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Category Archives: Chicago Junk Recycling

Top 4 Reasons To Hire Junk King Pros For Recycling in Chicago

Did you know that the Better Government Association reported that Chicago has the worst recycling rate of all US cities? They estimated that only 9% of residential waste is recycled in the area.


As the world evolves and moves to use the resources at its disposal more effectively, the state of Recycling in Chicago is quite a despairing revelation.


But before we point fingers at anyone, it is important to note that suffice the big corporations insist that they are moving towards green energy. Indeed, investing in alternative energy in the US, they still invest more in fossil fuels outside the US. This beats the whole premise of investing in greener energy as they are just shifting their fossil energy usage to other parts of the world.


Clearly, there is a big problem with the whole cycle of energy consumption affecting the entire world. But you may ask yourself, with these big corporations and governments doing the very least to preserve our planet, what can I do at an individual level? The answer may not be so straightforward, but recycling is an excellent place to start.


What is the importance of recycling?


Recycling not only helps preserve the environment but also helps declutter your home or business. Many people buy new things and simply store the old ones. While this might be the easiest option, the problem comes in when new products need to be made by manufacturers and processing plants.

Since fewer people are recycling, manufacturers and processors have to source new materials. Processing new raw material takes a lot of energy, contributing to this global crisis even more. Recycled material does indeed use less energy to repurpose, making it a cost-effective and environmentally viable solution.

By recycling more, the need to also mine or extract new natural resources is reduced, leading to slower exhaustion of said resources. We are mining and processing natural resources at a rate not seen before in history. Many countries and companies just find it easier to do this rather than holding everyone accountable for the betterment of future generations. 


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Why is it so hard to recycle?


Recycling should be a no-brainer with the knowledge and understanding of the environment we have today. But yet it is so difficult for companies or individuals to recycle at a consistent rate. So why is this, aren’t there measures and incentives to do this?


  • Knowledge: one of the main reasons many people fail to recycle is that they do not know what to recycle and what not to. This also spills over to not knowing how to recycle. In the end, it is just easier for people to dump or hoard. 
  • Programs available: sadly, your recycling routine can depend mainly on where you live. The reality is we rely on the government and private companies for most of our recycling needs. If you do not have a program in your area, the process can be that much harder. Even if you have a private recycling company in your area, it may be expensive to use their services. 
  • Confusion in the process: research shows that most Americans support recycling, but only about 30% actually recycle. With only about 30% of the population actually recycling, that number goes even lower due to the recyclable material being contaminated or improperly sorting.
  • Companies make the customer work: Many junk collecting companies just make it way too hard for their customers to have their trash disposed of. Often the prices are too high; they need to get their own transport or pay extra to have trucks carry the waste. Due to the expense and difficulty with the process, many opt not to recycle at all.


Reasons To Hire, Junk King Pros For Recycling in Chicago


With that said, you can see why recycling is so tricky yet an essential thing for both you and the environment. But why is using Junk King Pros a viable solution?


1. Online estimator and ease in getting an estimate

We understand that one of the biggest questions many clients ask before looking to have their junk removed and recycled is how much they will pay for the service. Sadly, if the service is too expensive, many just opt to dump or hoard the junk. But with Junk King Pros’ online price estimator, you can quickly check the cost through our online cost estimator and know precisely what you will pay, making it easy and transparent for you.

You can also set up an appointment with us through the phone or any other medium that is convenient for you. We will visit your residence or business and conduct no-obligation on-site pricing. We have come to learn that this is the most effective way of getting an estimate. Once you have the numbers and we agree on the cost, we set up a pick-up date when it is most convenient for you. 


2. Experienced through growth

One of the biggest advantages we hold over most junk removal services is that we have gained experience on the job and used past encounters from our team members’ previous experiences to grow. For example, our founder was a logistics and financial expert before starting Junk King Pros. He then used his logistic expertise to create a well-rounded set-up from collecting junk, sorting to sending it to the correct recycling plant to make the business as efficient as possible. As a result, Junk King pros has evolved and grown to be one of the most extensive junk removal services in the US.


3. Focused on backend recycling

Many companies simply pick your junk with no proper plan on how to dispose of it. Some simply do not have the capacity or the manpower to deal with a large quantity of junk.  In the end, instead of the junk being recycled, it ends up in landfills expediting the very problem recycling is trying to solve. 

Junk King Pros focuses on the backend of recycling. We always have a plan in place even before we pick up your items from you. We have created a network with other businesses such as recycling plants to help eradicate, repurpose, reuse and recycle different types of materials. 


4. Affordability and flexible services

One thing that many junk removal companies realize is that each business or home is different and has its specific needs. But expanding and diversifying can be difficult, leading to many junk removal companies focusing on specific aspects of the business only. 

But Junk King Pros has evolved with the needs of the clients. We offer both residential and commercial junk removal services. This has allowed many of our clients to use our services both at home and at their place of business. 

Like we have mentioned, every client’s needs are diverse. As a result, we have tailor-made solutions even for those looking to get rid of just a few items. You will only pay for the space used in our truck and not the entire vehicle. This makes it cheaper for you in the long run.


Hire Us Today!

With all the complexities that come with the recycling process, Junk King Pros has focused on simplifying it while making recycling affordable for everyone. Contact us for an on-site no-obligation quote, or use our online cost estimator to see our pricing and help you schedule a visit. We always call 15 minutes before we arrive on the site and need a two-hour window to collect all your junk effectively.

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Hire Junk King For Responsible Computer Disposal

The only type of computer disposal should be responsible disposal. That involves the computer being disassembled at a certified recycling facility. Those individual components will then be recycled without causing any harm to the environment. It is a time-consuming process but one that is vital to protect our water and soil. The team from Junk King Chicago has dedicated themselves to this type of responsible disposal. That makes them the perfect company to hire to get rid of your old computer equipment.

A Lot More Room

The computers that you are holding onto in your home are no doubt taking up valuable storage space. Once they have been cleared out they will create a lot more room for you to keep the things that really matter. There also be a lot more room on the back of the Junk King truck once your computers have been loaded up. The amount of space that is left over will help determine just how much you will pay for this service. Junk King has a flat fee policy that is based on volume and not weight. That flat fee covers the labor, transportation and disposal drop-offs.

What that final fee will be is determined after the Junk King crew has looked over all of the things that you want to get rid of. In other words, you can add items to get rid of on the same day of your appointment. None of the loading work will begin until everyone agrees price. The net price will always be very fair and competitive for this type of service.

You can set up your appointment online or over the phone. Depending on how the day is going, you might also benefit from having a same day pickup being available.

The responsible way to get rid of your old computers is to turn them over to Junk King Chicago. Call to set up a removal session today.

Junk King Chicago Always Provides Reliable Junk Recycling

Landlords are on notice. If they don’t provide tenants with an effective recycling program, then they can be slapped with heavy fines. This is a law that has been on the books for some time that the Department of Streets and Sanitation plans on stepping up the enforcement of. That will mean individual tenants need to report any landlord that isn’t in compliance. This is a great way to expand recycling services throughout the city. For many apartment dwellers, it could also be their first introduction to home recycling. Once you get used to sorting your paper, soda cans, plastics and other containers it becomes a matter of routine. If you really are in the recycling mood, then you can do a lot more beyond just the kitchen trash. All you need to know is that Junk King Chicago is the perfect junk recycling partner.


There are a lot of things you might want to throw out from your home that you couldn’t fit into your recycling bin. That doesn’t mean they can be precluded from being recycled. Junk King Chicago has a robust recycling policy. Their first rule is to avoid a trip to the landfill at all costs. They accomplish that by focusing on repurposed thing what they collect. A lot of the items would fall into the usable category. This would be things like clothing, furniture, appliances and other household goods. You might be done with all those things but that doesn’t mean that a local charity couldn’t find a new home for them. Best of all, you don’t have to sort your stuff into two piles, one for trash and one for recycling. The well-trained crews from Junk King Chicago will handle that.

The cost for all the service will depend on how your stuff gets packed onto the truck. Not only are the Junk King Chicago crews experts at lifting and loading but there also great with packing. Their objective is to take up the least amount of space as possible with all your stuff. They want to be able to pick up from other homes throughout the day. That’s all good news for you because it means you’ll be paying the least amount in fees. Take care of junk removal and junk recycling the right way by hiring Junk King Chicago from the start.


Chicago Mattress Disposal

Chicago Mattress DisposalHave you ever tried to get rid of a mattress? Maybe you’re trying to make room in your garage or to simply change a guest room over to a home office? It’s not that easy. Most charities that accept furniture aren’t going to take an old mattress. You might get lucky if you’re buying a new mattress and the company offers removal service you but can’t always count on that. Instead, you could end up being stuck with that bedding. This is probably why you’ve seen your fair share of mattresses stacked up against trees or lampposts. Some folks think that the minute they put something out of their home it becomes somebody else’s problem. Actually, it becomes all of our problems as that junk can attract vermin or tie up city workers who have to clean it up. The better way is to hire a local Chicago company like Junk King to haul it away.

First of all, Junk King Chicago isn’t going to tell you that they can’t take an old mattress. In fact, they’re not going to have a problem taking away anything you want thrown out. This includes big pieces like sofas, loveseats, stoves and refrigerators. It also includes little pieces like out of date desktop computers or monitors. Then are the serious garbage items like construction waste, lumber, brick, concrete and roofing shingles. All of that can go right onto the back of the Junk King truck. And don’t worry about doing any of the lifting on your own. Part of the complete Junk King removal experience is having the JK crew do all the work.

Once everything is load onto the truck, you can go back to doing what you need to do while the Junk King crew will be heading out to the nearest recycling center. That’s because most of what Junk King collects gets dropped off at one of those Chicago facilities. It’s all part of the city wide effort to reduce the amount of garbage dropped off in landfills.

As for pricing, you’ll be given an estimate for the job before the work starts. That fee will cover the amount of truck space your junk takes up. There won’t be any surprise costs like dump fees or labor. You could have all the junk and clutter removed from your home in less time than it takes to get dinner ready. Give Junk King Chicago a call today to find out how they can help you toss out your junk.

Chicago Junk Recycling

Chicago Junk Removal ServiceIf you get caught littering in Chicago it’s going to cost you big bucks. The City Council just passed a new measure that would bump up the current fines of $50 to $200 to $150 to $1,500. The high-end fee is for anyone who is nailed tossing out trash from a moving vehicle. That same vehicle can also be impounded. We’re not just talking about a huge Hefty bag of trash but anything such as a fast food wrapper or soda can that goes out the window could have you losing your car. Too harsh? Perhaps but it should really get Chicago residents thinking before they throw out.

“The negative impact of chronic littering on the character of our City neighborhoods is tremendous, and the changes put forth in this amended ordinance send a powerful message that we will not tolerate this completely unnecessary and careless act,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement.

Hopefully, this new measure will reduce the amount of trash that litters Chicago streets but what about all the stuff you have in your home that is equally offensive? We’re talking about all that junk you have cluttering up closets and garages. Aren’t you ready to get rid of that yet? In extreme cases of hoarding, you could end up getting fine just as you would with littering. Before it gets to a critical mass like that, why not hire Junk Works Chicago to help you clear out the clutter?

Junk Works are the professional junk haulers who have dedicated themselves to keeping Chicago clean. They accomplish this goal with their daily service runs through the city. On those pickup appointments the Junk Works crews are clearing out foreclosed homes for realtors, helping businesses remove junk from stockrooms and allowing homeowners to reclaim much needed space on their property. How can Junk Works help you?

First, decide what you want tossed out. Keep in mind that the Junk Works crew will be doing all the lifting and loading. This means you don’t have to worry about bringing down those boxes from the attic or carrying the old sofa up from the basement. Junk Works will handle all that. You also don’t have to worry about driving around looking for a proper dumpsite for all that junk. Part of the Junk Works complete removal package is making sure your junk is properly disposed of. Often that will mean taking your junk directly to a recycling center. Are you ready to get your home clean? Call Junk Works today and find out how they can help.

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