Dayton Furniture Removal

Dayton Couch RemovalJust in time for back to school, returning students to the University of Dayton are going to see the beginnings of a $70 million renovation project that is going to be spread out all across the campus. Slated for make-overs are the GE Aviation Dayton Electrical Power Research Lab, Founders Hall and the Roesch Library. This is going to mean new roofs, boilers, workspaces, equipment and furniture.

Imagine if you had $70 million to spend on your home makeover? You’d probably sell the house and buy a tropical island! At the very least you might splurge for some new furniture. Truth be told, it is not that expensive to replace a piece or two of furniture. In fact, just swapping out an old sofa could be enough to totally freshen up your living room. The issue then becomes what to do with the old sofa. If you have space in your garage or basement you could try and keep it there but if you’re really done with that sofa why hang onto it? Perhaps the better way to go is hiring Junk King to come by and haul it away.

Junk King is the local Dayton based junk removal company that is part of a national franchise. This means they are following very strict guidelines with regard to conducting business. Without that they wouldn’t be able to carry the Junk King brand. That is indeed a very valuable brand in this type of service industry. All you need to do is read the amazing reviews on the Junk King Facebook page to see how many satisfied customers have already turned to Junk King for all kinds of removal.

When it comes to getting rid of your old furniture, Junk King is a perfect partner but why stop there? If you have a child going off to college it might be time to rethink their room. You don’t have to kick them out of the house but there could be some items in there that are no longer needed. The same can be said for any of your children who are outgrowing their furniture. Let Junk King load it all up on a single trip and make room in your house for more practical things. You might even find a way to repurpose an entire room. What’s your wish? A reading nook? Home theater? That can happen but first you have to clear out the clutter and Junk King is the only way to go. Give them a call today to set up your personal junk removal appointment.