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Monthly Archives:

Chicago Foreclosure Cleanout

According to RealtyTrac, the Chicago home foreclosure rate has dropped off in recent months but it is still “stubbornly high.” The official count for foreclosed homes in April stood at 6,897. That is down 6.8% from March and an impressive 29% from April of last year. Still, Chicago comes in at number 15 in the country for overall foreclosure rates. While that represents bad news for those beleaguered homeowners, this is good news for potential investors who are eager to dive back into the potentially lucrative home flipping business. In terms of pricing, foreclosed homes are going to provide some of the best deals on the table. The only thing standing in your way of flipping that home would be a thorough foreclosure cleanout. That can easily be accomplished when you hire Junk King.


Often buyers of foreclosed homes do so at auctions. They aren’t even allowed to inspect the properties before making a bid. They just have to trust what the listing says. Once they have the keys in hand, those new owners could be in for a huge surprise in terms of what they might find behind those locked doors. If you find yourself in this situation, then be sure to have Junk King’s phone number at the ready. No matter what is inside that house, the Junk King crews can handle a total foreclosure cleanout without blinking an eye.

The Junk King crews have seen all kinds of trash here in Chicago. Some homeowners just need a few items removed from their tidy homes. Others have reached hoarder proportions that call for a massive cleanup effort. A foreclosed cleanout could be somewhere in between. The previous occupants might had to have left in a hurry. That means leaving behind furniture, drapes and appliances. All of that needs to be cleared out. Flipping a home means some level of remodeling. Here Junk King can be another help as they can haul away all the demolition debris from torn down kitchen cabinets, walls and yard waste. Once all that junk and trash is cleared away, you can get a true assessment of the property and begin the remodeling work in earnest. Maybe all you’ll need is a new paint job! Either way, you can depend on Junk King to provide the kind of foreclosure cleanout that will get that home ready for resale in no time.

Chicago Couch Pickup

Want to track illegal dumping in Chicago? Follow the police blotter. This was recently posted on the Tribune’s crime watch page: “The two owners of an auto repair business on the 9500 block of West 159th Street were each charged with two counts of illegal dumping for pumping fluid from a septic tank into a storm water sewer.” Although they might have thought it was no big deal to pour those fluids into the sewer, they actually put a lot of people at risk with their careless actions. The same can be said for anyone who does any illegal dumping. Consider the abandoned couch. You’ve probably seen a curbside sofa or two in your travels around Chicago. Usually, this kind of item is put on the street by the owner who just got a new sofa. They think by putting it out on the curb, it becomes the city’s problem. Actually, it’s everyone in the neighborhood’s problem. An abandoned couch can be rained on or become a nest for vermin. Hooligans might also decide to make it a target for arson. There is just no good that can come from leaving furniture on the street. Instead, count on a company like Junk King to handle your old couch pickup.


When your sofa came into your home, it had to be delivered in a big truck with two movers doing the lifting. It stands to reason that you’ll need the same kind of truck and movers to pull the sofa out of your home. That is what Junk King will provide. With very little effort, the two-man Junk King will be able to take away your sofa. In fact, you can leave it right where it is; the Junk King crew will carry it down the stairs and out the door. They’ll also be able to do the same for the rest of your junk items. This is your shot to finally turn your home into a junk free zone. The more you can toss out, the more space you’ll have for things like a home office or guest room.

As everything is being loaded onto the Junk King truck, the crew will be keeping an eye out for t those items that can be recycled or donated. You don’t even have to ask for this added service; Junk King will reduce your carbon footprint as part of their complete junk removal service. Let Junk King handle your couch pickup and total junk removal in a single appointment.

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