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Cincinnati TV Disposal – Want to Replace Your TV This Holiday Season?

There is an entire generation of kids who are going to grow up without knowing what a tube television looks like. Today, the only TVs you can buy are flatscreen and high definition. That doesn’t mean they are too expensive. In fact, you’ll find that most flatscreen are very affordable. You pay more for bigger screens and even sharper definition but even the basic flatscreen is going to be a vast improvement over that old clunker of a television set. If this is the Christmas that you finally hopped on the “flatscreen bandwagon” then you’re in for a treat. Not only is it easy to hook up a flatscreen, but they also take up a lot less room. You could even opt to have the flatscreen mounted on the wall. For that choice, you would be better served to bring in a professional installer. Speaking of professionals, you should also use one for your old TV disposal. That would be Junk King.

Junk King has been hauling unwanted items from homes and businesses since 2005. At the very beginning, Junk King set up disposal policies that support and enrich the environment. This means being extremely aggressive with their recycling and donating. Recycling is crucial with an old TV disposal. Although these sets are completely safe, when dumped in a landfill there is a chance that toxins can be released from the broken components. That is why every old TV needs to be stripped for its parts. That can only happen at a certified facility. Whether your old TV ends up at a Cincinnati center or shipped to another city, you can rest assured that Junk King will make sure it ends up in the right place.


In addition to handling your old TV disposal, Junk King will also be able to remove any other unwanted item in the same appointment. You can finally get rid of that ratty sofa or bags of clothes you don’t wear. Those are the kinds of items that Junk King will donate to local charities. The goal is to keep as much out of local landfills as possible. Even if that means extra work for the Junk King crews, you’re not going to be paying additional labor costs. Your flat fee will be all about how much space your junk takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. When you’re ready to toss out the junk and take care of an old TV disposal, then Junk King is the call to make.


Cincinnati Old TV Disposal – Get Ready for the Superbowl

Are you ready for some football as in Super Bowl football? While it is sad fact that the awesome Cincinnati Bengals will be sitting out this year’s Super Bowl that doesn’t mean the matchup still won’t be exciting to watch. If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party you might be thinking this is a perfect excuse to finally buy that new big screen television and you would be right! Before you go shopping you should have some considerations in mind not only for the big game day but also for how you plan on using this television for the rest of the year and beyond. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you start the fun of television shopping:
Consider the Viewing Angle: No matter what kind of TV you buy there will always be a proverbial “best seat in the house.” Typically, that would be the chair directly in front of the television. But if you plan on having that Super Bowl party that is going to fill your living room with guests then you need to think about the viewing angle. Most LCD TVs have what they referred to as poor “off-axis” performance. That means anyone sitting off to the side is not going to get a good view of what’s happening on the TV. However, plasma HDTV’s don’t have any off-axis issues.
Consider the Motion Blur: This is an issue that occurs when watching something like a football game or an action movie. Most LCD TVs blur with any kind a quick motion. Some people don’t even notice this while others find it a little wonky. Basically you want to look for TV that has a high refresh rate such as 120Hz or 240Hz. A high refresh rate number results in a lower motion blur.
Consider Where to Buy: While you might be inundated with advertising circulars in your Sunday newspaper for big-screen TVs at local distributors you might also find that the best bargain is really to be had online. Yes, it is very conceivable that you could order a television online and have it delivered in time for the big game. You just want to make sure that there is a guarantee for that. There are several online retailers that are selling big ticket items like television without the local state sales tax and they might even throw in free shipping. If you still would like to get that TV from a local retailer take the price you find online into that store and see if they’ll match it.
Consider How to Get Rid of the Old TV: In order to make room for your new big screen you’ve got to get rid of that old television. The moment you decide to throw anything away that has to be plugged into an electric socket makes it a piece of official e-waste. Basically that means it can’t be disposed of by merely tossing it out the trash. Your best course of action is to hire Junk King Cincinnati’s professional junk haulers who know how to properly dispose of e-waste. While they’re at it they can also take away any other junk you want to get rid of in order to make room for the big party.
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