but the moment you made the decision to get rid of it that’s exactly what it has become. Sure, there might be some items that you could pass among your family that still have some life in them. But for those pieces that are just plain worn out or busted up the best solution is a trip to the junk heap.
The other benefit of hiring a group of professional haulers  is that they are going to be licensed and insured. This means you’re getting quality workers coming into your home to move around these large pieces. This is where experience counts because the last thing you want is to have your floors or walls messed up because the movers didn’t know what they were doing. It’s also benefit to get rid of this furniture the right way as opposed to setting it out on the curb and hope someone might come by and pick it up. Usually that just ends up being an eyesore for the rest the neighborhood and could also lead to a fine for illegal dumping. Once that old furniture is gone you’ve got the room for some new pieces and redecoration.

Chattanooga Hot Tub Disposal

A Tale To Tell
There are many folks around Chattanooga who like to swap ghost stories. Seems like nearly every family has their own version of “things that go bump in the night.”  For the most part, these ghostly stories are of the more friendly type. An occasional apparition, noises after midnight and the random light switches going on and off are the norm. Quite often these incidents are more practical than paranormal but that doesn’t mean they can’t be shared. Anyone who moves into a new home will always be on the lookout for strange sounds especially at night. These can be attributed to the house “settling” but it doesn’t make them any more appealing. In extreme cases, folks move into a home and find themselves sharing the space with an other worldly visitor. You didn’t ask for this but it pretty much came with the home. Hopefully, you won’t have to go the full on exorcism route if a ghost begins popping up!
Other “Inherited”  Items
The potential for a friendly ghost visit isn’t the only thing a new home owner can inherit from the previous owners. There is also the matter of décor. Some home owners are turned off by a potential purchase because of cosmetic choices like shag carpeting or Formica finishes. Even a ghastly paint job can be enough to turn a deal sour. This has more to do with a lack of imagination than anything else. Wallpaper can be strip away and paint covered up. Those are easy fixes. But what about the big items that might have been left behind like a hot tub? That’s simply not anything you can paint over to get rid of. A big piece like that is going to require an experienced hot tub disposal crew like Junk King Chattanooga.
Breaking Down the Hot Tub
Whether you are getting rid of the hot tub you “inherited” or are replacing the model you installed you’re going to need help breaking it all down. Even the smallest of hot tubs will mean a bulky fiberglass tub shell that has to be hauled off in once piece. Sure you can chop it up and try stuffing it into your garbage cans but it’s going to take several weeks of loads not to mention the hazardous conditions that exist when breaking up fiberglass. Then there are all the encasement components to deal with. Many classic hot tubs borrow from the original design of an oak barrel. These wooden planks could be suffering from mold which is not something you really want to be handling. Then there is the actual motor for the hot tub to contend with. Add it all up and you can see why bringing in an outside crew like Junk King is your best option for getting rid of a hot tub.
More Bang for the Buck
If it feels a bit extravagant to hire haulers to just take away a hot tub then why not add to their truck with all the junk you’ve been hanging onto all these years? You probably have some stuff that just like the hot tub wasn’t practical to throw away. Now it can be tossed out and simply forgotten.
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