Meet Local Owner of Pro Junk Hauling Service

There’s a reason why everyone hates Mondays. It’s because they are just so far away from Fridays! If you’re one of those people who are “working for the weekend,” then you’re certainly not alone. A lot of planning for that weekend begins around Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday, you’ve got things locked down even if all you can think about is relaxing all Saturday afternoon and binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. The only thing that stands in your way could be all the things you been putting off around the house. If getting rid of clutter is on that list, then you’ve got terrific help standing by in the form of Junk King Cincinnati.


One call to Junk King Cincinnati puts a plan into action that can have all your unwanted clutter and bulky items from your home in a single session. That session will last exactly as long as it takes to load up all your stuff. That could be a few moments or longer. One thing is for sure you won’t be paying by the hour. That’s because Junk King Cincinnati only charges a flat rate based on how they’ll be packing up the truck. Since they like to get as much stuff crammed onto that truck as possible you can always count on a great price with every junk removal session.

You’re only job in this whole process is to show the Junk King crew exactly what you want removed. It won’t matter if something is really heavy or has to be taken apart before they can get it out the door. As far as Junk King is concerned, anything goes!

Relaxing in your backyard can very much be on your agenda for the long weekend. This is where junk King can be a benefit, too. That same crew that loads up your old furniture and appliances can also clear way all kinds of yard waste. Don’t hesitate asking the team from Junk King to get a little dirty. If they come back with a clean shirt at the end of the day, they know something is wrong! Get the most out of your weekend by hiring Junk King Cincinnati to remove all your junk.