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Monthly Archives:

How To Keep Your Business Back Alley Clear Of Rubbish

A been a success in business is all about staying one step ahead. You have to stay one step ahead of your competition to make sure that you are offering a good deal to your customers for whatever product or services that your selling. If your business involves any type of inventory, then you need to stay one step ahead of making sure your shelves are stocked. That means determining which items are selling which ones are not. You also have to anticipate the need for hiring additional help. And you have to plan for those times when business might be slow. Yes, there are a lot of “moving pieces” to keep track of for any type of business. You can also add to that list making sure the actual property is kept clean. You don’t ever want to get in a situation where customers are seeing an overflow of rubbish. At the first sign of trash trouble in your back alley, you will want to bring in the team from Junk King Chicago for fast cleanup.

All Kinds of Trash

There can be many reasons why trash piles up in the back alley of your business. It might be that on delivery day your dumpster can handle the amount of empty boxes, shipping materials and wooden pallets that were dropped off at the business. It might also be that you are rotating out promotional displays or shelving units. Sometimes, the inclination is that with certain items placed in an alley they might be picked up by scavengers. But there’s no guarantee of that. You need to be proactive with keeping your property clean even if you’re renting that space.

That is why setting up a cleanup appointment with Junk King can make a huge difference. They’ll dispatch a team of dedicated movers who can pick up all the trash in your alley regardless of what kind of shape it is in. It’s all you have to do is point to what you want removed and it will be as good as gone.

Keeping the back alley of your business clean of rubbish is a perfect task to turn over to Junk King Chicago. One appointment gets it done. Regular appointments keep it that way. Call to schedule today.

Get Help For Your Fence Takedown From Junk King Chicago

One of the main reasons that homeowners put up fences is to provide a safe environment for pets and children to play in. Sometimes, a home is purchased with a fence already installed. Unfortunately, like anything else that is built outside, a fence isn’t meant to last forever. Taking a fence down means you have to make plans to put a new fence back up immediately. It can all happen within 48 hours if you schedule accordingly. For the takedown, you can count on Junk King Chicago to be a big help.

Fast Dismantling

The crews working with Junk King have all been licensed and insured. They also have been training to handle a wide variety of junk hauling and dismantling. The junk hauling requires them to know the proper lifting techniques so as not to damage their backs. They also utilize many moving tools to facilitate getting something heavy down a flight of stairs and out the front door. As for the dismantling, that requires a decent knowledge of how things are put together. It also helps to have the right tools. The Junk King crews will have both in abundance. They will be able to size up your fence situation very quickly and know the best approach for taking it down. Your fence might be in bad shape with it literally falling apart in pieces. The Junk King team will make sure every one of those pieces is gathered up and safely put on to their truck.

Fair Pricing

A fence takedown is definitely a labor-intensive project. Two things you need to know when you hire Junk King: none of that labor will be performed by you and there won’t be an extra charge if the crew works over an extended period of time. It literally only takes a few minutes to load up a sofa. But that fence takedown could be a job that might be closer to an hour plus. No matter how long it takes for the crew to bring down that fence they won’t be running a stopwatch. You will be paying the same flat fee as you would with a regular junk removal session. And that fee is always based on how much space your stuff fills the back of the truck.

Junk King Chicago is standing by to help make your backyard fence takedown as simplified as possible.

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