Get Rid Of An Old Mattress The Right Way

If you ever drive through a neighborhood and see a mattress out on the curb, then the first word that probably pops in your mind is “disgusting.” There are certainly a lot of things that you can buy used a mattress isn’t one of them. Those people who put a mattress out on the curb hope that, sooner or later, the city will come by to pick it up. That is not a guarantee and that mattress could end up on that curb for a long time. No one wants to see that. It is also considered illegal dumping and having that in your neighborhood can bring down property values. The right way to get rid of an old mattress is to hire Junk King Cincinnati to take care of the job.

Right onto the Truck

If you were to start a stopwatch when the Junk King movers pick up the mattress, then it would only be a few minutes for them to get it right onto the truck. Your session can end at that moment, but why not consider what else you can get rid of? When you have two movers and a big truck there are a lot of bulky items that could finally be cleared out of your home. When the Junk King movers bring the mattress down from upstairs, that will show you how experienced they are with navigating staircases. That means they can do the same work bringing things up from your basement. Do you have anything down there like an old futon or a washer and dryer that need to be hauled out? This is the opportunity!

How those items get tacked onto the truck will also determine what your final fee will be. The Junk King crew will take a few moments when they show up to look over all the things that you want to get rid of. This is how they will determine the amount of space that those things want to buy on the truck. It’s a very simple and fair process that can provide a big help around your house.

Hiring Junk King Cincinnati remains the best way to get rid of an old mattress and the rest of your unwanted items. Book your session today.