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How to Help a Chicago Hoarder

Hoarding has become such a serious problem that there are dozens of professional therapists throughout the Chicago area that specialize in this one particular disorder. Once someone has been clinically diagnosed as a hoarder, it could take several months of intense therapy to get that person to finally separate from their rubbish. Once they are ready to make the effort, another team of professionals will be brought onto the scene. This should be the team from Junk King. They’ve been helping hoarders cleanup for over ten years. You don’t get to be the nation’s number one junk removal company without doing something right!


Setting up a junk removal appointment with Junk King is easy. You can even schedule it online. Most appointments are handled within 24 hours. Even though you might have been living with your junk for years, Junk King doesn’t want you to waste another moment with that rubbish. You can also commit to a session a few days away from that phone call in order to give you more time to sort through your stuff. Whatever works for your schedule is going to work for Junk King.

On the day of the appointment, you can depend on getting a call from the Junk King crew when they are around twenty-minutes out from your location. You’ll be asked to set aside a two-hour window for the completion of the task but it won’t take that long for the cleanup unless you’ve got a genuine hoarder situation on your hands. In that case, Junk King will probably send out more crewmembers and trucks to insure everything can be removed in a single session.

All you have to do when the Junk King team shows up is to point to the things you want removed. You don’t have to drag anything to the curb or pull it up from the basement. The crew will go to where your junk is situated and remove it from the spot. You shouldn’t have to lift a finger to get your junk taken away.

As important as it is for Junk King to get rid of your stuff, it is equally important on how they will handle the disposal. Junk King will recycle or donate any item they feel can be repurposed. To take care of your hoarder cleanup or junk removal, turn the job over to Junk King. You’ll be glad you did.